Alexandru BRAN - Canada Warms Up

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  Alexandru BRANMaster: Traducere si terminologie juridica, an II Canada warms up  by Jancis RobinsonThere were more imressi!e whites than reds but than#s to climate change redsare no longer ale aologies $or wineI%m well used to wine being deli!ered by casually dressed couriers, but one morninglast No!ember two substantial men in suits arri!ed on my doorste& They loo#ed li#eMormon missionaries, and they assured me that they too had some wine $or me& '(ome) turned out to be se!en large cases containing *+ bottles o$ anadian wine,deli!ered by o$$icials $rom the anadian -igh ommission, no less& Because I%mudating a boo# and needed to re!isit my #nowledge o$ anadian wine, I had'reached out), as common arlance now has it, to Janet .oro/yns#i whosego!ernment job in anada is to ad!ance the cause o$ anadian alcoholic drin#s& I$ you were hosted by a anadian o$$icial at .a!os this year, your hooch will ha!e beenchosen by Janet& -er tas# $or me was to choose wines she thought would demonstratethe rogress anadian !intners ha!e been ma#ing recently&0i#e any go!ernment o$$icial, she could not show geograhical $a!ouritism, so the bottles included not only do/ens $rom each o$ the two major wine1roducing ro!inces, 2ntario and British olumbia, but also what she rec#oned were the best$erments o$ 3uebec and No!a (cotia& 4Actually, I susect that the !ery best $ermentso$ 3uebec may not be based on graes at all but on ales i$ 0educ15iedimonte%ssweet Ice ider is anything to go by&6 The 7rench1sea#ing ro!ince is clearly a bittoo cold $or most 8uroean !ines but o$ the three 3uebecois examles deli!ered I was9uite imressed by an exensi!ely oa#ed, mature dry ++; white $rom .omaine 0esBrome based on the hybrid grae <idal&As $or the $our examles $rom No!a (cotia, or 'Nou!elle1=cosse), I could see strong arallels with 8nglish wine 4cool Atlantic1in$luenced climate, high acid6& The>asereau, ?arner%s <ineyard +@@ dry Riesling, had more Riesling character than Iha!e e!er tasted in my nati!e land while Benjamin Bridge%s traditional method $i//was cris and su$$iciently well made&The majority o$ my $a!ourite wines 4see below6 had come all the way $rom Britisholumbia in western anada and I $ound them articularly well 4and sometimeswittily6 ac#aged& -a!ing not !isited wine country in B and 2ntario $or some years,I can reort that the wines made in both ro!inces ha!e imro!ed considerably&2!erall there were more imressi!e whites than reds but resumably than#s toclimate change reds are no longer ale aologies $or wine, e!en in 2ntario wheresummers tend to be cooler than in British olumbia& 4B%s wine country is semi1desert and the reds can be straing& The only roblem is the short growing seasonand some retty se!ere winters&6 My three $a!ourite reds, all $rom B%s sectacular 2#anagan <alley, were wittily named and !ery di$$erent& hurch  (tate somehowmanaged to roduce a luscious oyote Bowl ++ (yrah that tastes stunningly,recognisably o$ the north RhCne%s grae but is not o!erly mar#ed by the Americanoa# in which it was aarently matured& 0aughing (toc# <ineyards% 5ort$olioBordeaux blend, another roduct o$ the ++ summer, is erhas less unusual in howit tastes, but comes in a cunningly etched bottle& And Joie 5T> +@+ was erhas thesingle most srcinal wine o$ the entire shiment, a blend o$ >amay and 5inot Noir  @  Alexandru BRANMaster: Traducere si terminologie juridica, an II that emulates Burgundy%s 5assetoutgrains blend, which has been coming out o$ theshadows recently, not least because o$ rising temeratures& >lobal warming has been imacting on anada%s most $amous wine style& 8arlier thismonth, a$ter some nail1biting, B !intners did manage to ic# some Icewine, $ro/engraes that are ressed to roduce sweet wine& But the total !olume roducedcontinues to $all as temeratures rise& 7or many years exensi!e and o$ten tiny bottleso$ Icewine were anadian roducers% ride and joy something they could reliably roduce e!ery year and which ha!e ro!ed extremely lucrati!e in Asian mar#ets in articular& I$ temeratures continue to rise, howe!er, Icewine may become more o$ anoccasional bonus as in >ermany& I must say that I was not esecially imressed bythe three Icewines included in my consignment, although again the 7rench hybrid<idal seemed at home in eastern anada and the +@+ <idal Icewine $rom secialist5eller o$ Niagara was er$ectly resectable e!en i$ not esecially rich or comlex&I was seriously imressed, howe!er, by se!eral dry Rieslings, not least those o$ Tantalus in B, and by a relati!ely early hardonnay o$$ering $rom the admiredanadian winema#er Thomas Bachelder who now, ambitiously, ma#es a hardonnayin each o$ 2ntario, 2regon and what he erhas ought to call 2%Burgundy to ma#e ua neat set o$ initials& 4It would surely be more con!enient $or him to choose a southernhemishere region whose har!est is at a di$$erent time o$ year& 2tago erhas&6There was a resectable 2ntario $i//, and things generally loo# set $air $or anada%smost ambitious wine roducers excet that they still ha!e to sell mainly in theli9uor stores that generate so much cash $or ro!incial monoolies such as 2ntario%s0B2& -ere anada%s best wines, designated <3A, are in cometition with !erymuch cheaer roducts that, desite a considerable hullabaloo in ++, are stilllabelled