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Advanced Test 1
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  New English File – Advanced   PROGRESS TEST 1 – File 4 GRAMMAR 1Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). Example:As far as meals are concerned  , we’re planning on bringing our own food. concern are concerned concerned  1On the one hand, we need the rain for our garden to grow. On ________ hand, we want to sit in the garden andenjoy the sunshine other the other another  ! lease be on time for the bus. ________ you’ll ma#e e$eryone late for the %on%ert. Other Other words Otherwise &________ you don’t really li#e your new job. Obvious to me Obviously Obvious '( don’t understand the instru%tions for getting to the show. ________, ( don’t e$en want to go.  It’s beside Beside Besides )*ules is %oming for the wee#end. ________ she’s lea$ing her job to start her own business, and she wants your ad$i%e.  Incidentally By incident Incident  + A o you li#e %ri%#et- B As ________ of fa%t, ( lo$e it. matters if it mattered a matter  ( thin# you should ta#e the day off tomorrow. ________, your brother doesn’t $isit $ery often.  After all After It’s after  /(t’s going to rain tomorrow, or ________ that’s what the fore%ast said. least at least leastly 8 2Underline the correct word(s). Example:0an ( borrow   borrowed  !2 euros until tomorrow as long as you don’t need it-1 ro$ided 3el brought   brings  his guitar tomorrow, we’re going to ha$e a sing4along.!(f we have   had  two more people, we’d ha$e enough to play a proper football mat%h.&( would phone   have   phoned  to say ( was going to be late if ( hadn’t lost my mobile.' Supposed   Supposing  you got lost and %ouldn’t find your way home. 5hat would you do-)6ad ( #nown it was your birthday, ( would have   made   made  a %a#e.+(’ll tell you e$erything as long as you will promise   promise  not to laugh at me. 6 3Complete the sentences with the gerund or the ininitive orm o the verbs in brac!ets. Example:(’d li#e you to phone  7phone8 my offi%e and tell them (’m ill.1( would hate him ________ 7thin#8 (’m not interested in his proje%t.!6e disli#es people ________ 7ma#e8 noise while he’s studying.&6e’s waiting for his train ________ 7arri$e8.'3y un%le ad$ised me ________ 7$isit8 (taly before the weather gets too hot.)9hey’d better not #eep me ________ 7wait8. (’m too busy to waste time sitting here.+ lease let me ________ 7%ome8 with you. ( am bored all on my own. 6 6Grammar total20  VOCABULARY Complete the words in the sentences. Example:A c ivilian  is someone who is not a member of the armed for%es or the poli%e1A s  ________ shoots at people from a hidden position.!A r  ________ is a sudden, illegal, often $iolent %hange of go$ernment.&A t  ________ is a formal agreement between two or more %ountries.' #   ________ are people who are for%ed to lea$e their home be%ause there is a war.)A person who has been injured in a war is %alled a c  ________.+A c  ________ is when two armies agree to stop fighting temporarily. 6 $Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). Example:(n the past, warriors used bows  to shoot arrows at the enemy.  bullets bows shields19he soldier held his ________ tightly as he ran a%ross the field shooting. %annon ma%hine gun missile!9he tribe defended their $illage in the jungle by throwing ________ at the boats of the soldiers as they %ame up the ri$er. sieges troops spears&9he rebels ________ the bridge to stop the soldiers from getting supplies. surrendered blew up defeated'After the atta%# on the %ity, all of the shops were ________ and almost e$erything was stolen. o$erthrown de%lared looted) A ( really lo$e war films. B eally- (’m not parti%ularly #een ________ them.on in with+9he #ing was $ery proud ________ his soldiers for winning the battle. with of for  6 %Complete the sentences with one word. Example:9he story of a film and the things the %hara%ters do is %alled the  plot  .19he final ________ at the end of a film list the names of all of the a%tors and other people who appeared in or wor#ed on the film.!( lo$ed Star    Wars , but ( don’t remember the details of the %on$ersation between ;u#e <#ywal#er and arth =ader. ialogue ________ aren’t as important as the a%tion.&( ha$e >uite a ________ friends who ha$e ta#en a gap year.'3y dad just bought a se%ond4________ %ar. 6e saw an ad$ert in the paper, and thought the pri%e was mu%h  better than buying a new %ar.)3y grandmother is a lo$ely person, but %an be $ery ________4minded and intolerant. <he thin#s ( should stop studying and get married as soon as possible.+3y %ousin and his wife are great parents. 9heir #ids are three and fi$e, but they’re so ______4beha$ed, we all a%tually enjoy going out to restaurants together. 5hen ( was wor#ing as a tour guide, ( got ________ on international tra$el. (t ga$e me an enormous high, andif ( didn’t get on a plane for a wee# or two, ( be%ame edgy and tense./(’m %ompletely fed up ________ the ad$erts at the %inema. 