1. FINTECH BLOCKCHAIN mMaaS (Mobile Money as a Service) BOOKS 2. GREAT CHAIN OF NUMBERS A Guide to Smart Contracts, Smart Property and Trustless Asset Management Time…
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  • 1. FINTECH BLOCKCHAIN mMaaS (Mobile Money as a Service) BOOKS
  • 2. GREAT CHAIN OF NUMBERS A Guide to Smart Contracts, Smart Property and Trustless Asset Management Time Swanson THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Klaus Schwab THE BUSINESS BLOCKCHAIN Promise, Practice and Application of The Next Internet Technology William Mougayar
  • 3. CyberSecurity - CyberWar What Everyone Needs to Know PW Singer FUTURE CRIMES Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World Marc Goodman FUTURE CRIMES Everything Is Connected Everyone Is Vulnerable And What Can We Do About It Marc Goodman
  • 4. NEXT GENERATION FINANCE Adapting The Financial Services Industry To Changes In Technology, Regulation and Consumer Behavior Lempka Robert USER GENERATED FINACE Harald Meisner VALUE WEB How Fintech Firms Are Using Bitcoin Blockchain and Mobile Technologies to Create the Internet of Value Chris Skinner
  • 5. DIGITAL BANK Strategies To Launch Or Become a Digital Bank Paul Vigna THE END OF BANKING Money, Credit, and the Digital Revolution Jonathan McMillan Breaking Banks The Innovators, Rogues and Strategist Rebooting Banking Brett King
  • 6. VIRTUAL BANKING A Guide To Innovation and Partnering Dan Schatt THE POWER OF MOBILE BANKING How To Profit From The Revolution In Retail Financial Services Sankar Krishnan SMARTER BANK Why Money Management is More Important than Money Movement to Banks and Credit Unions Ron Shevlin
  • 7. BANK 3.0 Why Banking is No Longer SomewhereYou Go, But SomethingYou Do Brett King The FINTECH BOOK A Guide To Innovation and Partnering Susanne Chrishti - Janus Barberi The Digital Money Game Competing In The Multi-Trillion Payment Industry Charmaine Oak
  • 8. Bye Bye Banks? How Retail Banks Are Being Displaced, Diminished and Disintermediated by Tech Startups and What They Can Do to Survive James Haycock MOBILE READY Connecting With The Untethered Consumer Scott Bales Financial Inclusion at The Bottom of the Pyramid Carol Realini
  • 9. Great Chain of Numbers - Tim Swanson The Business Blockchain - William Mougayar The Fintech Book - Susanne Chrishti - Janus Barberi The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Klaus Schwab The Industries of the Future - Alec Ross Blockchain Revolution - Don Tapscott Blockchain Essential Guide - Jeff Reed Blockchain Comprehensive Guide - Timothy Short Bank 3.0 - Brett King Value Web - Chris Skimmer Next Generation Finance - Lempka Rover User Generated Finance - Harald Meisner Digital Bank - PaulVigna The End of Banking - Jonathan McMillan Breaking Banks - Brett King Virtual Banking - Dan Schatt The Power of Mobile Banking - Sankar Krishnan Smarter Bank - Ron Shevlin The Digital Money Game - Charmain Oak Bye Bye Banks? - James Haycock Future Crimes - Marc Goodman Science of the Blockchain - Roger Wattenhofer The Age of Cryptocurrency - PaulVigna Smart Contracts - Terry Parker Fintech Innovation - Paolo Sironi CyberSecurity & Cyberwar - PW Singer - Allan Friedman Mobile Ready - Scott Bales Blockchain Revolution - Don Tapscott The Inevitable Understanding of the 12 Technologies that will shape the future - Kevin Kelly Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid - Carol Realini CURATED FINTECH BOOK LIST
  • 10. AUTHORS Chris Skinner,Time Swanson,William Mougayar, Klaus Schwab, PW Singer, Marc Goodman,Lempka Robert, Harald Meisner, PaulVigna, Jonathan McMillan, Dan Schatt, Sankar Krishan, Ron Shevlin, Charmain Oak, Susanne Chrishti, Janus Barberi, James Haycock, Carol Realini, Scott Bales. PLEASE comment of any other authors I may have not listed @EdPimentl AgileCO Labs Incubator/Accelerator IoT - Fintech - Blockchain - OTT - Resilient CyberSecurity
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