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THE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT 2005 Act 28/2005 Proclaimed by [Proclamation No. 14 of 2007] w.e.f 01 September 2007 A.R. Bundhun 28th October, 2005 Acting President of the Republic __________ ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section PART I
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    THE   OCCUPATIONAL   SAFETY   AND   HEALTH   ACT   2005   Act   28/2005   Proclaimed   by   [Proclamation No. 14 of 2007]   w.e.f    01   September    2007    A.R. Bundhun   28th October, 2005   Section   1. Short title   2. Interpretation   3. Application of Act    Acting President of the Republic    __________     ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS   PART I   PRELIMINARY   4. Standards and classification systems   PART II   DUTIES   AND   RESPONSIBILITIES   5. General duties of employers   6. Special duties of employers   7. Special duty of employers using machinery   8. Prohibitions regarding young persons   9. Duties of employer regarding Safety and Health Officers   10. Risk assessment by employer    11. Record of risk assessments   12. Exposure to serious and imminent danger       13. Persons working in host employers’ or self  - employed persons’ undertaking   14. Duties of employees   15. Complaint to the Permanent Secretary   16. Duties of self-employed persons   17. Duties of designers, manufacturers, importers and exhibitors   18. Posting of abstracts or notices   19. Keeping of documents   20. Duties of Safety and Health officers   21. Establishment of Safety and Health Committees   22. Functions of the Safety and Health Committee   23. Meetings of Safety and Health Committees   PART III   ADMINISTRATION   24. Powers of Permanent Secretary   25. Power to summon   26. Prosecution   27. Powers of Permanent Secretary to make prohibition orders   28. Advisory Council for Occupational Safety and Health   29. Registration and deregistration of Safety and Health officers   30. Employment of Safety and Health Officers   31. Deregistration of Safety and Health Officers   32. Boiler and Machinery Inspectors Board   33. Registration of machinery and boiler inspectors   PART IV   HEALTH   AND   WELFARE   (GENERAL   PROVISIONS)   34. Structure of building   35. Cleanliness   36. Overcrowding   37. Ventilation and temperature      38. Lighting   39. Sanitary conveniences   40. Supply of drinking water    41. Washing facilities   42. Accommodation for clothing   43. Seats   44. Facilities for the taking of meals   45. Provisions for first-aid   PART V   SAFETY   (MACHINERY)   46. Training and supervision of young persons working at dangerous machines   47. Dangerous machinery   48. Provisions as to unfenced machinery   49. Construction and maintenance of fencing   50. Chains, ropes and lifting tackles   51. Cranes and other lifting machines   52. Vehicle lifts   53. Hoists and lifts   54. Escalators   55. Steam boilers - registration and conditions of use   56. Steam boilers - attachments and construction   57. Steam boilers - maintenance, examination and use   58. Steam receivers and steam containers   59. Air receivers   60. Refrigeration plants   61. Special provisions   62. Duty of inspector to inform employer    63. Abrasive wheels   PART VI   SAFETY   (GENERAL   PROVISIONS)      64. Safe means of access and safe place of employment   65. Storage   66. Ladders   67. Substances hazardous to health   68. Other chemicals   69. Precautions with regard to explosive or flammable dust, gas, vapour or substance   70. Dangerous fumes and lack of oxygen   71. Corrosive substances   72. Gas plants   73. Electrical installations   74. Prevention of fire   75. Safety provisions in case of fire   76. Fire certificate   PART VII   SAFETY   AND   HEALTH   (SPECIAL   PROVISIONS)   77. Health surveillance   78. Record of health surveillance   79. Radiation   80. Non-ionising radiation   81. Reduction of noise and vibration   82. Personal protective equipment and clothing   83. Protection of eyes in certain processes   84. Manual handling operations   85. Notification of occupational accidents and dangerous occurrences   86. Notification of occupational diseases   PART VIII   REGISTRATION   OF   FACTORIES   87. Factory building permit  
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