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   Adjectives 1.    Adjectives are words that tell us more about people , animals , places  and things . Examples  a.   Samy is a tall  boy. ( tall  tells us about Samy) b.   That thick   book is very heavy. ( thick   tells us about the book) c.   Wild  animals are kept in cages in the zoo. ( wild  tells us about the animals) d.   Dollah's grandfather is busy . ( busy  tells us about Dollah's grandfather) 2.   We can also use adjectives to compare people, animals, places and things. There are three degrees of comparison : positive, comparative and superlative. The positive  form of the adjective is used when no comparison is made. Examples  a.   She is a smart  girl. b.   He is a fast  runner. c.   The cat is a quiet  animal. The positive  form is also used when comparing two persons or things that are similar or equal. Examples  a.   We are as slow as  the other group. b.   She is as kind as  her father. c.   Thomas is as hungry as  his uncle The comparative  form is used when two unequal persons, places or things are compared. The comparative form of many adjectives is formed by adding  -er  to the adjective followed by the word 'than'. Examples  a.   He is older than  my father. b.   I am  taller than  my sister. c.   They are  younger than  I am. The comparative  form of some adjectives is formed using ' more + adjective + than '. Examples  a.   This problem is more difficult than  that. b.   My book is more interesting than  yours. c.   She is  more hardworking than her brother. The superlative  form is used when three or more persons, places or things are compared. The superlative  form of many adjectives is formed by adding  –  est  to the adjective. We must use the  before the adjective. Examples  a.   This is the shortest way to the post office.  b.   The 'Kancil' is  the smallest  car in Malaysia. c.   Malek is the strongest  boy in his class. The superlative  form of some adjectives is formed by adding most  before the adjective. Examples  a.   Harlina is the most beautiful girl in my village. b.   Tan is  the most hard-working boy in the school. c.   Chun Chong is the most disobedient  pupil in class. Note : The spelling of some adjectives changes completely when they are used in the comparative and superlative degrees. LIST OF ADJECTIVES IN THE DIFFERENT DEGREES OF COMPARISON Positive Comparative Superlative active bad beautiful big black bright clean clever confused cruel dark difficult dirty fascinating famous far fast fat fierce generous good graceful great handsome hard-working happy heavy important kind late light little long more active worse more beautiful bigger blacker brighter cleaner cleverer more confused crueler darker more difficult dirtier more fascinating more famous farther/further faster fatter fiercer more generous better more graceful greater more handsome more hard-working happier heavier more important kinder later lighter less longer the most active the worst the most beautiful the biggest the blackest the brightest the cleanest the cleverest the most confused the cruelest the darkest the most difficult the dirtiest the most fascinating the most famous the farthest/furthest the fastest the fattest the fiercest the most generous the best the most graceful the greatest the most handsome the most hard-working the happiest the heaviest the most important the kindest the latest the lightest the least the longest  old poor proud quiet responsible rich sad sharp short simple slow small strange strong tall thin ugly weak wise young older poorer prouder quieter more responsible richer sadder sharper shorter more simple slower smaller stranger stronger taller thinner uglier weaker wiser younger the oldest the poorest the proudest the quietest the most responsible the richest the saddest the sharpest the shortest the most simple the slowest the smallest the strangest the strongest the tallest the thinnest the ugliest the weakest the wisest the youngest
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