All India P.T. Test Series CSAT (General Mental Ability)

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  Time Allowed: Two Hours Maximum Marks:  200 GENERAL MENTAL ABILITY SET NO: 04 INSTRUCTIONS 1.IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE EXAMINATION, YOU SHOULDCHECK THAT THIS TEST BOOKLET DOES NOT HAVE ANY UNPRINTED OR TORN OR MISSING PAGES OR ITEMS, ETC. IF SO, GET IT REPLACED BY A COMPLETE TESTBOOKLET.2.ENCODE CLEARLY THE TEST BOOKLET SET NUMBER IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE INTHE ANSWER SHEET.3.You have to enter your Roll Number on the test Bookletin the Box provided alongside.  DO NOT write anything else on the Test Booklet.4.This Test Booklet contains 80 items (questions). Each item is printed in English only. Each item comprisesfour responses (answers). You will select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. Incase you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response for each item.  More than one response will be treatedas wrong answer.5.In case you find any discrepancy in this test booklet in any question(s) or the Responses; a writtenrepresentation explaining the details of such alleged discrepancy, be submitted within three days, indicatingthe Question No(s) and the Test Booklet Series, in which the discrepancy is alleged. Representation notreceived within time shall not be entertained at all.6.You have to mark all your responses ONLY   on the separate Answer Sheet provided.7.All items carry equal marks.8.For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one third (-0.33 %) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. There will be no penalty for a questionwhich is leftblank.9.Before you proceed to mark in the Response Sheet, the response to various items in the Test Booklet,you have to fill in some particulars in the Response Sheet as per instructions sent to you with your AdmitCard and Instructions.10.While writing Name and Roll No. on the top of the Response Sheet in appropriate boxes use ONLYBLACK BALL POINT PEN .11.After you have completed filling in all your responses on the Response Sheet and the examination hasconcluded, you should hand over to the Invigilator only the Response Sheet  . You are permitted to takeaway with you the Test Booklet. IAS P.T. TEST SERIES - 2014 Head Off: Rajender Nagar Off No. 06 Ist Floor, Apsara Arcade, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-5 North Campus  A - 19, 3rd Floor, Priyanka Tower, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi-9 9953595114 By S.K. Mishra, IAS (Retd.) & Manoj K. Jha  IAS TEST SERIES 2014 2    G   S    S   C   O   R   E 1.If x = 7–575   and y = 757–5  , find x 3  + y 3 .(a)1962(b)1692(c)1269(d)21962.The sum of two numbers is 29 and thedifference of their squares is 145. The differencebetween the numbers is:(a)13(b)5(c)8(d)113.Which of the two numbers is greater, 2 300  or3 200 ?(a)2 300 (b)3 200 (c)Both are equal(d)Not possible to say without log tables4.The product of two two-digit numbers is 2160and their G.C.D is 12. The numbers are:(a)72, 30(b)36, 60(c)96, 25(d)None of these5.The number of prime factors in the expression(6) 10  × (7) 17  × (11) 27  is:(a)54(b)2(c)3(d)46.The length of the minute hand of a clock is 8cm. Find the distance travelled by its outer endin 15 minutes.(a)16  (b)32  (c)4  (d)18  7.24 is divided into two integral parts such that7 times the first part added to 5 time the secondpart makes 146. The first part is:(a)11(b)13(c)16(d)178.The difference between a discount of 40% onRs 500 and two successive discounts of 36%and 4% on the same amount is:(a)0(b)Rs. 2(c)Rs. 1.93(d)Rs. 7.209.If m and n are integers and mn  is 10. Whichof the following cannot be the value of m + n?(a)29(b)25(c)52(d)50  Directions (Q 10-13):  Read the following informationto answer questions:1.Four men, Ved Prakash, Jag Mohan,Mukesh and Trilok are sales manager,lecturer, accountant and doctor byprofession accompanied their children to acircus. Each person was with one childonly.2.Trilok and Jag Mohan came with their sonsand they were not doctor or sales manager.3.Nanu, a sweet little girl, was not thedoctor's daughter.4.Gaurav is not Jag Mohan's son.5.Saurabh's (who is a boy) father is not anaccountant.6.Tanu is not Mukesh's daughter.10.The sales manager's child is:(a)Tanu(b)Nanu(c)Gaurav(d)Saurabh11.Who is Gaurav's father and what is he?(a)Trilok - Sales manager(b)Ved Prakash - Sales manager(c)Mukesh - Accountant(d)Trilok - Accountant12.If Saurabh and Gaurav are cousins, which twomen are brothers?(a)Ved and Mukesh(b)Ved and Trilok(c)Jag Mohan and Mukesh(d)Jag Mohan and Trilok13.Who is Tanu's Father and what is he?(a)Ved Prakash - Doctor(b)Trilok - Accountant(c)Ved Prakash - Sales manager(d)Jag Mohan - Lecturer14.P,Q,R are consecutive integers. Which of thefollowing is true?