The Official Newsletter of Triskele Game Design Studios Æthergate Newsletter Welcome to the June 2005 edition of the Æthergate newsletter. We’re probably shifting back to a bi-monthly schedule for the newsletter for a little while. Preparations for Volume 1, Issue 7 KublaCon sort of delayed the “missing” May edition, and it allowed us to put together a June 2005 slightly more robust
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   Æthergate Newsletter  Volume 1, Issue 7 June 2005 Edited by Jason Lauborough Published by Triskele Game Design Studios Contents 1: Latest Errata  2: New Abilities 3-4 : Army Feature: KublaCon 2005 Tournament Champion  Welcome to the June 2005 edition of the  Æthergate newsletter. We’re probably shifting  back to a bi-monthly schedule for the newsletter for a little while. Preparations for  KublaCon  sort of delayed the “missing” May edition, and it allowed us to put together a slightly more robust newsletter for June.Speaking of KublaCon, this year was our second appearance at the San Francisco Bay  Area’s best convention (and some say it’s the best convention on the U.S. west coast) and the first time that we had books on hand. Last year, Triskele was there mainly to show off the game in its nearly-complete state, and the demos served as an extended playtest session.This year, we were able to show people the book, and thanks to Fantization Miniatures the game was for sale at the convention. My thanks go out to Fantization for carrying the game and to every customer that picked up the rulebook.Thanks to the help from the KublaCon staff and Tim at Armorcast, our demos and tournament went off without too many problems. The players had fun, the terrain looked great, and we had great visibility for our demos.KublaCon 2005 also featured the First Official Ætherverse Tournament ! The tournament championship came down to the final game, with a few players still mathematically able to take the prize. In the end, the winner was Davis Kingsley  , with three very solid wins. The  Best Army  award was given out to Jimmy Jones  whose swarm of bugs was quite frightening to behold.This issue of the newsletter features a look at Davis’s tournament-winning army list. It also adds six new abilities  to the game, including a couple new versions of  Bionics  that expand the flavor of the srcinal ability (while also justifying the TEK 5 requirement of the Tinkerer  minor magic ability). Finally, some fixes to the rulebook are below.Thanks again to everyone reading.-Jason Lauborough, Designer: Ætherverse  The Official Newsletter of Triskele Game Design Studios NEW ERRATA     Effective 1 Jun 2005 The following changes to the Ætherverse Rulebook are immediately to be considered “in effect”. Reserve: Teleport (Page 72): The text “No models may be placed in base-to-base with an enemy model”   should be added to this entry. Reserve: Teleport is intended to be a more accurate version of Reserve: Air Drop, and as such has the same restrictions as that ability. Explosive (Page 70): Reword the first sentence of the last paragraph to read as follows: “  If the unit gets charged or is involved in incidental combat, they will strike (and explode) as if their DEX was 0 and with a 1” combat range. If the exploding unit has both “strike as if DEX was X” effects in place, the worst one applies and they will strike at initiative 0.”  Organic (Page 65): Replace the last sentence with “The army’s armor cost is based on TEK as normal. The army may not field any vehicles except for Beasts. Beast vehicles in the army use the CON in the army’s basic  profile to determine the cost and limits of weapons purchased for the vehicles.” The following is a change to the February 2005 Æthergate. That issue and the A’Gate Compilation have been updated to reflect this change. Combat Focus: The cost of this ability for personalities has been changed to the following: +10 points for the first attack traded in, +20 points for the second attack traded in, etc. SPECIAL  ANNOUNCEMENT: Shipping is now FREE on all  Ætherverse  orders placed through the website!  Expanded Abilities  New Attributes for use with Ætherverse The following abilities are added to the Ætherverse rules. They’re considered official immediately and can be used in any armies being designed for play (or designed with the  AVDesign license). Early Bionics Unit Attribute +5 points per model. Requires TEK 4.Model gains a 10+ save and suffers -1” to MOV and -1 DEX. Ability counts as  Bionics . Personalities: +5 points.  