ALCHEMICALLY PURIFIED and SOLIDIFIED MERCURY BY PETRI MURIEN ALCHEMICALLY PURIFIED and SOLIDIFIED MERCURY BY PETRI MURIEN Published In India by : RASA VIDYA MARG Copyright 1992 All rights reserved-No part of this text may be used without prior permission of the author. Processed & Printed at La screen, Chinchwad, Pune - 411 033. India Phones -91-0-212-754455, 754049. HISTORICAL ASPECTS For already three thousand years, the spiritual elite and the warrior caste of India have been using and handli
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  ALCHEMICALLY PURIFIED andSOLIDIFIED MERCURYBYPETRI MURIENALCHEMICALLY PURIFIED andSOLIDIFIED MERCURYBYPETRI MURIENPublished In India by : RASA IDYA MAR!C #y$i%h& '(() All $i%h&s $ese$*ed+N #a$& , &his &e-& .ay be used /i&h u& #$i $ #e$.issi n , &he au&h $0P$ 1essed 2 P$in&ed a& La s1$een3Chin1h/ad3 Pune + 4'' 5660 India Ph nes +('+5+)')+7844883 78454(0HISTORICAL ASPECTSF $ al$eady &h$ee &h usand yea$s3 &he s#i$i&ual eli&e and &he /a$$i $ 1as&e , India ha*e been usin% and handlin% al1he.i1ally #u$i,ied and s lidi,ied Me$1u$y0 The 9n /led%e , &he al1he.y , .e$1u$y3 a /ell+9e#& se1$e&3  bel n%ed & &he 1le$%y3 &he 9in%s and as1e&i1s in #a$&i1ula$3 in $de$ & #$ &e1& i&s # /e$s0The al1he.y , .e$1u$y3 be&&e$ 9n /n as &he .e$1u$ial sys&e.3 /as #e$,e1&ly .as&e$ed by Tibe&ans as /ell3 and Su,is3 /h /e$e .any in India as a 1 nse;uen1e , &he M %ul in*asi ns0 The blendin% , &hese di,,e$en& 1i*ili<a&i ns3 Tibe&an3 A$yan3 D$a*idian and M %ul 1$ea&ed in &he 1 un&$y 1alled India a . sai1 , $a1es /hi1h $e.ained *e$y dis&in1&0Ou& , &hese .any 1i*ili<a&i ns and s 1ie&ies3 di,,e$en& #hil s #hi1al sys&e.s e.e$%ed3 /hi1h /e$e , unded3 a& &hei$ u&se&3 u# n &he di$e1& unde$s&andin%3 #e$1e#&i n3 and 9n /led%e , ! d3 , His C$ea&i n /hi1h is &he Uni*e$se3 and , His 1 ns1i us and 1$ea&i*e Ene$%y .ani,es& in Na&u$e0The 9n /led%e a&&a1hed & &he #$a1&i1e , &his s1ien1e , ! d and Na&u$e is 1alled Al1he.y0 Al1he.y is &he uni*e$sal s1ien1e #a$ e-1ellen1e3 i& has been in&e$#$e&ed and 1 di,ied in& a #hil s #hi1al sys&e. /hi1h3 &h$ u%h u& 1en&u$ies3 has unde$% ne &he in,luen1e , *a$i us his& $i1al 1i*ili<a&i ns & %i*e bi$&h & di,,e$en& .edi1al sys&e.s0Du$in% &he Chal1 li&hi1al #e$i ds3 #$i $ & edi1 &i.es3 e-is&ed3 in an1ien& India3 a Tan&$i1 Shi*ai&e sys&e.0 I& /as ,i$.ly es&ablished as is indi1a&ed by &he .any a$1hae l %i1al dis1 *e$ies n &he si&es , M hend= da$ and Ha$a##a in & day>s Pa9is&an0 This Tan&$i1 sys&e. s#$ead3 b$an1hed u& and .a&u$ed in *a$i us and $e.a$9able /ays : /e 1an ,ind i& in &he Tibe&an Tan&$i1 sys&e.3 in &he Shi*ais. , ?ash.i$ in N $&he$n India and in &he Shi*ais. , &he D$a*idian S u&h0 F ll /in% &he %$ea&Al1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e 'A$yan .i%$a&i ns /hi1h 11u$$ed in &he N $&he$n #a$& , &he 1 un&$y3 a line , &h u%h& e.e$%ed u& , all &hese en1 un&e$s be&/een &he di,,e$en& s#i$i&ual sys&e.s & #en &he edi1 #e$i d3 /hi1h %a*e bi$&h & &he ,a. us .edi1al sys&e. , &he Indian Ayu$*eda0 This sys&e. s&ill #$ed .ina&es in India & day0Mu1h la&e$3 &he M %ul+isla.i1 1i*ili<a&i n /hi1h in*aded &he N $&he$n #a$& , &he 1 un&$y and es&ablished i&sel, &he$e %a*e bi$&h & an e;ui*alen& .edi1al sys&e.3 &he Unani sys&e.0I& /as ,&en 1lai.ed3 /$ n%ly3 &ha& Indians b&ained &hei$ 9n /led%e , al1he.y and .edi1ine ,$ . &he A$abs0 In0 ,a1&3 e*en &h u%h &he A$abs de*el #ed a *e$y ad*an1ed .e&allu$%y3 Indians had n &hin% & en*y &he. in &his d .ain0 Ob=e1&s and a.ule&s .ade , s lidi,ied .e$1u$y /e$e , und in &he a$1hae l %i1al si&e , M hend= da$ 3 /hi1h #$ *es &ha& an1ien& 1i*ili<a&i ns , &he Indus *alley al$eady # ssessed a *e$y % d 9n /led%e , al1he.y and , .ine$al and .e&alli1 .edi1ines0The S u&he$n #a$& , India3 /hi1h $e.ained D$a*idian3 %a*e bi$&h & &he Siddha sys&e. /hi1h .eans &he #e$,e1& sys&e.The Tibe&an sys&e. i&sel, 1ann & $eally be di,,e$en&ia&ed ,$ . &he Indian sys&e.3 be1ause Tibe&3 &h$ u%h u& 1en&u$ies3 a1&ually se$*ed as a sa,e , $ India3 s & s#ea90 As a .a&&e$ , ,a1&3 Tibe& /as &he s&$a&e%i1 de# si& $y , es &e$i1is. and s#i$i&uali&y3 as3 du$in% &he &$ ubled & , Isla.i1 in*asi ns3 &he Indians en&$us&ed and de# si&ed &hei$ 9n /led%e , 11ul& s1ien1e in &his 1 un&$y3 in $de$ & #$ese$*e i& ,$ . des&$u1&i n0 F $ &his $eas n3 /e sh uld n & be su$#$ised , &he na$$ / lin9 uni&in% Indian and Tibe&an &$adi&i ns0Thus3 &he , u$ .edi1al sys&e.s : &he Tibe&an3 Ayu$*edi13 Unani and Siddha #$esen& a$ , 1 .. n # in&s3  be1ause &hey a$e , u$ 1hild$en , al1he.y0 In ,a1&3 &hey a$eAl1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$y.ainly &he &he$a#eu&i1al and .edi1al a##li1a&i ns , al1he.y3 be&&e$ 9n /n as s#a%y$i1s0THE IMPORTANCE OF MERCURY IN THE SIDDHA3 AYUREDIC3 TIBETAN AND UNANI SYSTEMS@hen /e s&udy and 1 .#a$e &he , u$ .edi1al sys&e.s3 /e be1 .e a/a$e &ha& &hei$ $es#e1&i*e #ha$.a1 # eia e-hibi& 1 .. n ,ea&u$es3 es#e1ially in &he d .ain , .e&alli1 $ .ine$al #$e#a$a&i ns0 All s& nes and all .e&als a$e #u& & use3 all # is ns 1an be #u$i,ied and e-al&ed3 and , all .e&als3 .e$1u$y al/ays has &he ,i$s& #la1e0  Me$1u$y had been s9il,ully used l n% be, $e &hese sys&e.s 1a.e in& bein%0 I&s use /as &he #$i*ile%e , bein%s /h lead an inne$ ;ues&3 , $ i&s in&ense ene$%y has a %$ea& a,,ini&y /i&h Man>s di*ine ene$%y3 1alled ?undalini /hi1h is d $.an& a& &he le*el , &he 1 11y-0 Ce$&ain se1$e& &$adi&i ns and s1h ls , Y %a used al1he.i1al .e$1u$y & a/a9en and a.