9hey last at least &2 minutes, and the film is only ?2 minutes long. 8Vocabulary total20  READING #ead the article and tic! (   ) A& B& or C. HELP YOURSELF In the last couple of decades, self-help books have been a publishing phenomenon, often topping thebestseller lists !eaders have lapped up their advice on ho to do a ide variety of things, from becomingsuccessful and rich to improving their relationships If you#re facing a particular problem in your life, there#sa host of self-help books for you If you have the idea that you ant to improve yourself in some ay, thereare any number of self-help titles $ust aiting to advise you If you ant a successful career, no problem %step-by-step guides ill tell you e&actly hat to do 'ut, despite their enormous success, there#s a (uestionmany people ask) do these books actually do hat they claim to* +bviously, as in any field of publishing, some self-help books are better than others ome may be basedon actual research and case studies % there#s some substance to them that suggests they can, at least tosome e&tent, be taken seriously +thers, ho ever, amount to little more than psychobabble % emptynonsense dressed up as serious psychological insight hese books bombard the reader ith a mass of meaningless $argon, disguising the fact that they have nothing to say beyond the obvious that you ouldnot need to buy a book to kno  It#s the latter category that has given self-help books a bad name amongcritics of the genre he kind of advice given in self-help books is often more or less the same .hat really amount to prettystandard statements are made in many of them, but does this advice stand up to scrutiny* /sychologists ho have studied a range of self-help books connected ith happiness say the ans er to this is notal ays# hey say that although the emphasis the books place on aiming for good relationships ithfamilies, friends and colleagues has, in some ays, some scientific basis in terms of hat does actuallylead to personal happiness, in other ays the advice given is actually false 1or e&ample, the books commonly tell you that it is good to e&press your anger the psychologists say thissimply causes you to remain angry 3ou are often told to try to think happy thoughts hen you are sad thepsychologists say that attempting to do this simply emphasi4es your unhappiness for you he books tellyou to focus entirely on your aims in life, looking only at the desired outcome psychologists say you needto focus $ust as much on the problems you have to overcome in order to reach your goals he books tellyou to keep praising yourself to increase and maintain a high level of self-belief the psychologists say thatactually this doesn#t ork because you need praise from other people in order to increase your self-esteem/erhaps the key (uestion on self-help books is) do they ork* 5o people feel they have directly helpedthem* .hatever critics may say, do the people ho buy and read them get real results from them* heans er to this (uestion appears to be sometimes# !esearch indicates that the kind of book that deals itha particular problem can be effective in helping people ith that problem, particularly if the problem in(uestion isn#t a severe one, for e&ample mild depression or an&iety he situation is less clear ith booksdealing ith personal gro th or development ome people do say that these books have helped them butit is by no means certain, and hard to measure, hether this is really the case .hat is clear about all self-help books, ho ever, is that they offer people hope he actual advice they giveand hether or not this is accurate or effective is probably less important than the fact that they tell thereader that change is possible, that there is hope of a better life, that people can overcome difficulties andimprove themselves and their situation .hile this may sound like a good thing, there is, ho ever, ado nside to it o get people to buy them, these books often make e&aggerated claims about hat they ill  do for people hey can raise unrealistic e&pectations in the reader, suggesting that a better life can (uiteeasily be achieved, that anyone can get hat they ant out of life he truth is of course that changingyourself and your life may be very difficult indeed and re(uire an immense amount of effort, if it is evenachievable at all o self-help books are open to the claim that they present a false picture that can onlylead to disappointment in the end 1(n the first paragraph, what does the writer emphasi@e about self4help boo#s- A 9he fa%t that one person might buy many of them.  6ow >ui%#ly the genre be%ame popular. 0 9he number of them a$ailable. !(n the se%ond paragraph, the writer expresses a preferen%e for self4help boo#s whi%h ________. A don’t use any jargon at all  explain te%hni%al terms in a %lear way 0 gi$e examples to support their ad$i%e &9he writer says that self4help boo#s %ontaining a lot of Bpsy%hobabble’ ________. A are seldom popular with readers  ha$e affe%ted the reputation of all self4help boo#s 0 exist in greater numbers than other #inds of self4help boo# '5hat does the writer say about self4help boo#s %onne%ted with happiness- A 9here is e$iden%e to support some of the ad$i%e they gi$e.  9hey $ary more than other #inds of self4help boo#. 0 9hey are the most popular #ind of self4help boo#. ) sy%hologists say that some ad$i%e in boo#s about happiness ________. A %ould produ%e different bad feelings in people  %ould ma#e people feel worse than they did 0 is too hard for people to %arry out +5hi%h of the following do psy%hologists belie$e- A Cou won’t ha$e greater self4%onfiden%e unless other people praise you.  Do%using on problems is more important than fo%using on goals. 0 9hin#ing only about aims %an result in greater unhappiness. esear%h into whether self4help boo#s really help people suggests that ________. A those dealing with personal growth and de$elopment are the least useful  people want to belie$e that they ha$e helped them a lot 0 they are not $ery useful for serious problems /5hat do all self4help boo#s ha$e in %ommon, a%%ording to the writer- A 9hey all %ontain some useful ad$i%e.  9hey all ha$e the same basi% message. 0 9hey all sympathi@e with the reader. ?5hen as#ing whether self4help boo#s wor#, the writer suggests that ________. A this may be more important than whether the ad$i%e is %orre%t  not enough attention has been paid to this 0 readers may not be honest about this 129he writer %on%ludes in that last paragraph that self4help boo#s ________. A are more influential than is generally thought  may a%tually be harmful to people 0 are only ta#en seriously by %ertain #inds of person !eading total0
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