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Agreement of CMH
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  1 AGREEMENT WITH M/S DISTRICT RED CRESCENT GENERAL HOSPITAL AND RED CRESCENT INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY HYDERABAD FOR THE PROVISION OF MEDICAL FACILITIES (HOSPITALIZATION AND OUTDOOR TREATMENT) FOR THE EMPLOYEES OF PTCL, RGM HYDERABAD DURING THE YEAR 2014.2015 This agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement” is executed in Hyderabad on this day  ___ of ___________2014 (hereinafter the effective date ______________) BY AND BETWEEN Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited , represented by RGM Hyderabad , CTO Compound Fatima Jinnah Road Hyderabad ( hereinafter referred to as “ PTCL  which expression shall include the representatives and authorized officers of PTCL ” ) on the one Part: AND District Red Crescent General and Red crescent Institute of Cardiology Hyderabad , represented by Dr. Muhammad Farooque Memon (Chairman)  (hereinafter referred to as the “HOSPITAL”  which expression shall include its owners, managements, representatives, successors etc.) on the other part. PTCL and the Hospital shall, hereinafter, collectively be referred to as the “Parties” and individually be referred to as the “Party”.    WHEREAS PTCL intended to seek and the Hospital agreed to provide Indoor/outdoor Medical Treatment(s)/facilities to the employees of PTCL and their dependents. NOW THEREFORE , the Parties agree to abide by the terms and conditions hereunder: 1.   DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS i.   “PTCL Representative”  means a person or persons designated by the Regional General Manager Hyderabad, PTCL to act on behalf of PTCL in all matter arising out of this agreement. ii.   “Contract”  means this agreement between PTCL and the Hospital for the provision of Indoor/Outdoor medical facilities to the patients.  2 iii.   “Employees of PTCL”  ,means only those employees of PTCL who are either presently working in PTCL, RGM Hyderabad and its attached offices or retired from PTCL entitled to avail the medical facility as per PTCL policy. iv.   “ Patients ”  means the employees of PTCL and/or their dependents who are permitted by PTCL and have proper Medical Entitlements cards for free Medical Treatment. v.   “Hospitalization”  means admission of a patient in the Hospital for in-door medical Treatments in all respects by the Hospital according to their entitlement for accommodation, as per this contract. vi.   “Medical Treatment” or “Treatment” means the provision of all sorts of indoor/outdoor medical facilities provided by the Hospital to the Patients who are genuinely in need of medical care. This, therefore, does not include any treatment for cosmetic reasons. The types of medical services covered under this agreement are attached as Appendix-A (Rate List)  which will be updated from time to time. vii.   “Medical officer”  means the representative of PTCL RGM Hyderabad who is authorized to refer Patients for Medical Treatment. viii.   “Approved Rates”  means the rates approved by the PTCL and duly accepted by the Hospital providing the Medical Treatment in all respect to the employees of PTCL. 2.   TERMS AND ENTITLEMENTS i.   Hospitalization will be allowed according to entitlement and the accommodation for indoor Treatment shall be provided to the patients as per the under mentioned categories. BPS-01 to BPS-16 General Ward BPS-17 to BPS-19 Separate/Private Room BPS-20 and above VIP room ii. The Employee of PTCL will be given such preferential Treatment by the Hospital as in appropriate keeping in view the payment which is being made for the services rendered to them.  3 iii. A reference letter will be issued by the Medical officer of PTCL Dispensaries/Senior Manager (Medical Services), with their signature/Stamps thereon, to the Hospital for providing necessary medical facilities and Treatment to the employees of PTCL, in RGM Hyderabad. iv. Cutting/overwriting on the reference letter shall be signed and stamped by the issuing authority/Medical Officer concerned. v The patient will report to the Hospital along with the reference letter and medical card for outdoor/indoor Treatment which includesconsultation/opinion/tests/Hospitalization/medication/surgery etc. vi. As the officers in BPS-20 are entitled to approach consultants directly, reference letter should not be insisted in their case. However, Photo copy of their CNIC may be retained and enclosed along with the bill. vii. In case of emergency, the patient shall be admitted to the Hospital, upon the production of the medical card along with the departmental card issued by Regional General Manager, and also copy of the NIC subject to the condition that the said employee will get the formalities completed in all respects and will obtain the reference letter from the Medical Officer of PTCL and submit the same to the Hospital on the next working day. viii. The Treatment will be provided by the Hospital on credit basis and bills of charges will be sent to Regional General Manager Hyderabad in manner given below in Clause-4. ix The Medical Officer and/or the Senior Medical Officer may at any time make surprise visits to the Hospital to ensure that the facilities are being provided to the patients. The Medical Officer and/other Senior Manager may request for the list of all admitted patients who have been referred. The Hospital shall ensure that the list is provided as and when required by Medical Officer and/or the Senior Medical Officer. x Date of discharge will be counted in the number of billing dates, irrespective of the time of discharge. If admission is before 12 noon, whole day will be counted otherwise no charges will be paid for that day. xi Prolong and unnecessary stay of the Patient in the Hospital shall be avoided as far as possible. In case where it is felt necessary that the patient requires Treatment for more than Three (03) days or Seven  4 Days the Hospital shall inform Senior Medical Officer and Senior Manager Medical Services Karachi respectively along with summary of the case with such recommendation/option prior of completion of 03/07 days stay. No payment shall be made for prolong stay without approval of PTCL SMO Hyderabad/SM (M/S) Karachi. xii PTCL Employees are not entitled to purchase medicines directly from the chemists/druggists, otherwise they cannot claim reimbursement. Therefore medicines prescribed by the Medical Officer/Consultant of the Hospital shall be provided by the Hospital and the charges of the same will be billed to R.G.M Hyderabad. The Medicines at the time of discharge /OPD Medicines are not allowed. xiii Potency of medicines with its make, doses and quantity in figures and words shall be mentioned while prescribing the medicines and preparing the bills. xiv Medicines, disposable etc. shall be supplied to indoor Patients through the supplier of the Hospital at the existing rate. xv Special nursing care, gold/silver filling, dentures, plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, contact lenses and spectacles shall not be included in the Treatment. The payments of such Treatments will not be effected, if it is included in the bill. xvi In case a patient desires to get admitted above his entitlement, the differences of charges of class of accommodation of entitlement and the class availed, shall be paid by the employee himself. PTCL will not make any payment to the Hospital if any accommodation is provided to a Patient beyond the entitlement of the employee. xvii. All tests recommended by the Medical Officer or consultant on the panel of the Hospital shall be arranged by the Hospital and charges of the same will be billed to RGM Hyderabad. However prior approval of the General Manager Hyderabad / Senior Manager ( Medical) Services Karachi will be required if following tests/ investigation/procedures are recommended by the Medical Officer or consultant of the Hospital for indoor/outdoor Patients. a.   CT Scan b.   MRI c.   Angiography/Angioplasty/CABG. d.   Thalium Scan e.   Neuro surgery f.   Burns/Plastic Surgery g.   Fibro-optic bronchoscope. h.   Bone scan / Dexa Scan i.   Haemo Dialysis  j.   Chemotherapy k.   Laparoscopy / Arthoscopy

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