Advanced Treatment Nitrogen Removal

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  Nitrogen removal us.html  Our cities have water treatment facilities such as water purification and sewage treatment plants. Thanks to these facilities, we can have water in our everyday lives, just by turning on a faucet. Water purification plants take water from rivers, clean it, and send it to homes. Sewerage water from homes and waste water from offices and factories are carried to sewage treatment plants and cleaned before it is discharged to rivers or the sea. Most of the sewage treatment plants in Japan harness the effect of microorganisms to treat sewage and return it to clean water levels. So, sewage treatment plants are vitally important facilities for water recirculation, and they contribute to the ecology of precious water resources that can be used over and over again. However, as the population of the earth increases and the ways of life change, water contaminated with countless substances is sent to sewage treatment plants, causing severe problems. One of these is red tides. Red tides are a phenomenon which occurs when abnormal proliferation of plankton causes the sea to look red. They kill organisms in the sea through oxygen depletion. Red tides are caused by eutrophication, which is in turn due to nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage from homes, industrial waste water from factories, and other sources. It requires advanced treatment to remove the nitrogen and phosphorus, which needs large amounts of treatment space and time. Hitachi,Ltd. has responded to this situation by working with the Japan Sewage Works Agency on ways to make the facilities and processes for advanced treatment more efficient. The result of development was “Integrated Immobilization Nitrogen Removal Process”.  The method of using empowered microorganisms locked into cubes to purify water is attracting attention internationally.  What is “Integrated Immobilization Nitrogen Removal Process” ?   Conventional technology pumped air into sewage flowing out of the primary sedimentation tank to activate the microorganisms and make them proliferate, but the slow pace of proliferation necessitated adequate amounts of time and space. Therefore, we decided to seal microorganisms called nitrifying bacteria, which remove nitrogen, into 3mm cubes of polymer to make Nitrifying Pellets. These are added to the bioreactor in order to shorten the time required for nitrogen treatment. “Integrated Immobilization Nitrogen Removal Process” is the treatment technology that uses these Nitrifying Pellets to remove contaminants such as nitrogen and phosphorus in a shorter time and a smaller space.
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