#li,y &his ?undalini3 .an>s ,unda.en&al ene$%y0 Th$ u%h &his a/a9enin% and a.#li,i1a&i n3 1e$&ain s#i$i&ual a11 .#lish.en&s and 1e$&ain 11ul& # /e$s 1 uld be .ani,es&ed0 Many &e1hni;ues & &his e,,e1& a$e s&ill 9n /n , $ e-a.#le3 by $ubbin% &he hands /i&h a .e$1u$ial #as&e s#e1i,i1ally  #$e#a$ed3 &he se#a$a&i n , &he as&$al b dy /as #e$, $.ed in $de$ & 1 n*in1e nesel, , &he e-is&en1e , &he . $e sub&le / $lds and , &he 1 n&inua&i n , li,e a,&e$ &he #hysi1al b dy has died0 Al1he.i1al .e$1u$y is an in&e$.edia&$y be&/een &he #hysi1al and &he sub&le #lanes i& is a *ehi1le3 a 9ey0 This #e$1e#&i n , .e$1u$y e-#lains /hy used i& & se#a$a&e &he s ul , &he$ .e&als $ .ine$als and as &hei$ *ehi1le as /ell0 F $ &his sa.e $eas n3 &he An1ien&s $e%a$ded Me$1u$y as &he .essen%e$ , &he ! ds0In India3 &he &$adi&i nal li&e$a&u$e is abundan& ab u& al1he.i1al .e$1u$y and &he .any /ays i& 1an be #$e#a$ed and handled0 Many 1lassi1al / $9s #$aise s lidi,ied .e$1u$y3 and e-# und &he *a$i us #$ 1esses , #u$i,i1a&i n and s lidi,i1a&i n & #e$,e1& i& in& an e-al&ed essen1eAl1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e 6 $ eli-i$ /hi1h 1an % as ,a$ as 1 n,e$ 1e$&ain # /e$s & i&s use$0 @ $9s su1h as &he Rasa$na*a9al#a $ &he Rasesha*a$a+Da$sana #a$&i1ula$ly e.#hasi<e &he /ays , b&ainin% &he #sy1hi1 # /e$s /hi1h all /s &he a&&ain.en& , &he #e$,e1&i n , Man and , .e&als0 The Ha&ha Y %a P$adi#i9a &ells us ab u& 1e$&ain # /e$s b&ained in a .anne$3 /hi1h uni&es &he 9n /led%e , b$ea&h & &ha& , .e$1u$y : & 1 n&$ l ne>s b$ea&hin% /hile 9ee#in% a ball , .e$1u$y in &he . u&h0 A1&ually3 i, /e /e$e & ;u &e i, nly &he &i&les , &hese an1ien& / $9s &ha& deal /i&h &he #$e#a$a&i n , .e$1u$y and i&s use3 /e / uld need an en&i$e b 90In s&udyin% &hese &e-&s3 i& 1 .es & u$ a&&en&i n &ha& .e$1u$y /as ,i$s& used in 11ul&3 es &e$i1 and hi%hly s#i$i&ual % als3 and /as &he #$i*ile%e , a s le .in $i&y $ eli&e0 Only la&e$ i& be1a.e a .edi1ine , $ hu.ani&y as a /h le3 u# n &he a##ea$an1e , &he *a$i us .edi1al sys&e.s .en&i ned ab *e0 @e sh uld s&$ess &his # in& , $ i&is ,unda.en&al : &he$e a$e &/ le*els , use , al1he.i1al .e$1u$y3 an es &e$i1 le*el3 his& $i1ally &he lde$3 a& s#i$i&uali&y3 and &he e- &e$i1 le*el3 /hi1h a##ea$s si.ul&ane usly /i&h &he &$adi&i nal .edi1al sys&e.s3 , /hi1h &he ai. is healin% n &he #hysi1al3 .en&al and s#i$i&ual #lanes0A. n% &he .any / $9s , Indian .edi1ine %l $i,yin% .e$1u$y3 le& us n &e in #a$&i1ula$ : &he Rasa+ala+Nidhi3 1 .