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Affect vs Effect and Foreign Plurals

Affect vs Effect and Foreign Plurals English
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  These three people are at very different stages of their careers. Which of the motivational factors below do you think would most influence them, and why?    A bus driver in a big city, who has to work irregular hours, including early morning, evening, and night shifts   A nurse who works with seriously ill children   A sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, who visits hospitals and doctors How would you attempt to motivate people with the following positions?  Commonly Confused Words: affect / effect First, notice how each word looks different from the other: affect   starts with a    effect   starts with e     Even though a  should sound different from e,  we pronounce these two words alike - / ə’fekt/ vs. /i’fekt/ . Therefore, we often have difficulty deciding which one to use in our writing.     Affect is always a VERB. Affect   means to influence or to produce a change in. e.g. Would you please outline the factors that have affected  sales over the last 12 months.


Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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