AUGEST 2018 LIES AND MORE LIES. The world is watching the greatest divorce pending when the UK gets into leaving the EU in March next year and the pending 'death' of the UK including N. Ireland.This is not false news, this sadly is going to
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  AFTER BREXIT,THE RISE AND FALL.   RONNIE CARLETON AUGEST 2018 LIES AND MORE LIES. The world is wathi!" the "reatest di#ore $e!di!" whe! the U% "ets i!to lea#i!" the EU i! Marh !e&t 'ear a!d the $e!di!" (death) o* the U% i!l+di!"N. Irela!d.This is !ot *alse !ews, this sadl' is "oi!" to a+se -a!' as+alties to the $eo$le, o/s a!d the real $ossi/ilit' o* soial +!rest o! the streets a!d ities.Mo/ #iole!e will I *eel /e the !or- a"ai!st Asia! a!d /la $eo$le a!d the rise a!d *all o* the U% as Leaders i! The orld as we !ow !ow it is "o!e. e will /e as +se*+l as a !e+tered do" or at or a $rie /+ll. Res$et a!d /+si!ess deals /etwee! the U% a!d the rest o* E+ro$e is alread' d'i!" a!d we !eed !ot de$e!d o! the USA to o-e i! a!d hold ha!ds a!d ha!d o#er #ast s+-s o* -o!e' !o -atter how -+h ha!d3holdi!" the 4reside!t o* the USA a!d the 4ri-e Mi!ister o* the U% did or will do.I* we had !ow! all o* the *ats a/o+t 5re&it /e*ore a #ote was tae!, it wo+ld !e#er ha#e ha$$e!ed /ea+se $eo$le were !ot "i#e! the *+ll i!*or-atio! o! what  will ha$$e! whe! a!d i* we lea#e. Lo!do! Cit' is !ot the U%, its does !ot loo a*ter *ishi!" ri"hts, *ar-i!" ri"hts a!d $a'-e!ts to *ar-ers as the' do !ow o+t o*the EU /+d"et /ea+se, the di#ore /ill will ri$$le the U% Eo!o-', *ar-s will "row weeds a!d *ar- li#esto will /e low.There is little $oi!t i! /reedi!" a!d ee$i!" shee$, attle or $i"s o! a lar"e sale /ea+se E+ro$e as a /+'er, o+ld  well sto$ all *ar- i-$orts *ro- the U%. Irela!d o* o+rse at the -o-e!t is alli!" the shots /etwee! N.Irela!d a!d the state o* Irela!d /+t this -+st /e witho+t a hard /order. hat the 5ritish Go#er!-e!t see-s to i"!ore a/o+t Irela!d, the Isla!d o* Irela!d, is that so-e *ar-ers alo!" the so alled (/order) at the -o-e!t, ha#e *ield a!d la!ds o! /oth sides o* the la!d /order a!d ha#e had *or -a!' 'ears. The' also a! o$e! "ates to ha#e a two wa' attle a!d shee$ ro+te /etwee! the North a!d the So+th a!d all the' ha#e to do is wal the a!i-als o#er at their ow! s$eed a!d U% A!i-als a! /eo-e EU a!i-als #er' 6+il' e#e!  with ear ta"s a!d eah *ar-er are i! a (wi! wi!) $lae with a shae o* the ha!d a !od, a wi!,a!d -o!e' ha!"es ha!ds.It is /' I!*or-ed o$i!io! that 5re&it as it sta!ds, is a dead whale, /ei!" ha!dled /' the U% "o#er!-e!t shars with !o teeth, a!d a #er' /ad s-ell !ow arisi!" *ro- the i!