#iled in ,i*e * lu.es3 ne , /hi1h is en&i$ely de* &ed & .e$1u$ial #$e#a$a&i ns3 &he Sush$u&a Sa.hi&a3 and &he Cha$a9a Sa.hi&a /hi1h $e19 ns /i&h &he b$i%h&es& a1hie*e.en&s , &he ayu$*edi1 sys&e.0 Ye&3 i& is in S u&h India &ha& .e$1u$y 11u#ies &he , $e. s& #la1e3 /he$e al1he.y has been . $e b$illian&ly #e$,e1&ed0 Un, $&una&ely , $ us3 &his sys&e. $e.ained un$e1 %ni<ed , $ &he ade#&s3 ,a&he$s , &his s1ien1e Siddhas3 i.# sed se1$e1y n &hei$ dis1i#les 1 nse;uen&ly &his &$adi&i n su,,e$ed bli*i n0 Des#i&e &his %ene$al bli%a&i n & se1$e1y3 &he 9n /led%eAl1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e 4 , &he Siddha+sys&e. has been 1 .#iled in .any b 9s0 This Siddha+sys&e. $ #e$,e1& sys&e. is als 1alled &he 9al#a sys&e.3 /hi1h .eans &he sys&e. , $e%ene$es1en1e0@HAT IS MERCURYIn$y3 .e$1u$y is des1$ibed as a *e$y hea*y li;uid .e&al3 &he hea*ies& a,&e$ % ld0 I&s 1he.i1al sy.b l is H%3 ,$ . &he %$ee9 Hyd$a$%y$u. /hi1h .eans li;uid sil*e$3 $ ;ui19 sil*e$3 i&s a& .i1$ is 5 &his ele.en& 1ann & be di*ided0 I& is dis&illed a& 675GC bu& 1an * la&ili<e *e$y sl /ly in a *en&ila&ed l 1a&i n unde$ &he sun>s hea&0 I& is a & -i1 subs&an1e3 /hi1h $ende$s i&s use di,,i1ul&0 I& /as used du$in% &he Middle A%es & 1u$e *ene$eal diseases3 bu& i& /as #$ %$essi*ely dis1a$ded by &he .edi1al b dy due & i&s & -i1i&y3 , $ /an& , 9n /in% h / & #$e#a$e i& al1he.i1ally3 as .an dis1a$ds & easily /ha& he d es n & 9n / $ d es n & unde$s&and0 In &$u&h3 i& is # ssible & .a9e .e$1u$y in& a 1 .#le&ely n n & -i1 and #u$e subs&an1e ,$ . a  # is n /e .a9e a ne1&a$ /hi1h 1an &hen be used /i&h u& $is9 n $ dan%e$3 1 n*e$sely i& be1 .es a %enuine eli-i$ , $ /h e*e$ uses i&0 T %$as# &he $e.a$9able # &en&ial , &his s&unnin% .e&al3 /e need & 1 nside$ .e$1u$y in i&s al1he.i1al as#e1&3 and &his 1alls , $ a #$eli.ina$y unde$s&andin% , /ha& al1he.y is0$y3 s lely .a&e$ialis&i13 d es n & a19n /led%e &he 1 n1e#& , 1 ns1i usness as &he $i%in , &he uni*e$se3 i& $e%a$ds 1 ns1i usness as a by+#$ du1& , .a&&e$3 /he$eas al1he.y is ,i$s& 1 n1e$ned /i&h &he s#i$i&uali&y , .a&&e$3 and sees &he la&&e$ as di*ine3 1 nside$in% i& e.ana&es ,$ . &he uni*e$sal 1 ns1i usness0 @e 1an see &ha& &he &/ sys&e.s a$e # les a#a$&0 The ,i$s&3$y3 nly 1 nside$s $eal /ha& is *isible3 & u1hable3 in &he$ / $ds  #e$1e#&ible by &he senses &he se1 nd3 al1he.y3 &a9es as *e$y $eal3 e*en ,unda.en&al3 #$i. $dial3 &he 1 s.i1 , $1es /hi1h , $ .an .ani,es& &he *isible / $lds3 &he / $ld , his #e$1e#&i ns0 Al1he.y $e%a$ds .an as .ade , s#i$i& /hi1h &hi19ens in& Al1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%eS  a s ul /hi1h in &u$n 1 n&$a1&s ,u$&he$ d /n in& a b dy$y3 n &he &he$ hand3 nly sees &he b dy and 1 nside$s &ha& 1 ns1i