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  DOT/FAA/AR-95/85   DVANCED   PAVEMENT   DESIGN:   Finite   Element   Modeling   for   Rigid   Pavement   Joints   Report   I:   ackground   Investigation   Office   of   Aviation   Research   Washington,   D.C.   20591   April   1997   Final   Report   This   document   is   available   to   the   U.S.   public   through   the   National   Technical   Information   Service,   Springfield,   Virginia   22161.   ©   U.S.   Department   of   Transportation   Federal   Aviation   Administration    NOTICE   This   ocument   s   isseminated   nder   he   ponsorship   f   he   .S.   Department   of   Transportation   in   the   interest   of   information   exchange.   he   United   tates   Government   ssumes   o   iability   or   the   ontents   r   se   thereof.   he   United   tates   Government   oes   ot   ndorse   roducts   r   manufacturers.   rade   r   manufacturer's   ames   ppear   erein   olely   because   they   are   considered   essential   to   the   objective   of   this   report.    Technical   Report   Documentation   Page   1.   eport   No.   DOT/FAA/AR-95/85   2.   Government Accession   No.   3.   ecipient's   Catalog   No.   4.   itle   and   Subtitle   ADVANCED   PAVEMENT   DESIGN:   Finite   Element   Modeling   for   Rigid   Pavement   Joints   Report   I:   ackground   Investigation   S.   eport   Date   April   1997   6.   erforming   Organization   Code   7.   uthor(s)   Michael   I.   Hammons   and   Anastasios   M.   Ioannides   8.   erforming   Organization   Report   No.   9.   erforming   Organization   Name   and   Address   U.S.   Army   Engineer   Waterways   Experiment   Station   3909   Halls   Ferry   Road   Vicksburg,   MS   39180-6199   10.   Work   Unit   No.   (TRAIS)   11.   ontract   or   Grant   No.   DTFA03-94-X-00010   12.   ponsoring   Agency   Name   and   Address   U.S.   Department   of   Transportation   Federal   Aviation   Administration   Office   of   Aviation   Research   Washington,   DC   20591   13.   ype   of   Report   and   Period   Covered   Final   Report   14.   ponsoring   Agency   Code   AAR-410   15.   upplementary   Notes   FAA   William   J.   Hughes   Technical   Center   Contract   Officer   (COTR)   Technical   Representative   is   Xiaogong   Lee   16.   bstract   The   objective   of   this   research   project   is   to   develop   an   analytical   model   for   rigid   pavement   joints   that   can   be   implemented   into   advanced   pavement   design   models.   his   report   documents   a   background   investigation   including   a   comprehensive   review   of   rigid   pavement   joint   models   ith   articular   mphasis   n   heir   joint   nd   oundation   modeling   apabilities.   The   major   istorical   developments   in   airport   rigid   pavement   design   are   discussed.   losed-form   solutions   akin   to   those   by   Westergaard   were   derived   in   this   study   for   the   maximum   responses   on   the   unloaded   side   of   a   rigid   pavement   slab   edge   capable   of   a   degree   of   load   transfer.   When   used   together   with   Westergaard's   own   closed-form   equations   for   the   free-edge   problem,   the   formulae   derived   in   this   study   constitute   a   complete   solution   of   the   edge   load   transfer   problem,   ecognized   over   the   years   as   a   critical   onsideration   in   rigid   pavement   design.   he   newly   derived   solution   is   presented   in   convenient   form   for   routine   engineering   application   and   is   compared   to   earlier   finite   element   data.   he   improvement   in   ease   of   application   and   precision   is   considerable.   17.   Keywords   Analysis   Response   models   Design   Rigid   pavements   Joints   Testing   18.   istribution   Statement   Document   is   available   to   the   public   through   the   National   Technical   Information   Service,   Springfield,   VA   2161   19.   ecurity Classif.   (of   this   report)   Unclassified   20.   ecurity Classif.   (of   this   page)   Unclassified   21.   o.   of   Pages   107   22.   rice   Form   DOT   F   1700.7    PREFACE   The   research   reported   herein   was   ponsored   by   the   U.S.   Department   of   Transportation,   ederal   Aviation   dministration   FAA),   irport   echnology   ranch,   nder   nteragency   greement   DTFA03-94-X-00010   by   the   Airfields   and   Pavements   Division   (APD),   Geotechnical   Laboratory   (GL),   .S.   Army   ngineer   aterways   xperiment   tation   WES),   icksburg,   ississippi.   Dr.   Xiaogong   Lee,   Airport   Technology   Branch,   FAA   William   J.   Hughes   Technical   Center,   was   technical   onitor.   r.   Satish   grawal   s   anager,   irport   echnology   esearch   nd   Development   Branch.   This   study   was   conducted   under   the   general   supervision   of   Dr.   W.   F.   Marcuson   III,   Director,   GL,   and   r.   Albert   J.   ush,   cting   hief,   PD.   his   eport   as   repared   nder   he   irect   supervision   f   Mr.   T.   W.   ollor,   hief,   Materials   Analysis   ranch   MAB),   APD.   he   roject   principal   nvestigator   as   r.   ichael   .   ammons,   AB.   his   eport   as   ritten   y   Mr.   Hammons.   r.   Anastasios   M.   oannides,   ngineering   onsultant   o   PD,   ssisted   n   he   preparation   f   he   hapter   ntitled   A   estergaard-Type   olution   or   he   oad   ransfer   Problem.   he   ssistance   f   Mr.   Dan   D.   Mathews,   PD;   Ms.   Vikki   dwards,   APD;   nd   Mr.   Marlin   Jones,   contract   student   to   APD,   n   preparing   the   manuscript   for   this   report   s   ratefully   acknowledged.   he   xpert   echnical   uidance   f   Dr.   Raymond   S.   ollings,   r.,   PD,   s   lso   gratefully   acknowledged.   The   Director   of  WES   during   the   preparation   of   this   publication   was   Dr.   Robert   W.   Whalin.   he   Commander   and   Deputy   Director   was   COL   Bruce   K.   Howard,   EN.   iii/iv  
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