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  £4.95 EDITION 38 SERVING THE GUN, FISHINGTACKLE, TOY & SPORTS TRADESFOR OVER FORTY YEARS SUPPLYINGTOTHREE GENERATIONSOF SHOOTERS NATIONWIDE SPORTSMARKETING  002 W ELCOME to our eagerly awaited new catalogue, our 38th Edition and certainly the largestand most product filled ever, packed with over 150 new exciting items, along with our everpopular favourites, all proven top sellers. We have continued to strive to keep prices REALISTIC, LOW and BRILLIANT CUSTOMER VALUE , yet, at the same time, mostimportantly, drawing from over 100 years of purchasing experience from our dedicated team,obtaining exceptional quality items that sell and are used by millions!You will find an extended range of much loved SMK air rifles from Junior to adult size, for plinking in the back garden, going to your local club or hunting in the field. Our air pistols caterfrom precision target shooting to spray and play fast fun, scopes for paper punching in backyards to pest controllers looking for the ultimate edge over quarry. Translucent BB guns forknocking down your brothers toy soldiers to re-enacting your favourite movie character...Throughout, we have continued as per requests from our loyal customers , to featurearticles, tests and product guides, written by some of the UK's leading sportsmen, guides toinspire and help our fellow shooters enjoy and get the best results from our brilliant sport ofshooting. We are always proud to stun the media and online followers of SMK products and onhearing how do they make it for that price certainly makes us smile, the answer is quitesimple....big purchasing power equals big discounts equals happy shoppers the UK throughout. Established over 40 years ago , Sportsmarketing still have the privilege of being the largestimporters and distributors of air rifles and pistols in the United Kingdom today. Our products areavailable from over 1600 retail outlets in all corners of the country. Now having teamed up withone of our long term suppliers, Cybergun , we can excel in offering a much wider range of highquality products, cherry picking market leading items whilst maintaining low low prices.Certainly the world is a different place today, but great value for money stands the testof time, however, one of SMK's biggest strengths is to recognize and cater for not justnewcomers to the sport with varied budgets but for experienced enthusiasts wishing to add totheir collection or choose vital accessories to keep ahead of the game. OVER ENGINEERED, UNDER-PRICED... DEDICATED WAREHOUSES WITH A DEDICATED TEAM WHO ARE DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU.  003 SPORTSMARKETING HEAD OFFICE AND WAREHOUSES LOCATED AT COLCHESTER, ESSEX.NEW EXPANDED ADDITIONAL WAREHOUSES... ...ENABLING THE POWER TO SUPPLY  It's tough going being constantly perceivedas the No1 supplier in our industry  , but ourproven track record for being able to move fastwith the market demands, working closely andsupporting our valued retail customer outlets,and being able to supply for generations togenerations of sportsmen has kept us in placeand we will do our utmost to stay there.What helps Sportsmarketing to remainbeing the largest suppliers to the UK gun trade of air rifles and alike? Perhaps beinghome to many of the World's leading brands, joining forces with the World's largestmanufacturers and maintaining such high levelof quality control as to be found on handmade bespoke items that normally carry a price tagsometimes five times the amount!To be quoted as having over engineeredproducts that seem under-priced  just aboutsums up the SMK philosophy  ...lets keep ourwonderful sport, fun, interesting, challengingbut above all comfortably affordable!  004 Air Rifles 6-83 Air Pistols 106-127 Luggage & Gun Slips 98-100 Sound Mods &    Scopes 86-95 Targets 129-132 Swiss Arms 151-155 Ammo 133-145 Maintenance 156-149  CONTENTS 6 - 71SMK Air Rifles74-75Umarex Air Rifles76-83Cybergun Air Rifles86-87Sound Suppressors88-92SMK Scopes 93-94Swiss Arms Optics95Mounts98-99Shooting Luggage & Gun Slips100Field Accessories106SMK Air Pistols110-117Umarex Air Pistols118-122Cybergun 6mm Air Pistols124-125 B4S Concept Line126-127Cybergun 4.5mm Air Pistols129-131Air Gun Targets132Soft Air Targets & Gas133-134Milbro Air Gun Pellets, 4.5mm BB & CO2 Capsules138SMK Air Gun Pellets142-145Soft Air 6mm Ammo146-147 Napier148Abbey149SMK Maintenance151Swiss Arms Red Dots & Optics
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