usness nly e.ana&es ,$ . &he b$$y is ,i$s& , all .a&e$ialis&i1 and d es n & a11e#& .an>s i.. $&ali&y al1he.y is ,i$s& and , $e. s& s#i$i&ual0ABOUT ALCHEMY IN !ENERAL : Ins&ead , bein% /i&ness , &he uni*e$se3 /e a$e i&s #e$, $.e$s and ea1h ne , us de1 des i& a11 $din% & ne>s /n li.i&a&i ns3 ne>s /n 1 n1e#&s and ne>s /n /$ n% unde$s&andin%s0 This is &he s u$1e , u$ .ise$y0 The . $e a #e$s n s&$i*es & s& # his #e$s nal in&e$#$e&a&i ns in $de$ & $e%ain balan1e in his #e$1e#&i n as &he @i&ness3 /hi1h enables hi. & aband n his li.i&a&i ns3 &he . $e he #ens u# & a / $ld , a 9n /led%e in,ini&ely . $e $eal /hi1h is na&u$ally and s# n&ane usly $e*ealed & hi.0 Al1he.i1al %n sis is &he s1ien1e #a$ e-1ellen1e & /hi1h ne sh uld $aise u# nesel,0 I& nei&he$ de#ends u# n n $ bel n%s & a s#e1i,i1 e# 1h0 I& is &he s1ien1e , Na&u$e /hi1h #lays and .ani,es&s &h$ u%h u& C$ea&i n0 I&s #hil s #hi1al , unda&i n is a sys&e. , &h u%h& in /hi1h &he 1$ea&i*e ene$%y , &he Uni*e$se is an in&elli%en& , $1e /hi1h e&e$nally i.#le.en&s &he &$i#le #$ 1ess , e.ana&i n3 #$ese$*a&i n and $eabs $#&i n , &he 1 s. s0 This &$i#le ,un1&i n /hi1h $ules u$ en&i$e e-is&en1e is 1alled &he Mys&e$y , T$ini&y0 I& su## $&s &he a%%l .e$a&e , &he , u$ ele.en&s3 Ai$3 Fi$e3 @a&e$ and Ea$&h3 /hi1h 1ause &he a##ea$an1e , &he / $ld0The 9n /led%e , &he al1he.i1al s1ien1e is nly a*ailable & &h se /h de* &e &hei$ li*es & 1 n&e.#la&i n and / $shi#3 & &he s&udy and unde$s&andin% , &he la/s , na&u$e and3 in &he 1 u$se , &i.e3 &his &$adi&i n has been &$ans.i&&ed &h$ u%h an unin&e$$u#&ed linea%e ,$ . Mas&e$ & dis1i#le0 @i&h &he aid , &his 9n /led%e i& be1 .es  # ssible , $ .an & s&udy and unde$s&and .a&&e$3 /hi1h all /s hi. & analyse i&s &e$na$y se#a$a&i n in a *e$yAl1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e  #$ , und and in&i.a&e /ay3 & &hen $e1 ns&$u1& i& in ne/ subs&an1es . $e n ble and . $e #e$,e1&0 Al1he.y &hus ,,e$s a # &en&ial , $ unde$s&andin% in,ini&ely . $e *as& &han 1 n&e.# $a$y$y 1 uld e*e$ ,,e$0 I& $e1 n1iles s1ien1e3 #hil s #hy and .ys&i1is. i& is &he s1ien1e , &he s#i$i&ual ,u&u$e as .u1h s as i& has been &he s1ien1e , &he #as&0Al1he.y &hus 1 nside$s &ha& &he .a&e$ials , &he &h$ee $eal.s: ani.al3 *e%e&able and .ine$al a$e .ade u# , s#i$i&3 s ul and b dy and &his &$iad $ T$ini&y .ani,es&s &h$ u%h &he , u$ Ele.en&s0 The Ele.en&s , $. all / $ldsa. n% /hi1h is u$s3 1alled &he .a1$ 1 s.0 Ou$ s la$ sys&e. is 1 .