con$usingly& ?hat would you understand by an 'International anadianBlend)D This is the term that has succeeded 'ellared in anada) $or li9uids made uo$ grae juice, grae concentrate and wine imorted $rom where!er can suly mostchealy together with a bit o$ the most basic anadian wine, tyically made $romthe hybrids not allowed in <3A wines& Aarently in the trade they are #nown as IBs& I%d suggest this might stand $or 'incold blood)& The wine regulators and the anadian brand owners who bottle these roducts may not be committing murder but they seem to me to be decei!ing thewine1buying ublic into thin#ing that all these concoctions are made $rom the$ermented juice o$ $reshly ic#ed graes the de$inition o$ 'wine) that is commonlyacceted outside anada& 4(ource: The 7inancial Times, * January +@E6   Alexandru BRANMaster: Traducere si terminologie juridica, an II The text starts o$$ with a minor cultural stereotye& The wine exert thought the 'two substantian men in suits) were Mormon missionaries, being used to wine deli!ered by casually dressed curriers&-owe!er, a model o$ needs, osed by sychologist Abraham Maslow bac# inthe @*+s, has had a long1term imact on our ways o$ identi$ying and lin#ing needs toidentity as well as the way others in articular ad!ertisers ha!e targeted thoseneeds& According to Maslow, needs moti!ate& This is also the case in the text& Theneed to 'demonstrate the rogress anadian !intners ha!e been ma#ing recently)dri!es go!ernment o$$icial Janet .oro/yns#i to reach1out to a wine exert& (he alsodemonstrates $reedom $rom danger, ma#ing sure that she%s not showing 'geograhical$a!oritism) 4'the bottles included not only do/ens $rom each o$ the two major wine1 roducing ro!inces, 2ntario and British olumbia, but also what she rec#oned werethe best $erments o$ 3uebec and No!a (cotia)6& 7or most o$ us, deserate hunger o$ thirst is li#ely to sub!ert all other needs&But once we ha!e eaten and drun# our $ill, they cease to be a source o$ moti!ation& Inthis case, the moti!ation is the need to $urther ad!ertise and demonstrate the rogresso$ anadian wine& They were secure, yet stri!ed to achie!e& This gi!es them sel$1satis$action, but it also wins them esteem, arising out o$ the way others ercei!e them,and treat them or their culture& Tyically, anada%s most #nown wine style is Icewine4$ro/en graes that are ressed to roduce sweet wine6, but it was a$$ected by globalwarming& The total !olume roduced continued to $all as the temeratures rose& Thisdidn%t a$$ect their morale, on the contrary, it heled moti!ate them to de!elo their other wine styles& And, as shown in the text, their e$$orts were rewarded 4'reds are nolonger ale aologies $or wine)6&5ositi!e $eedbac# is areciated and o$ten relied on& 0oss o$ $eedbac#  reward, raise, ac#nowledgement may mean loss o$ moti!ation& This could a$$ectyour ersonal con$idence, ma#ing it dro dramatically or see away& In order to re!ent this $rom haening, the anadian o$$icial, made sure that she hand1ic#ed *+ bottles o$ anada%s most romising, high19uality wine to be re!iewed by the exert&4'&&&what she rec#oned were the best $erments o$ 3uebec and No!a (cotia&)6Resonses li#e 'I was seriously imressed), 'I was 9uite imressed) and 'I$ound them articularly well 4and sometimes wittily6 ac#aged) hel rein$orce their sel$1esteem and ele!ate their ersonal con$idence& It was needed in order to be assuredo$ their wine 9uality& E  Alexandru BRANMaster: Traducere si terminologie juridica, an II The imortance o$ ersonal $reedom is gi!en secial emhasis by Maslow& InMoti!ation and 5ersonality he writes o$ F$reedom to sea#, $reedom to do what onewishes so long as no harm is done to others, $reedom to exress onesel$, $reedom toin!estigate and see# $or in$ormation, $reedom to de$end onesel$% 4@*G6& -e is o$ theoinion that F(ecrecy, censorshi, dishonesty, bloc#ing o$ communication threatensall the basic needs%& -a!ing laced a human !alue on $reedom, eole at their sel$ actuali/ing best will struggle to de$end and $urther this and other higher order needssuch as $airness and justice&Het eole are not always at their best& Maslow obser!es that in times o$ insecurity, social, cultural, olitical or economical, a rocess o$ regression is li#ely tota#e lace, o$ retreating $rom higher order asirations to attitudes and beha!iour dominated by sel$1reser!ation& 5roagandists ha!e long understood how insecurityand $ear in the oulation can be maniulated, to the oint where $airness and justiceare no longer recogni/able&In my ersonal exerience there are two rimary reasons why we see# recognition:@& Our drive to have positive impact & It%s imortant and natural $or us to#now whether we are truly ma#ing a di$$erence& Redemption & ?e try to redeem oursel!es $or ha!ing $ailed to get thea$$ection, !alidation or the recognition that we needed when we were younger byha!ing a ositi!e imact on the world& It turns into the #ind o$ attention1see#ing thatirritates others and it becomes a bottomless it $or us we can%t e!er get enoughrecognition to $ill the hole in us&The need $or recognition, as one o$ our more sohisticated needs, is one o$ themost di$$icult to achie!e& It is the only one o$ which we are wholly deendent uonothers to resond aroriately& In other words, recognition, by de$inition, must come$rom others& G
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