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  Question: Is Webcast started?Answer: it will get started in a few minutesQuestion: Voice is scrambled...Answer: Hope now it is fineQuestion: when you are going to show ModalPop extender example?Answer: tomorrow, Ajax Control ToolkitQuestion: r v also gonna cover updatepanelanimatonAnswer: tomorrowQuestion: what is the other webservice apart from authentication serviceAnswer: profile serviceQuestion: How do we convert the existing Web application developed in 2.0 to ajax enableAnswer: creae a new ajax enabled website and copy the new config file settings to you rexisiting app config fileQuestion: I have entered the attribute and also using namespace in WebService and specified the path in aspx..still I am getting undefinied object error..Answer: can you send me the sampleQuestion: how extenders are different from custom controlsAnswer: they are both some, here you use javascriptQuestion: will you explain how to impliment google suggest property using ajaxAnswer: tomororow, autocompleteexntenderQuestion: Please repeat in brief the steps to create a custom extender controlsAnswer: create the exnteder class file, inherited from ExtenderControlQuestion: what if we cancel request for post back while a request is sent to the database for updation ?Answer: attahclient files for behaviours and add focusextenderQuestion: can we make our existing web application into ajax enale website? If yes How?Answer: copy the config settingsQuestion: AJAX control tool kit is necessary for extenders?Answer: not requiredQuestion: Is it possible to use File Upload Control inside of UpdatePanelAnswer: noQuestion: Is Microsoft Live Hotmail using AJAX?Answer: yes it uses ASP.NET AJAX extensivelyQuestion: Can I make use of Active Directory Authentication along with this Authentication and Profile Services?Answer: yes absolutely, the data provider is independentQuestion: When I want to get a detail of a Row in the Grid I am using AJAX. When I send a AJAX request it is binding the Grid once again. How to avoid itAnswer: use IfNotIsPostbackQuestion: Diff btw scriptmanger & ScriptproxyAnswer: scriptmanager proxy is for mastger pages and use define the actual scriptmanager in client pagesQuestion: can we put active x controls to upate panel?Answer: noQuestion: does AJAX makes my website slow?Answer: noQuestion: Can you please list set of controls that cannot be used inside update panel?Answer: treeview, validators, fileuploadQuestion: where and how can we configure timeout in web.config for the onTimeout functionAnswer: webservices timeoutQuestion: what is difference between authentication and authorizationAnswer: authentication is whether i can login to the site, authorization is what all i can do when i m logged inQuestion: where do i get the slides used in this presentationAnswer: it will be uploaded to virtual classroms site in a week timeQuestion: Are all ASP.Net 2.0 Controls suported under Ajax? If not, what are the   changes that we need to make in order for them to work? Can we build Custom Ajax controls implementing Basic Controls?Answer: yes, Extenders for custom ajax controls, not supported - treeview, validators, fileuploadQuestion: can we implement auto page update using AJAXAnswer: updatepanels and timercontrolQuestion: can i refresh only the single row of the grid with ajax?Answer: noQuestion: can we wite these ajax applications that we r writing in c# also in ?Answer: obviouslyQuestion: Is there any property to check whether it is partial postbackAnswer: IsasyncpostbackQuestion: If I am having a update panel which fires when a text box' change event triggers and this text box resides inside update panel. What will happen? Something like a infinite loop?Answer: yesQuestion: plz post the eval link in Q n A sectionAnswer: Will future release of VS.NET/ Framework replace AJAX?Answer: no, in fact with VS Orcas AJAX is improved as well as fully supportedQuestion: will it make my system slow?Answer: noQuestion: doe swebparts used inside updatepanelAnswer: webparts inside updapanel no noQuestion: using connection string in updatepanel in efficient then in class library to open and close the connectionAnswer: use class library and open and closeQuestion: Harish cud u tell us if Techmela would be helding at New Delhi or notAnswer: no it happens only in mumbaiQuestion: control we are not able to focus can we do it using focus control?Answer: There is no property like Isasyncpostback in Page Object. Is it in Page Object or in some other object?Answer: var obj = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance(); if (obj.get_isInAsyncPostBack()) obj.abortPostBack();Question: Can we call a server side function in cancel updateprogess()Answer: yes asynchronouslyQuestion: 'Filling one dropdown based on the selection of other' is this functionality possible in AJAX?Answer: tomnorrow we have the exact sample in toolkit sessionQuestion: can u please tell me ur Blog URL again??Answer: Nothing is being displayedAnswer: http://www.techmela.comQuestion: what happens to update panel when we use a back button of the browser?Answer: today its a little trickyQuestion: No. I want to check whether the page is postback in the server side not in the client sideAnswer: write to me your question clearly in mailQuestion: Will update panel support cross frame functionality? Can update panel in one frame communicate with the update panel in another frame?Answer: noQuestion: What are the Active x controlsAnswer: not relevantQuestion: Can you explain Login demo tomorrowAnswer: yesQuestion: does the AJAX uses XMLHttp Object to call server side componentsAnswer: yes internallyQuestion: Can we call any class method in Javascript using AJAX like we can do f  or webserviceAnswer: yesQuestion: can we use ajax to save,update and delete data or is it only for the dispalying of information?Answer: any operation as you would normaly do with server side methodsQuestion: Can we call multiple webservices at a time using AJAX.Answer: yesQuestion: Is there any way to convert ASP 1.0 web page to ASP2.0 Ajax unableAnswer: convert it first to 2.0 using visual studio 2005 and then add config settings to ajaxify the sameQuestion: is there a way to use validators inside update panelAnswer: currently noQuestion: Can we call any class method in Javascript using AJAX like we can do for webservice. Can u show us how we can call such methodAnswer: yesQuestion: I used Animation Extender in, it is working fine in IE 7 but it is not working in IE 6. Can you say the solution for that.Answer: no, check siteQuestion: thanks for the answer. so we cant go back to the previous state after the update panel is updatedAnswer: yesQuestion: can we get techmela sessions in microsoft web site for those people who cant attend at mumbaiAnswer: not sure as of nowQuestion: How we can call class method. Can you explain thisAnswer: we will see a sample tomorow, if we have time. too many examples though :)Question: Is there any entry fee for TechMela?Answer: yesQuestion: controls plased on page looks diiferntly on IE6 & IE7,also when i tried to use calender control it appears behind the dropdownAnswer: check and search for overrriding dropdown using divQuestion: I think due to AJAX the first time load of Hotmail is slow, if I clear my temp internet files.Answer: some thing related to connection, im getting it very fast hereQuestion: Is there any other way to use file upload control along with AJAX update panel?Answer: use it outisde panelQuestion: while i am writing code for auto suggest in ordinary java script i am getting a runtime error in java script in thelina document.getElementById( txtHint ).innerHTML=xmlHttp.responseText; why? can i impliment with ajax enabled web site with out that error?Answer: yes, wait for AutoCompleteExtender sample tomorowQuestion: does the daily online evaluation counts for our certification?Answer: yesQuestion: what is the use of _Appservice.axdAnswer: AXD is the handler for applicaiton servics - forms authentication, profile etc.,
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