Aerodyn Appl Veh 3 Basics

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  MSc in Mechanical Engineering Modelling / Fluid Mech spec. BMEGEÁTMW09 / MW19 Gépészmérnök MSc / Áramlástechnika spec. BMEGEÁTMG10 / MG30  lecturer: Dr. Jenő Miklós Suda assistant professor Dept. Fluid Mechanics / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / BME Part III. - Basics of... 1  Aerodynamics and its application for vehicles   BASICS of …   a)BASICs of FLUID DYNAMICS b)BASICs of AERODYNAMICS (streamlined & bluff bodies) c)BASIC DEFINITIONS (forces, moments, coefficients) d)3D flow, relative flow field (side wind effect) e)Performance (resistance to vehicle motion) f)Performance (driving schedules) g)Performance (aerodynamic drag & rolling resistance) Part III. - Basics of... 2  Aerodynamics and its application for vehicles   BASICs of FLUID DYNAMICS ! see also in your lecture notes! Part III. - Basics of... 3  Aerodynamics and its application for vehicles   BASICs of FLUID DYNAMICS   Characteristics of viscous / inviscid fluids Continuity equation Density, pressure & velocity  –  flow field variables Pathline, streamline, streakline; streamtube - definitions Euler’s equation (in special streamwise co-ordinate system) Bernoulli’s equation Coordinate system, relative flow, angle of attack, Aerodynamic forces, moments & their coefficients + characteristics of laminar & turbulent flows + characteristics of attached / separated flows + characteristics of boundary layers + integral momentum equation + similarity rules / wind tunnel modelling + parameters of wind tunnel measurements + CFD: computational fluid dynamics considerations Part III. - Basics of... 4

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Apr 16, 2018

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Apr 16, 2018
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