Early attempts at combining mechanical or electronic parts into biological entities often do more to confuse the user’s nervous system than provide any real benefit.  Advanced Bionics Unit Attribute +35 points per model. Requires TEK 8.Model gains a 7+ save, +1 STR, and +1 CON. Ability counts as  Bionics .Personalities: +40 points. The highest levels of traditional bionics often provide the implantee with enhanced strength or stamina as the mechanical components replace the weaker flesh. Composite Bow  Ranged Weapon Attribute +5 points, requires TEK 3 or lower.  Basic  and  Elite units only. May not be given  Blast   or  Flame-thrower . Wielder suffers -2 DEX when shooting. The weapon causes a critical hit on a 9 or a 10. Critical Hits with the weapon add the STR of the wielder to the DAM of the shot (be sure to use different colored dice for the shots, or roll them seperately from the others). This weapon has been enhanced with a stronger shooting mechanism that imparts more force to the projectile. This reduces the weapon’s accuracy, but when it hits a critical spot on the tar-get it is more likely to do permanent harm. The low-tech nature of the weapon means it remains weak against the more powerful forms of deflection technology. Heavy Ballista  Ranged Weapon Attribute +15 points, requires TEK 3 or lower. Team Served  weapons only The unit with this weapon suffers -2 DEX when shooting. The weapon scores a critical hit on to-hit rolls of 9 or 10. Shots that score Critical Hits have their DAM doubled (be sure to use different colored dice or roll them seperately from the other hits). The DAM of these shots may exceed 10. This weapon launches huge arrows at enemy units. These arrows have the capability of pierc-ing multiple victims in a single shot, and the weight of the bolts makes the damage particularly devastating, even to larger targets. Even heavy vehicles occasionally suffer when a giant metal arrow finds a chink in the armor. Spread Fire  Ranged Weapon Attribute +5 pointsIf at least half of the target unit (when shooting) is within 12”, this weapon gains an addi-tional shot. May not be selected in addition to any weapon attribute that limits a weapon to a single shot. This attribute has no benefit in melee combat. When measuring range, check for each individual model in the unit; some may gain the extra shot, others may not. This allows a weapon to fire more than its normal limit.  Shotguns, spray-fire crossbows, splatter-gel guns... all are intended to take advantage of compressed troops by spreading their damaging fire across more space than normal. Heavy Stabilization Armor  Armor Attribute +15 points, Support Units, Personalities Only, Requires TEK 5Unit suffers -2 DEX. Unit may move and fire with heavy weapons, but suffers an additional -1 to DEX while shooting for every inch moved (rounding fractions up). Unit may not move after firing. Armor is Bulky (must be mounted on a base as if it were Large unless it’s Huge or larger). Unit may not be  Mounted or  Flying.  An ongoing feature at the Triskele  website’s discussion forums is a section for “experimental rules”. In this section, players can help develop new ideas for unofficial play. Promising suggestions will sometimes even  be brought into “official” status.  Heavy Ballista , Composite Bow, and Spread Fire were developed based upon the initial ideas of forum user “LibrarianBrent”.  Additional input  provided by “Phear”. Heavy Stabilization Armor began with an idea from forum user “Shadow  Hunter”.  357th Air Cavalry  United Horizons of Terra Basic Profile STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  558766 Army Characteristics: Chivalrous, Experienced, Hardened, Sorcerous Units FLIGHT ALPHABASICUNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  468 558766 Unit Size: 3 models Armor: Personal Armor Wing System +7, Jump Armor Ranged Weapon:   PANTHER Assault Carbine  DAM 7, 20” Assault 2 MOV: 10WP: 1WL: 15 Veteran Magic Ability: Time Improved Initiative Honorable Reserve: Air DropUnit Leader: Sergeant  FLIGHT BETABASICUNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  468 558766 Unit Size: 3 models Armor: Personal Armor Wing System +7, Jump Armor Ranged Weapon:   PANTHER Assault Carbine  DAM 7, 20” Assault 2 MOV: 10WP: 1WL: 15 Veteran Magic Ability: Time Improved Initiative Honorable Reserve: Air DropUnit Leader: Sergeant  SQUAD GAMMA BASICUNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  836 558766 Unit Size: 5 models Armor: Powered Combat Suit +8, Powered  Basic Weapon:   TIGER Heavy Assault Rifle  DAM 6, 36” Assault 2 Special Weapon (one in squad): SPNK-R Portable Missile