# sed , se*e$al hea*enly b dies3 $  #lane&s3 a. n% /hi1h a$e &he &/ lu.ina$ies3 &he Sun and &he M n3 and u# n /hi1h /e en&i$ely de#end , $ su$*i*al0 E*e$y ne 9n /s &ha& &he M n %i*es $hy&h. & &he &ides and &ha& /i&h u& &he sun e*e$y&hin% / uld die0 Ou$ li,e is en&i$ely in,luen1ed and 1 n&$ lled by &he hea*enly b dies /hi1h $ule u$ s la$ sys&e.0 As&$ l %y has $i%ina&ed in &his unde$s&andin%3 and i, i& is &$ue &ha& a .an a& bi$&h is sub=e1&ed & &he in,luen1es , &he  #lane&s a11 $din% & &hei$ # si&i ns in &hei$ $bi&s3 s i& is /i&h #lan&s and .ine$als0F $ 1en&u$ies #lan&s ha*e been 1lassi,ied by b &anis& and by s#a%y$is&s a11 $din% &he #lane&s & /hi1h&hey 1 $$es# nd0 These 1lassi,i1a&i ns ha*e been es&ablished a,&e$ an e-&ensi*e s&udy , &he beha*i u$ , ea1h  #lan&0 An abundan& li&e$a&u$e n &his sub=e1& is . $e *e$ a& &he dis# sal $ $esea$1he$s0us& li9e #lan&s and ani.als3 &he .ine$als , /hi1h .e&als a$e a #a$&3 1 $$es# nd in &hei$ e* lu&i ns & ne , &he se*en #lane&s , u$ s la$ sys&e.0 Thus3 % ld is ass 1ia&ed /i&h &he Sun3 sil*e$ /i&h &he M n3 .e$1u$y /i&h Me$1u$y3 1 ##e$ /i&h enus3 i$ n /i&h Ma$s3 &in /i&h u#i&e$ and lead /i&h Sa&u$n0 N &e h /e*e$ &ha& .e$1u$y h lds a s#e1ial #la1e a. n% &he se*en .e&als3 , $ i& is &hei$ $i%in0Al1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e 7On1e /e 9n / h / & al1he.i1ally #en a .e&al3 i& be1 .es easy & *e$i,y n u$ /n &he *e$a1i&y , &his s&a&e.en&3 , $ all .e&als du$in% &hei$ disse1&i n libe$a&e a .e$1u$ial s#i$i&3 a sul#hu$ us ily s ul and a saline andea$&hly b dy0 These &h$ee #$in1i#les , Me$1u$y3 Sul#hu$ and Sal& 1 ns&i&u&e &he T$ini&y , al1he.y and 1 n&ain &he , u$ Ele.en&s in # 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ssible and &his s&a&e.en& 1an &he$e, $e be *e$i,ied0 I& has been bse$*ed &ha& s .e .e$1u$y 1 uld e*en be e-&$a1&ed ,$ . i$ n3 a .e&al $a&he$  # $ in .e$1u$y and n &his sub=e1&3 /e sh uld n &e &ha& al&h u%h3 a. n% &he se*en .e&als3 i$ n is said & be &he nly ne &ha& 1ann & be diss l*ed in .e$1u$y3 /e a,,i$. &ha& &his is+n & en&i$ely &$ue3 , $ i$ n 1an be diss l*ed in .e$1u$y #$ *ided /e 9n / h / & #$e#a$e &he la&&e$ and s&a$*e i& , $ &his #$ 1ess0  @e 1an unde$s&and &h$ u%h u$ / $9 in &he lab $a& $y &ha& all &he se*en #$in1i#al .e&als 1 n&ain .e$1u$y /i&hin&he.0 On1eAl1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$yPa%e 4&his # in& is .ade 1lea$3 /e .us& n / unde$s&and &he , $.a&i n and e* lu&i n , &he .e&als /i&hin &he ea$&h3 &hei$ $ela&i nshi#s /i&h &he di,,e$en& #lane&s and &hei$ 1 .. n $i%in in .e$1u$y0 In Al1he.y3 /e $e%a$d .e$1u$y $ ;ui19sil*e$ as a .e&alli1>seed3 &he s#e$. , all .e&als3 &hei$ $i%in3 and % ld as &he end , &hei$ e* lu&i n0 S .e&alness be%ins /i&h .e$1u$y and ends /i&h % ld3 /hi1h is a .e$1u$y and a sul#hu$ b$ u%h& & a #e$,e1& di%es&i n3 .a&u$a&i n and #e$,e1&i n0 Me$1u$y and % ld a$e &he &/ # les , &he .e&alli1 $eal.0F$ . &he de#&hs , &he ea$&h $ises a .e&alli1 *a# u$ /hi1h 1 .es ,$ . a l n% 1 n1 1&i n , &he ele.en&s in ,usi n0 Risin% & /a$d &he ea$&h>s 1$us&3 &his *a# u$ 1 ls d /n and 1 ndenses in& a .e&alli1 /a&e$ : $udi.en&a$y.e$1u$y0 In &he ea$&h e-is&s a 1e$&ain sal& /hi1h is &he . &he$ , all sal&s0 This sal&3 by i&s s le , $1e3 1 9s3 diss l*es3 di%es&s and 1 a%ula&es ,$ . &he ea$&h3 i& e-&$a1&s i&s %$easy #a$&3 i&s sul#hu$ us essen1e and uni&es /i&h i& in a /a&e$ /hi1h 1an be $i%h&ly 1alled &he bl d , &he ea$&h0 This n u$ishin%3 #ene&$a&in% /a&e$ is ei&he$ $isin% and ,eedin% &he *e%e&able 9in%d .3 $ % in% d /n &h$ u%h &he ,issu$es and / $9in% in &he .ine$al 9in%d .0 @hen &his /a&e$ en1 un&e$s &he .e$1u$ial *a# u$s i& 1 n%eals &he. $i%h& a/ay & , $. a 1 .bina&i n , .e$1u$y3 sul#hu$ and sal&0 De#endin% u# n &he #u$i&y3 &he hea& and hu.idi&y , &he .a&$i-3 &ha& is , &he %$ und in /hi1h &his 1 .bina&i n is , und3 di,,e$en& .e&als /ill a##ea$ a,&e$ &he $e;ui$ed di%es&i n &i.e0 F $ e-a.#le3 in a %$ und &ha& 1 n&ains a *e$y #u$e $ed sul#hu$3 and is su,,i1ien&ly /a$.3 &he us s la$ #a$&i1les/ill ,i- and .a&u$e in &his .e$1u$y+sul#hu$+sal& 1 .bina&i n and &he /h le &hin% /ill *e$y sl /ly 1 a%ula&e in& % ld0 In a %$ und /hi1h 1 n&ains a #u$e /hi&e sul,u$ bu& la19s hea&3 &he us luna$ #a$&i1les /ill .a&u$e and &hus sil*e$ /ill , $.0 In a %$ und , *e$y 1 ld na&u$e /hi1h 1 n&ains a d$ ss sul#hu$3 &he us #a$&i1les , Sa&u$n /ill .a&u$e and &hus lead /ill , $.0 I& is &he sa.e #$ 1ess /i&h all &he .e&als and &he us .a&&e$ , &he 1 $$es# ndin%Al1he.i1ally Pu$i,ied 2 S lidi,ied Me$1u$y #lane&s This all /s us & unde$s&and &ha& &he ;uali&y , &he %$ und in /hi1h &he .e$1u$y+sul#hu$+sal& 1 .bina&i n is , und3 /ill in,luen1e &his 1 .bina&i n &h$ u%h i&s .a%ne&i1 , $1es and &$ans, $. i&0 The %$ und , &he ea$&h3 by &he .a%ne&i1 *i$&ue /hi1h i& /es & &he sal&3 a&&$a1&s3 $e1ei*es and 1 a%ula&es &he sub&le and s#e1i,i1 us .a&&e$ , a #lane&3 in a11 $dan1e /i&h &hei$ s#e1i,i1 and sub&le a,,ini&ies0@e 1an &hen 1 n1lude &ha& .e$1u$y is &he .e&alli1 se.en /hi1h is & be1 .e su1h $ su1h a s#e1i,i1 .e&ai a11 $din% & &he ;uali&y , &he %$ und3 , &he .a&$i- /he$e &he diss l*ed sul#hu$ i& en1 un&e$s is l 1a&ed3 & , $. a s#e1i,i1 ea$&hly .a%ne& /hi1h /ill a&&$a1& i&s 1eles&ial h . l %ue0 @e unde$s&and h / &he se*en .e&als 1 $$es# nd & &he se*en #lane&s , u$ s la$ sys&e.0 I, /e #u$sue u$ al1he.i1al s&udy , .e$1u$y3 i& be1 .es b*i us &ha& &his li;uid .e&al3 &his .e&alli1 se.en .ay be1 .e &he$ .e&als &h$ u%h ada#&a&i n3 in &he$ @ $ds3 i& has in i&sel, &he n n+.ani,es&ed # 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