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  Program – 1(A) Aim: -  Write a program to implement Static Polymorphism (Method Overloading). Source Code: -  package staticpolymorphism; public class StaticPolymorphism { void sum(int aint b) { System.out.println(! n Sum is !#(a#b)); $ void sum(int aint bint c) { System.out.println(! n Sum is !#(a#b#c)); $  public static void main(String%& args) { StaticPolymorphism ob'ne StaticPolymorphism(); ob'.sum(*+*+*+); ob'.sum(,+,+); $$ Output: -  Program – 1(B) Aim: -  Write a program to implement -ynamic Polymorphism (Method Overriding). Source Code: -  package dynamicpolymorphism;class nimal {  public void move() { System.out.println(!nimals can move!); $$class -og e/tends nimal { public void move() { System.out.println(!-ogs can alk and run!); $$ public class -ynamicPolymorphism { public static void main(String%& args) { nimal a  ne nimal(); 00 nimal re1erence and ob'ect nimal b  ne -og(); 00 nimal re1erence but -og ob'ect a.move();00output2 nimals can move b.move();00output2 -ogs can alk and run $$ Output: -  Program - 2 Aim: -  Write a program to implement bstract class and 3nter1ace. Source Code: -  package animal; inter1ace 4egs{ void no5o15legs();$abstract class nimal {  public void move(){ $$class -og e/tends nimal implements 4egs { public void move() { System.out.println(!-ogs can alk and run.!); $ public void no5o15legs(){ System.out.println(!-ogs have 6 legs.!); $ public static void main(String%& args) { -og d  ne -og(); 00 -og ob'ect d.move(); 00 Output2 -ogs can alk and run d.no5o15legs(); 00 Output2 -ogs have 6 legs $$ Output: -  Program - 3 Aim: -  Write a program to implement 7/ception 8andling. Source Code: -  package e/ample; import '; public class Main { public static void main(String%& args) { int ab; -ata3nputStream inne -ata3nputStream(; try { System.out.println(!7nter the values o1 a 2 !); a 3nteger.parse3nt(in.read4ine()); System.out.println(!7nter the values o1 b 2 !); b 3nteger.parse3nt(in.read4ine()); 1loat ca0b; System.out.println(c); $ catch(7/ception e) { System.out.println(!-ivide by :ero e/ception!#e); $ $$ Output: -


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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