Advanced Test 2

Advanced Test 2
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  New English File – Advanced   PROGRESS TEST 2 – File 5 GRAMMAR 1Underline the correct word(s). Example:You won’t be able / allowed  to go into the laboratory with me. It’s for employees only.1You mustn’t  / must   remember  use your mobile phone while you’re putting petrol into your car.2We ought  / should  to hae set off earlier.!You on’t got  / have  to tip taxi riers# but they always appreciate it.$Eeryone will   have   to  / better  show their passport when we cross the bor er.%We need / needn’t  phone &aria ' she’s expecting us.(You didn’t need  / needn’t have  to pay for inner# but it was loely that you i .)It is not able  / not permitted  to bring your own foo into this ining area.*We aren’t supposed to  / allowed  ta+e these laptops out of this office. 8 2Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). Example:It seeme like  a goo i ea to borrow the car# but it i n’t en well. as though li+e being1When I was at the ,ummer &usic -estial I saw your brother’s ban . to play playing playe 2I  someone say hello’ but I coul n’t see who it was. hear hear was hear !You  my frien &arco. loo+ loo+ li+e are the loo+ of $0his soup tastes  garlic. It’s elicious of for as if %e  unhappy. Is eerything 345 seems to hae ’s as though seems(&alcolm seems  a mista+e. e was suppose to or er four boxes of paper# but he or ere $6 to hae to hae ma e li+e ma+ing 6 6 3Complete the sentences with the gerund or the infinitive form of the verb in brackets. Example:It’s no use worrying   7worry8. You’ll 9ust hae to wait an see what happens.13ur piano nee s  7be8 repaire because the moers roppe it.2We woul rather  7hae8 gone to ermany for ;hristmas.!I than+e your parents for  7hae8 helpe me when I was in trouble.$I’ li+e  7be8 sitting in a caf< in 0hailan right now.%=y the time I’m $6# I hope  7hae8 starte my own company.(I’m tire of  7be8 tol to wait. I’e been stan ing here for three hours alrea y 6 6Grammar total20  VOCABULARY Complete the sentences with one word. Example:I hear they’re going to bring in  a new law that ma+es it illegal to use your mobile in public.10urn right  the corner an you’ll see the post office on your left.2>nia went  wor+ early this morning.!If you loo+ own now# you can see that we’re flying  the ,ahara ?esert.$I lie on the fifth floor an my brother lies on the sixth. In fact# his flat is irectly  mine.%I too+ @26  of my wallet an gae it to =en.(Aacob fell  his bi+e on the way to wor+ an cut his hea pretty ba ly.)I left some change for the waiter  the table# next to my cup.*Bet’s go . It’s getting too col an ar+ outsi e. 8 !Underline the odd word(s) out. Example:hailstorm floo rought mil 1a bruise a surgeon a blister a rash2a col flu asthma a plaster !ineffectie mainstream unproen useless$a ripCoff an DCray antibiotics stitches%mil seere real prematurely(across through on top of put 6 6 Complete the words in the sentences. Example:> car p ulled   up next to me an the rier wae .1;oul you w   own your win ow an as+ that man for irections# please52&arty s   out his last cigarette an sai he woul neer smo+e again.!In my science class# girls o   boys by two to one.$I’m afrai I u   the cost of the holi ay an i n’t bring enough money.%ierre an >ngela ha n’t seen each other for ten years# but their romance was r   when they met unexpecte ly on a train.(I’m afrai I’m as b   as a bat without my glasses. 6Vocabulary total20 READING #ead the article and tick (   ) $% &% or C. DOES COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE WORK? The main point made by people who dismiss Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM as apointless waste o! time and money is that there is no scienti!ic evidence whatsoever that it wor s# $or conventional medicine there is o! course an enormous amount o! scienti!ic research to bac up the  e!!ectiveness o! medical treatments# This is because o! the !undamental di!!erence between conventionalmedicine and CAM# Conventional medicine re%ards the body as a comple& and sophisticated machine andillness as a brea down o! one or more parts o! the machine# 'ts aim is to %et the machine wor in% properlya%ain by removin% the problem parts or treatin% them so that they return to wor in% order# CAM in the !ormo! such thin%s as homeopathy acupuncture and medical herbalism re%ards illness as a brea down o! thebody)s natural healin% systems# 't believes that there is a natural non*physical !orce in all o! us thatenables the body to heal itsel! and its aim is to ma e that !orce power!ul enou%h to overcome illness andrestore health# This natural non*physical !orce however cannot be detected usin% the usual scienti!ic techni+ues# ,o it isimpossible to prove its e&istence scienti!ically and this has led some people to re-ect the whole idea o! CAM# .ith conventional medicine we can test scienti!ically whether treatments have an e!!ect on the bodyby loo in% !or chan%es in the body)s cells nerves or%ans and systems as a result o! treatment# .ith CAMwe cannot prove whether or not the natural !orce !or restorin% health e&ists# /owever it is possible to seewhat e!!ects CAM treatments have had on the cells and structures o! the body in