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  10/15/2014Ageing and Life Extension - Oil & Gas UK Home >  About the Industry >  Health and Safety >  Ageing and Life Extension About the Industry Ageing and Life Extension As the industry seeks to maximise economic recovery of oil and gas reserves and technology is developedto enable that objective; many installations will remain in service beyond their srcinally plannedoperational life span. This presents challenges to the industry in managing the effects of ageing onassets, plant and equipment and to ensure that integrity can be maintained throughout the full asset lifecycle. This section contains useful information on the management of ageing and life extension (ALE) andin particular provides links to industry guidance and other related documentation.  Health and Safety Executive Key Programme 4 (KP4) The HSE's KP4 inspection programme was initiated in late 2010 and ran for three years to late 2012. Theinspections sought to ensure that risks to asset integrity arising from ageing and life extensionare adequately controlled. Whereas the earlier KP3 looked at the ‘here and now’ condition of offshoreinstallations, KP4 looked at the ability of the offshore industry to manage the effects of ageing so thatinstallations remain safe for their full life cycle, including extended life periods.The objectives of KP4 were:to raise awareness of the need for specific consideration of ageing issues as a distinct activity withinthe asset integrity management processto inspect duty holders' approaches to the management of the risks to asset integrity associated withageing and life extensionto identify shortcomings and enforce an appropriate programme of remedial action where necessaryto work with the offshore industry to establish a common approach to the management of ageinginstallations. Further details can be found on the HSE’s website here along with the final KP4 report available here.  Oil & Gas UK Guidelines In 2012, the OGUK Ageing and Life Extension Work Group published Guidance on the Management of Ageing and Life Extension for UKCS Oil and Gas Installations. This document sets out the managementsystem approach to ageing and life extension. Technical guidance has also been produced by topic-specific work groups on the following subjects:Electrical, Control and Instrumentation EquipmentFloating Production InstallationsOffshore Structures  Additional information on ageing and life extension  Click here to view the HSE Guidance on management of ageing and thorough reviews of ageinginstallations. OIS No. 4/2009Click here to open the HSE document Managing Ageing Plant – A Summary GuideClick here to view the HSE's plant ageing study.Click here to view the COMAH (Control Of Major Accident hazards) question set to help operators assesscompliance with the HSE's plant ageing study.Click here to view the COMAH Ageing Plant Operational Delivery Guide.Click here to view the HSE plant ageing report into management of equipment containing hazardous fluidsor pressure. © 2010-2014 The UK Oil and Gas Industry Association Limited trading as Oil & Gas UKRegistered office: 6th Floor East, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BHCompany No: 1119804Site Map Contact Us Cookie Policy  10/15/2014Ageing and Life Extension - Oil & Gas UK Legal, Copyright Issues and Privacy Statementebsite by Oxford Web Applications


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