(a)P+Q+R is always even(b)P+Q+R is always odd(c)P+2Q+R is always even(d)P+2Q+R is always odd  IAS TEST SERIES 2014 3    G   S    S   C   O   R   E 15.What is the sum of the 11 terms of anArithmetic Progresion whose 3rd term is 10 andthe 9 th  term is 20?(a)135(b)165(c)330 (d)None of these16.How many three digit odd nos. can be formedfrom the digits : 2, 0, 3, 5? (repetition notallowed).(a)8(b)4(c)12(d)617.How many diagonals does a decagon have?(a)25(b)45(c)35(d)55  Directions (Q 18-20):  are based on the informationgiven below.The six faces of a cube are coloured black, brown,green, red, white and blue.(i)Red is opposite to black(ii)Green is between red and black(iii)Blue is adjacent to white(iv)Brown is adjacent to blue(v)Red is at the bottom18.Which colour is opposite to brown(a)White(b)Red(c)Green(d)Blue19.The four adjacent colours are(a)black, blue, brown, red(b)black, blue, brown, white(c)black, white, red, blue(d)black, brown, red, white20.Which of the following can be deduced from(i) and (v)?(a)Black is on the top(b)Blue is on the top(c)Brown is on the top(d)Brown is opposite to black  Direction (Q 21-22):  An Inspector has discoveredthat 5 people were involved in the murder of MissBatliwala. Nine suspects are short listed by him.Maina, Naina and Raina are women. Ooman,Sangha, Topaz, Unni, Vasu and Wagle are men.Through intelligent deliberation and analysis, Ghotehas also made a checklist of points.I)There were at least two women involvedin the crime.II)Raina will never collude with Ooman.III)Sangha and Topaz will always commitcrimes together.IV)Unni and Vasu never work together.21.If Maina was involved in the crime and Nainais not, which statements given below are trueNecessarily.I)Either Unni or Vasu but not both areinvolved.II)Sangha and Topaz will be involvedSelect the correct code:(a)Only I(b)Only II(c)Both I and II(d)Either I or II22.Greatest number of combinations are possibleif which of the following are definitely involvedin the crime.(a)Sangha and Topaz(b)Vasu(c)Raina(b)Wagle23.Doubling the perimeter of a triangle, keepingthe shape the same, multiplies the area by(a)2(b)3(c)4(d)824.The probability that A can solve a problem is 35 , for B it is 25 . What is the probability ofproblem being solved when both of themattempt the problem together?(a)31/35(b)12/25(c)6/25(d)19/25  IAS TEST SERIES 2014 4    G   S    S   C   O   R   E 25.The average of a set of seven consecutiveintegers is (x + 1) and that of a different set ofseven consecutive integers is (x – 1). Find theaverage of all the integers in both the setsconsidering all the common integers only once.(a)x(b)x + 2(c)x – 12 (d)x + 126.A few tickets of a show are sold at Rs.10 perticket and the other tickets are sold at Rs.12per ticket. In all, 100 tickets are sold on a specificday. If the amount collected on that day wasRs.1056, find the number of tickets sold at Rs.12.(a)72(b)62(c)28(d)3827.In a college, 5/9 th  of the students are boys andthe remaining are girls. On a particular day,4/5 th  of the boys and 7/8 th  of of the girls wereabsent. How many more boys were absent thanthe girls, if total number of boys is 80 morethan the number of girls?(a)6(b)75(c)45(d)4028.In ABC Company, 60% of the employees aremen and 48% of the employees are engineersand 66.67% of these are men. What percentageof women are engineers?(a)33.33(b)40(c)52(d)46.629.In how many ways can 10 puppies (all lookalike) be sold to 6 men, given that every puppymust be sold and each man must have at leastone puppy?(a) 15 C 5 (b) 9 C 6 (c) 10 C 6 (d) 9 C 5 30.The length of a rectangle is decreased by 20%and breadth increased by 20%. The area will(a)decrease by 40%(b)remain the same(c)increase by 4%(d)decrease by 4%31.How many words (both meaningful andmeaningless) can be formed using all the lettersof the word ABRACADABRA such that all theconsonants come together?(a) 2 6!(2!)5!  (b) 22 (6!)(2!)5!  (c) 6!5! (d)None of these32.If x 2 y 3 z <0, which of the following must be true?(a) yz <0(b) y <0(c) y 2 z <0(d) z <033.A watch loses 90 seconds in an hour and thewatch owner adjusts the time lost by the watchin one day at the end of 48 hrs. After howmany days will the watch show the correcttime before the watch owner adjust the time?(a)80 days(b)40 days(c)60 days(d)None of these34.There are three addressed envelopes and threeletters. Find the probability that the typist insertsexactly one letter in the envelope incorrectly.(a) 16 (b) 712 (c) 43216 (d)None of these35.Sanjeev can run one km in 3 minutes 10seconds and Motiani can run the same distancein 3 minutes 20 seconds. If they start together,by what distance can Sanjeev beat Motiani inthat race?(a)100 m(b)25 m(c)50 m(d)75 m
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