System  DAM 8, 48” Heavy 1, Blast  MOV: 6WP: 1WL: 16 Veteran Magic Ability: TimeUnit Leader: Sergeant  FLIGHT DELTAELITEUNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  663 1058766 Unit Size: 4 models Armor: Personal Armor Wing System +7, Jump Armor Ranged Weapon:   HCP-20  DAM 4, 12” Light 1 Melee Weapon: LION Chainblade  Powered Melee Weapon, Keen (DAM 3, +1  DEX in melee) MOV: 10WP: 1WL: 15 Veteran Magic Ability: Growth Improved InitiativeCombat Focus Reserve: Air DropUnit Leader: Sergeant  FerociousCountercharge This army was designed to be based on a piece of fiction that I was writing when I first heard about  Ætherverse . The soldiers in it are super-elite troops who wear powered armor that has giant mechanical  wings sprouting out of the backplate when active, allowing them to move really fast and outflank/destroy enemy troops. They’re supported by guys wearing heavier armor  who have long-ranged automatic rifles and provide firebase support for the advancing troops. Flights Alpha and Beta represent squads of normal troops, armed with assault carbines and the aforementioned wing armor. These guys were represented in-game by converted GW Assault Marines who have plastic Pegasus wings on their backs and carry bolters with the clips cut off. Squad Gamma represents the support troops, and Flight Delta represents a specialized unit equipped with pistols and chainblades who get up close and personal with enemy troops. I also took two personalities, one of who was a stealthy sniper/harassment troops and the other  who was a superpowerful close assault hero. Both of these guys were high-level personalities with a bunch of attributes, enabling them to perform very well on the  battlefield.In-game, my strategy was relatively simple. I would start by deploying one of my basic flights, the support squad, and the assault flight on-table, then infiltrate the sniper and keep the Champion and one of the basic flights in Reserve. My support squad would find a suitable firing position in view of the objectives, such as a hill or convieniently-placed wall, then stay relatively stationary and rain down shots on enemy units who approached the objective. In the meantime, my basic flight would use their high speed to rush to the objective,  while my assault flight attempted to reach and destroy enemy units in hand-to-hand. My sniper would pick off the odd sergeant, radioman, or heavy weapon while hiding in cover and trusting in his Stealth Armor and Chameleonic Skin for protection, while my Champion would D-Hop behind the enemy units and assassinate their leaders and heavy squads. Tournament-winning Army at the 1st Official  Ætherverse Tournament, held at KublaCon 2005, May 29, 2o05.  Army designed by tournament champion  Davis Kingsley.  Davis provides some commentary on the creation and play of this army below.   All ÆTHERGATE content copyright 2005 Triskele Game Design Studios, Mill  Valley, CA. SCOUTMASTER JERRANPERSONALITY (LEVEL 3)UNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  219 588766 Unit Size: 1 model Armor: Tacital Concelament Carapace +3, Stealth Armor Ranged Weapon:   JAGUAR Precision Rifle  DAM 5, 72” Heavy 1, Sniper Rifle MOV: 6WP: 3WL: 11 Veteran Magic Ability: TimeGraceful  InfiltratorsChameleonic Skin CHAMPION NOLOSPERSONALITY (LEVEL 4)UNIT COST STRDEXCONTEKPREMOR  346 1058866 Unit Size: 1 model Armor: PAWS-HA (Heavy Assault PAWS) +10, Jump Armor Melee Weapon:   PUMA Tesla Halberd  Energy Blade, Keen (DAM 9, +1 DEX in melee) Melee Weapon: ION Assault Shield  Basic CCW, Keen (DAM 2, +1 DEX in melee) MOV: 8WP: 4WL: 18 Veteran Magic Ability: Growth Ferocious Improved InitiativeCountercharge Shield: LargeCombat Focus (+3 attacks)Tactical Flexibility Assassin Reserve: Dimension Hop Honorable IMPORTANT NOTE: The tournament occured before the points cost for Combat Focus was errata’d. Therefore, Champion Nolos uses the point cost of the older  version of this ability. My other basic squad (the one in reserve) would drop in at a key moment to turn the tide in my favor. This tactic worked pretty  well, defeating all three of my opponents to win me the title of Tournament Champion. Overall, the high mobility of my army (my  basic unit benefits from a 10” move!) allowed me to outmanuver the enemy army easily, and my high WLs protected my troops from harm.Of course, I was very lucky too, but that’s something else entirely. -Davis Kingsley, 2005 KublaCon Tournament Champion Participants at the KublaCon tournament during one of the three tournament rounds.
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