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   BP TEXAS CITY Case Study Ahmed Tajammal MBA II Section A Human Resource Management  Answer 1 Breakdown in the company’s ethical systems played an important role in what happened at BP. Using the findings of Baker Panel we are able to see that BP did not always allocated resources for process safety  performance, There was no common process safety culture among the refineries, BP’s executive management did not effectively respond to any information it received about process safety deficiencies. Using the information provided to us in the case e are easily able to conclude that BP created a false sense of confidence that it was properly addressing process safety risks and that cost-cutting helped compromise safety at Texas City.   Answer 2 Occupational health and safety operates under general standard clause that each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees. So, Yes OSHA standards are definitely aimed at addressing problems like the ones like existed in BP’s explosion incident. OSHA has legally force able standards that are contained in 5 volumes and seem to cover in detail just above every conceivable standard. Under OSHA, employees must maintain records of and record certain occupational injuries and occupational illness. So under these rules and regulations the BP management was responsible to report the small little incidents that were taking place at its facility but the problem is that in many cases its not the employers fault rather its employees fault who often resist. In BP case its evident from BP internal report that working environment eroded to one characterized by resistance to change and a lack of trust. There was a poor level of hazard awareness and understanding of safety which resulting in worker accepting level of risk that were considerably higher then comparable installation. This explaining the reason for continuity of problems for so many years. Answer 3 1.   In this case the BP Texas City the issue was with the top level and middle level management that they were so lazy to keep a check and balance on the safety concerns and there was very low awareness among the employees regarding the safe handling of the equipment. Moreover the 70% reduction in the rate of injuries just a year before the explosion made the OSHA to be lazy. Answer 4 First, all employees need to implement a culture of safety and its importance starting with the senior leadership of the organization. Second, all staff need to be trained and oriented on the importance of safety. Last, a reporting Process needs to be implemented where staff can report safety concerns without the fear of retaliation on the part of the employer. In a culture of accident  prevention, an organization should encourage staff to come forward and express pr report safety concems at any time. Answer 5 Yes in addition to the recommendations made by the baker panel and SCB there is one additional recommendation that I would like to make and that is prohibition in the By-laws of the British Petroleum that stops any of the future CEO’s to cut the expenses on Safety measures. Because this is the only way that will ensure that no such costs saving policies are adapted that compromise the safety of the people working in the organization Annwer 6 BP’s human resource management seems to have supported the company’s broader strategic aims as the year before the explosion Texas City achieved a 70% reduction in worker injuries showing that individual employees were having fewer accidents. BP wanted to cut costs because of which its operators and maintenance staff worked high rates of overtime This shows that companies should always align its employees goals with the main strategic aim of the company thus benefiting both.  
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