*i"hti!" o! /oth side. It loos #er' lie $eo$le with -o!e' are -ore a/o+t their -o!e', rather tha! the *all o+t o! the alread' $oor a!d s-all *ir-s  who are str+""li!". It also loos -ore liel' that it will /e a !o deal or a (/ad deal)  a!d !o -atter what the' sa', the $rese!t da' U% 4ri-e Mi!ister will *all /' 2017 i*!ot /e*ore. Mrs Ma' is !ot a Mrs Thather a!d Thather was a stro!" Leader /+t !o o!e , /+t !o o!e a! /e a Leader *or all ti-e a!d will /e o$$osed /' their ow! $art'. 4ast histor' has show! *ro- Ro-e a!d E"'$t, that the Rise a!d all o* a! E-$ire de$e!ds o! "ood a!d ho!est leadershi$ a!d -a!' $eo$le i! hi"h $laes  withi! the U% ha#e a!d will *ail to deli#er 5re&it as $ro-ise or the a**et o* it all aross the EU a!d Me-/er Co+!tries will wa!t their re#e!"e /ea+se it will also hit their $oets a!d /+si!ess as the 5re&it a!er taes hold a!d s$reads.The To+rist Trade i! the U% a!d E+ro$e will /e hit hard, a!d o/s will "o to the  wall. There is !o "etti!" awa' *ro- that *at, to+rists /ri!" i! -o!e' aross E+ro$e a!d the U%.The EU ildli*e laws a!d 5ills i* a !o deal is reahed, will /e ast aside /' the U% a!d there will /e !o Gra!ts to wildli*e Tr+sts or la!dow!ers, so Co!ser#atio! as  we !ow it !ow, will !ot /e *+!ded a!'-ore /' the EU a!d the U% does !ot ha#e the *+!di!" a!'wa' /ea+se the' will /e i! de$t well o#er their heads a!d the EU Di#ore 5ill is "oi!" to /e /illio!s a!'wa' so where a!d how we "et that sort o* -o!e' is so-ethi!" lie a M'thI! Norther! Irela!d, there is !o Go#er!-e!t, +st a lar"e white /+ildi!", al-ost lie the US hiteho+se a!d *or the -o-e!t, the -ai! 4olitial 4arties do!9t sit /+t still "et $aid *or it, !ie wa"es i* 'o+ a! "et it, /+t o-es o+t o* the $+/li $+rse, a!d the 4ri-e Mi!ister o* the U% has do!e a deal with the 4rotesta!t U!io!ist 4art' to "et #otes thro+"h her "o#er!-e!t e#e! tho+"h the U!io!ists a!!ot e#e! r+! Stor-o!t as a "oi!" o!er!. The! there is "oi!" to /e a $ossi/le lash o* i!terests a!d ho!est' /etwee! all 4arties, all *aiths a!d the the Re$+/lia!s a!d the Catholi Co--+!ities "etti!" restless /ea+se !o o!e  wa!ts a!other thirt' 'ears o* /loodshed. It o+ld ha$$e! /ea+se we Irish, alwa's !eed a (Ca+se) to *i"ht *or as histor' has show! a!d 5ritish 4M9s alwa's  wa!t to de*e!d the ri"hts o* the $eo$le, -ore words tha! atio!s, /+t it has /ee! !oted, there is little or !o ri"hts *or the dead a!d wo+!ded i! s+h a o!*lit.I lea#e 'o+ with this. A No Deal or a 5ad Deal is o! the ards, lies a!d -ore lies  will !ot ha!"e, that it will ha$$e!, there will /e a all i! U% Leadershi$ o! /oth -ai! $arties, a all *or a Ge!eral Eletio! aross the U% i!l+di!" the North o* Irela!d a!d this is "oi!" to /e a dirt' war o* words a!d lies, a!d -aor o!*lit, e#e! #iole!e. So, where do we "o *ro- here a*ter the 5re&it Cir+s: I dread to thi! /+t at the -o-e!t $eo$le are -o+thi!" o** what a! /e do!e to sa#e the da' a!d Lo!do!)s "reat *i!a!ial o$eratio!s, -a!' -o!e' rats will +-$ shi$ a!dlea#e the U%. Ro!!ie Carleto! ;0 i!terle' La!e, R+shall, alsall S<ILR. 01722=<;;28
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