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  Question: nothing is visibleAnswer: We are wroking on itQuestion: im unable to see the pageAnswer: we are working on itQuestion: In a page, if data grid is loading and till it fully loads, to show Loading .... message to user, Any control is available?Answer: put your grid inside updatepanel and create an updateprogress control with the loading... progress templateQuestion: On click of ok i want to run some code and on click of cancel i want to run some other code is it possible with extenders?Answer: On click of ok just implement Button_Click functionalityQuestion: how do we use cascadingdropdown control with the dataset?Do we need to use webservice even for the dataset?Answer: yes, since you are calling it asynchnouslyQuestion: can you please take an normal asp application and ajaxify and let us know the changes required inthe other pages like web.configAnswer: yes wait till i complete the questions on cascadig dfropdownQuestion: Certificate of Participation? How we will get that?Answer: hold on to hear from yogeshQuestion: what actually [web method] does?Answer: web method indicates it is a web serviceQuestion: How to fix the size of the AutoCompleteExtender control.Answer: what is the issue?Question: Can you add ajax in the existing application??Answer: we will see a sample on thisQuestion: If I put the Dropdownlist in Update panel and its is updated automatically by using autoupdatemode via database can we link that DropDownList to CascadingDropDown List?Answer: yesQuestion: What other controls can this cascading control be linked to?Answer: only dropdownlistQuestion: When do you uplaod these files?Answer: in a week timeQuestion: can we impliment cascading with sql?Answer: yesQuestion: From where to download Ajex ToolkitAnswer: http://ajax.asp.netQuestion: Can we also link to List boxAnswer: noQuestion: can u put this example on siteAnswer: yesQuestion: Why is the page level method called for the second drop downAnswer: to avoid directly calling the serviceQuestion: Not much clearAnswer: sorry about thatQuestion: Webservice is compelsary for Cascading Dropdown list example?Answer: yesQuestion: what is the benefit to create webmethod into your .cs fileAnswer: its a service broker, to call your serviceQuestion: Can you share the material or the code on the siteAnswer: yesQuestion: Can we Put the contentplaceholder inside the Update Panel in master page? Its working for me. Is there any known limitation for this ImplementationAnswer: please tell ur Blog URLAnswer: which is the actual DLL name for AJAX?Answer: System.Web.ExtensionsQuestion: can please tell a little on .axd handlers. Is that have major role in ajax  Answer: AXD handlers handlle scripthandlers for ajaxQuestion: Thanks very much for such information rich sessions...Answer: hrangan@microsoft.comQuestion: what is blog URLAnswer: http://www.techmela.comQuestion: how to use with normal datasetAnswer: thanksAnswer: welcomeQuestion: Thank you harishAnswer: welcomeQuestion: Thank You very much.Answer: welcomeQuestion: how do i receive my certificate? for these sessionsAnswer: check the time in 2 days time, to know about CertificateQuestion: certificate of participation?Answer: visit time in 2 days timeQuestion: ThanK You Sir?Answer: welcomeQuestion: Thank You Very Much Great JobAnswer: welcomeQuestion: When the winner is announcedAnswer: visit siteQuestion: thanks for such informative sessionAnswer: welcomeQuestion: welcomeAnswer: welcomeQuestion: where we ll get info abt participation certificateAnswer: in a week timeQuestion: thank u sirAnswer: welcomeQuestion: thank you very much for all the useful insight you have provided all these 5 daysAnswer: welcomeQuestion: Thank You for a wonderful sessionAnswer: welcomeQuestion: what is the gift for the contest and till what time it will be deliveredAnswer: keep visiting this page to get more informationQuestion: thanx a lot..A Eye opening Sessions....thanxAnswer: welcomeQuestion: Thank you sir..Answer: welcomeQuestion: Really nice Class. Thank for all your help to understand ASP.NET AJAXAnswer: welcomeQuestion: if we host any web appliaction which does not require webservice we can't use cascading dropdownlist?Answer: noQuestion: I hav updated my 3rd session Evalution But it will not become active why so?Answer: write to yogesh@timesus.netQuestion: wat is the url for todays contest and feedback?Answer: Thanks..Answer: wel;comeQuestion: Do we get any benefit like certificate etc. for attending the webcast from microsoft?  Answer: visit site in a week timeQuestion: can you please explain how to consume the webservices using ajax?Answer: get the download of the webcast in a weeks time to go through it once againQuestion: Would the question/ answers be also available for all sessionsAnswer: noQuestion: Webservice is compolsary for Cascading Dropdown list .. why ? how to use sql database instead xml fileAnswer: datasource can be changed to databaseQuestion: can we convert apication into ajaxAnswer: i just demoed the same. visit where i plan to post it in 2 days timeQuestion: how to get certification?Answer: visit site in a week timeQuestion: am not able to see the images of master page for login page(is a content of master page) when giving authorization deny users= ? ??Answer: use the locationpath and specify for masterpage, allow users=*Question: How to create Master Page?Answer: Add New - Master PageQuestion: Thanks a lot.I got some useful idea and ready to start using Microsoft AJAX.Answer: welcomeQuestion: does it mean that we can use more than one script manager proxy in a pageAnswer: noQuestion: please can you show an example of how to use javascript alertsAnswer: in which context?
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