order to assess their e!!ectiveness#ne e&ample o! scienti!ic evidence !or the e!!ectiveness o! CAM treatments is a study which showed thathomeopathic medicine had an e!!ect on the brain activity o! su!!erers !rom !ibromyal%ia a pain!ul muscledisorder# 1esearch also indicated that acupuncture was e!!ective in the treatment o! patients su!!erin% !romCrohn)s disease a pain!ul disorder o! the di%estive system# Tests on their di%estive systems showed thatthey had less in!lammation a!ter acupuncture treatment# Another study concerned the hi%hly dilutedsolutions used in homeopathic medicines# ,ceptics claim that these cannot possibly have any e!!ectbecause they are so diluted and little or nothin% o! the ori%inal substance remains# ut a study showed thatultra*hi%h dilutions o! histamine (a protein involved in aller%ies have an in!luence on cell activity in thebody#ne o! the most common tools o! conventional medical research is a test called an 1CT# This is acomparative test to discover the e!!ectiveness o! !or e&ample a new dru%# ,ome sub-ects are %iven thedru% and others are %iven a dummy pill# The sub-ects do not now whether they have ta en a real pill or adummy one nown as a placebo# 1esearchers then loo at whether the people who too the real pillshowed more improvement than the people who too the dummy pill or placebo# The same ind o! test isalso carried out !or CAM treatments and it seems an obvious thin% to do in order to %et evidence o! their e!!ectiveness# /owever a number o! CAM practitioners !eel that these 1CT tests are not appropriate !or CAM treatments# This is !or two reasons# $irstly they say this is because CAM therapies are entirely !ocused on each individual as a separate case#Treatment isn)t dictated by the speci!ic medical problem the patient is su!!erin% !rom but by the need torestore to !ull power that individual)s natural !orce !or maintainin% health# ,o the result o! an 1CT test !or one person may be wholly di!!erent !or another meanin% that no %eneral conclusion could be drawn abouta particular treatment# ,econdly the practitioners say a ey !actor in CAM treatments is the relationshipbetween the patient and the practitioner# Many people especially those with severe or lon%*standin%medical problems opt !or CAM treatments because they do not want to ta e dru%s !or a lon% time or because they do not have !aith in conventional medicine to improve their condition# ,ome o! these peoplemay !eel that they %et bene!its !rom CAM treatments and !rom their consultations with CAM practitionerseven i! the treatments do not wor !or their ori%inal problem# ,o CAM treatments may be bene!icial in waysthat 1CT tests would not reveal# ,ome patients !or e&ample say that they pre!er the holistic approach o! CAM and !eel that the decisions about treatment %ive them %reater control over their own lives thanconventional medicine# They li e the !eelin% that they are ta in% personal responsibility !or their own health#  10he writer says in the first paragraph that criticism of ;>& is . > base on ignorance = un erstan able ; increasing 20he writer says that the ifference between ;>& an conentional me icine . > is a ery great one = is not as great as people may thin+ ; is greater in some forms of ;>& than others !0he writer’s point in the secon paragraph is that . > you can’t proe that ;>& treatments hae ha any effect = you can’t proe that the main principle of ;>& is true ; you can’t use the same tests for ;>& an conentional me icine $0he writer uses fibromyalgia an ;rohn’s isease as examples of . > con itions that on’t respon to conentional me icine = con itions that ;>& has been shown to improe ; how ifferent +in s of ;>& treatment can be compare %0he stu y of highly ilute solutions . > isproe a common criticism of homeopathy = proi e ifferent results from preious stu ies of them ; showe that some solutions are more effectie than others (When escribing what F;0 tests inole# the writer says that . > some people isapproe of their use in conentional me icine = they hae proe the effectieness of some ;>& treatments ; they appear suitable for testing ;>& treatments )0he first ob9ection to the use of F;0 tests for ;>& treatments is that . > the tests o not wor+ for certain me ical problems = tests on a single in ii ual may pro uce ery ifferent results ; the tests o not pro uce a consistent pattern of results *0he writer says in the last paragraph that the attitu e of patients to ;>& treatments . > epen s entirely on whether the treatments are effectie or not = is not necessarily connecte with whether the treatments are effectie or not ; may ma+e them thin+ that a treatment has been effectie when it has not G0he secon ob9ection to the use of F;0 tests for ;>& treatments is that . > they cannot measure the effect of ;>& treatments on some patients = they o not wor+ for the most common ;>& treatments ; they may suggest that some ineffectie ;>& treatments actually wor+ 160he writer’s purpose in the article is to . > emonstrate why critics of ;>& treatments may be right = recommen ;>& treatments rather than conentional me icine ; iscuss whether or not the effectieness of ;>& treatments can be proe 1eadin% total30
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