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    Writing assignment   Ingles 0-90030A ANGELA RODRIGUEZ MONTOYA CC: 1033731984 PRESENTADO A: MARIVEL REINA 6 DE OCTUBRE DE 2014 UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL ABIERTA Y A DISTANCIA UNAD BOGOTA D.C    B. Write a letter to a friend describing your daily routine and activities. Four healthy habits Bring healthy habits is essential to stay healthy, young and fit beyond what our age. Following a healthy life ultimately makes us a better life.   Drink plenty of wáter. We started with one of the healthiest and recommended habits: drink  plenty of water. It says we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking water cleanses and  purifies the body inside, removes toxins, helps us digest food better, work faster metabolism which can help us lose weight and, not least, improves the appearance of skin and hair. Eating foods rich in fiber. Healthy eating should not leave out the vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, raw seeds and other foods that are sources of fiber.   Exercise regularly. Practicing physical activity several times a week is without a doubt one of the healthy habits that we should meet. We know well that physical activity is an inevitable aspect to keep us healthy. However, we must exercise wisely. Daily walking or lifting light weights frequently or not practice our favorite sport such as volleyball. Sleep seven hours a day. Sleep is one of the most important functions of our body and we should not neglect it. It is during sleep when our body is recovering from the day's activity. Therefore, take the rest as a priority to stay healthy and energized.   Bogota, October 3rd 2014 Letter to a friend Dear friend, A long time has passed since we have not talked, what has happened to in your life? I'll tell you how my days are: I get up every day at five in the morning, I take a shower, after that, I have my breakfast, and then I go to take the bus to go to work , My lunch is at one in the afternoon, I carry this from my house, my mom cooks this and put this in my bag, I talk for a while with my coworkers and I have fun, my workday end my day at five in the afternoon, and again I take the bus back to my house. I arrived at seven in the evening, I take the dinner, and after that I do some college work and watch TV until ten at night, then I go to bed to sleep. This is how I finish my day, this is my routine all weeks, do not miss my friend I would like to hear from you,... hugs Ángela your Friend   C. Invite to your best friend to practice a sport and tell him/her how often you can practice it and where. Good morning, target I've been thinking about improving my habits and I would like out exercise we can go running to the park or biking, we can do every day before going to work in the morning could be five to 6 morning one hour is enough every day, how about joining me?


Jul 23, 2017
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