Alicia K Staton Global Analysis Network Memo 2014 EDTC645 (1)

This is a memo that analyzes different global classroom nerworks for functionality, benefit, ease of use, access, and cost.
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  UMUC Summer Semester 2014 Global Network Analysis Memo  A Review of Three Global Classroom Networks  Alicia K. Staton EDTC 645: Dr. Tamara Blesh  1 | Page   MEMO To Mrs. Danielle Moore, Principal From Mrs. Alicia K. Staton, 6 th  Grade Math. RELA, SS Date  June 16, 2014 Re Review of Global Education Networks ―The importance of a global education is far reaching. A global education can help further  business ventures, combat racism, fight religious intolerance, break down borders, and improve the welfare of people throughout the world. Most importantly, understanding the world from a global perspective can help you see and understand that people are interconnected no matter where they live and work in the world. Ultimately, a global education can open you up to new ideas, opportunities, beliefs, languages, cultures, and groups of people that you previously did not know existed (Dempsey, 2014) .‖ Our students are primed, poised, and ready to embark upon such a journey. They are just waiting to be infused with all the benefits that a global education offers. Now is the time to really help them to see that the world is not such a vast place. That we are all interconnected. In her speech at the Stanford Center at Peking University in Beijing, Michelle Obama said, ―Study abroad is about shapi ng the future of your countries and the world we all share. Studying in a different country gives students the chance to immerse themselves in another culture. That’s how you realize that we all have a stake in each other’s success –  that cures discovered here in Beijing could save lives in America. That clean energy technologies from Silicon Valley in California could improve the environment here in China; that the architecture of an ancient temple in Xi’an could inspire the design of new buildings in Dalla s or Detroit.‖ Even though Mrs. Obama is speaking about physically studying abroad, it is important to remember that the desire to do so began somewhere. At some point these students were introduced to the concept that being able to participate in such a venture was a possibility. We have a responsibility to our students to be that introduction and to help them to see the bigger  picture. Deepak Chopra said ―Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box.‖ Our  2 | Page   students must understand that we are simply a drop in a pond, which leads to a lake, which flows to a river, and spills into an ocean. It is that ocean that we aim to cross in order to expand their horizons. Let us move our students to an education without limits that encircles the world not encloses them in it. I have prepared for your review three different global networks by which we can begin the  process of globalizing our school and preparing our students for their future. The three networks and projects, ranked in order that I would like for you to consider are: 1.   ePals:  Outside My Classroom Window  —  A Community-Inspired Project!/main    2.   Global School Net:  The Day I Was Born    3.   iearn:  Photojournalism    The purpose of this memo is to address the following for each global network:    General Description    Strengths and Weaknesses    Specific Project that the school/classroom/content areas could join    Content standard associated with each project     Network amenities f or teachers and students  3 | Page   This site offers students and teachers the opportunity to collaborate with other classrooms from around the world. According to the website, ―ePals enriches K-12 learning in the classroom and at home with innovative web-based tools and the highest standard of children’s stories, games and digital media on the Web. ” The best part is that there is no fee associated with this site. Another great feature are the security protocols that are adhered to. Each classroom has to be sent for approval, you must be associated with a school community, and you must provide proof.  
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