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1. ADMA Social Media Marketing September 2010 2. It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Deming Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only…
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  • 1. ADMA Social Media Marketing September 2010
  • 2. It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Deming Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Marie Curie
  • 3. Starts with strategy (not technology) Part of an online armory Market intelligence and steering Permission based communication Brings human connection into digital sphere Links communication channels together Demands a new look at control Match to your circumstances! Social Media
  • 4. Digital Armoury
  • 5. Digital Armoury Is your website doing it’s job? Credentials | Contact | Transactions | Sales Process | Brand Building Improve effectiveness (ROI: Conversion ) Is the right traffic coming to the website? Search | Return Visitors | Subscription | Refresh | Inward Links Improve volume (ROI: Traffic ) Do you engage with your community? Networks | Market Intelligence | Message Building | Corporate Citizen Improve engagement (ROI: Reach and Tone )
  • 6. Digital Voice
  • 7. Digital Voice
  • 8. Digital Voice Benefits of applying a ‘New World’ online strategy … Website becomes targeted, strategic and focused on role! Conversation building occurs in blog environment with greater reach. Short-form (attached) content gains attention and builds network . Advocates build ‘fan-base’ and engage permission charged audiences. Bridge from corporate messaging to viral conversations is created. Collective and compounding ‘networks effects’ should result. Control: You need to let go (a little) …
  • 9. Digital Control “ Forget your brand. You don’t own it because it is literally nothing. You can spend all sorts of time and money trying to manufacture public opinion, but ultimately, that’s up to the public, now isn’t it?” Leroy Stick @BPGlobalPR
  • 10. Digital Control The ROI equation (reach and share of voice) … 1 – Staff 2 – Channel, Advocates, Alumni 3 – Fans, Brand Loyalty 4 – Aware Consumers 5 – Unaware Consumers 6 – The Disenfranchised 7 – Competitors 8 – The rest Seed Engage … Monitor Respond
  • 11. Digital Control
  • 12. Digital Strategy
  • 13. Digital Strategy Strategy >> Web >> Blog >> Twitter Twitter >> Blog >> Web >> Transact
  • 14. From “10 reasons why your audience doesn’t like you” Pam Moore Uses and Behaviours Not engaging Not providing value Not following back Website stinks All about you Don’t know the real you You’re afraid Not a good friend Right tone and methods for the medium Give to receive (it’s a network) Make mutual connections (it’s a network) The journey ends somewhere, make sure it counts Address the needs of the audience not your own Authentic and transparent (it’s a network) Sitting in the corner is mistaken for disengagement People want to like you, don’t give them a reason not to!
  • 15. It’s your network, do it your way . But here are some thoughts … In Practice – Twitter Use a picture, preferably the key person (Avatar) Build a network, generally bigger is better (Followers) Follow back, its a network (Following) Use public list and/or private groups (Housekeeping) Find your applications (Desktop, Mobile, Specialist) Link to your other properties but mix it up! (Engage) Think about search – use #hastags Learn behaviors (RT  LOL #FF) Word order matters!
  • 16. It’s your network, do it your way . But here are some thoughts on effectiveness … In Practice 2 – Corporate 1 Brand Tags (Scheduled) 2 Selling Links (Scheduled) 3 Selling Ideas (Scheduled) 4 Engaging (Manual) 5 Sharing (Manual) 6 News (Manual) 7 Social (Manual) 2 3 6 3 X X 5
  • 17. Twitter 101 for business … Social Media Tools (Veridian List) … Silktide – Siteray web test … Networks … #SMCMelb #SocialMelb #Tweastie #Twums #CoffeeMornings Mentor and consultant … Twitter @drwarwick Email [email_address] Jump in … Veridian Media … Starship Agency … ADMA | Starship | Veridian Media | 0411 411 555 More Information
  • 18. David Warwick BA MBA FAIM MAICD MACS(Snr) CEO of Veridian Media, a social media and online consultancy and Head of Social Media and Digital Strategy for Starship, a full service digital agency. David is also Chair of the Institute for Social Media and Co-Chair of the Content Management Professionals Association in Australia. David holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and a Bachelor of Arts (English and Sociology) from Monash University. David has held executive positions in Internet, marketing, technology and consulting businesses since 1996. David was formerly CEO of successful Australian web content management system Komodo CMS, deployed to over 300 organizations, including the Royal Women’s Hospital, Nufarm, RAMS and the Victorian Government. David has written columns for Marketing Magazine, IDM Magazine and a management case published in Measured Success: Innovation Management in Australia (2008). David has been a guest lecturer at MGSM and MBS and is a regularly invited speaker on social media, online marketing, search, content management, web design and IT business entrepreneurship. David is a member of professional organizations including ACS, AIM, CM Pros, AICD and the Melbourne Press Club. David lives in Melbourne, is a member of the Carlton Football Club and a passionate supporter of Australia’s endeavors overseas – whatever the activity Twitter: @drwarwick | Email: Presenter
  • 19. Ask Now! Ask Later … Twitter @drwarwick Questions
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