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  All Tied Up – Everything you need to know for tying up your Cub Scouts! Materials:  Wolf book, Bear book, Webelos book, BS book, Pioneering MB book, a couple of knot  books, ¼” manila rope, 1’ long – one end w Sailmaker’s w!ip, ot!er end free, sisal twine, ndian #ope Maker and rope made from it, $%$&’ foot coiled ropes, wa'ed t!read for w!ipping, knife, lig!ter, gorilla sticks, $ poles for !itc!es, (’ piece of rope, )uadruple * !itc! knot wit! fra+ed ends, roop -&1 .not Board, /andouts – .not est 0$, .not 2ames, 3ub .not Stor+, ndian #ope Maker, urk’s /ead, Monke+ 4ist, 1%$5 foot piece of n+lon rope6 Learning Objectives:  B+ t!e end of t!is class, +ou s!ould be able to716Pass and teac! 8lecti9e 1: from t!e Wolf Book – pg 1;(%1;<$6Pass and teac! =c!ie9ement $$ from t!e Bear book, % pg 1($%1(<56ie all t!e knots re>uired for t!e Webelos ?utdoorsman Pin,(6/elp +our Scouts learn t!e importance of knots and !ow to !a9e fun wit! t!em6@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Welcome to e9er+t!ing +ou need to know about t+ing knots for 3ub Scouts6 Aet’s >uickl+ take a little test t!at +ou can gi9e to +our Webelos Scouts6 ake - minutes and complete t!e test6 02rade >uickl+ /ow man+ know all  knotsC Introduce self and Scout helper(s). Discuss learning objectives for the class.Glossar of rope ter!s: − #unning 8nd – t!e end of t!e rope6 − Big!t – t!e loop formed w!en a rope is doubled back upon itself6 − Standing Part – t!e part of t!e rope t!at is fi'ed or under tension6 using  – ake a lig!ter and burn t!e ends of Man%made rope material6 #hipping $  1 st  t!ing we want to do is w!ip +our ropes so t!e+ do not fra+6 ’ll demonstrate it and talk it t!ru, and t!en we’ll do one toget!er6 Watc! 1 st  t!en we’ll do it6 ake +our Manila rope and t!e wa'ed t!read6 Make a big!t w t!e t!read and la+ it on t!e unw!ipped running end of +our rope6 Wrap t!e t!read around t!e loop towards t!e end of t!e rope6 W!en +ou !a9e a w!ipping at least as long as t!e rope is t!ick 0at least ¼”, tuck t!e free end of t!e t!read in t!e loop and pull t!e ot!er t!read6 Pull t!e knot formed into t!e middle of t!e w!ipping6 !is w!ipping is called t!e 8nglis! W!ipping6 !e w!ipping on t!e ot!er end of +our rope is called a Sailmaker’s W!ipping and will last muc! longer because t!e w!ipping is secured to t!e rope6 Bear ac!ie9ement $$ %nots $  = knot in a rope is somet!ing t!at is eas+ to tie6 = good knot is somet!ing t!at is eas+ to tieand eas+ to untie6 Dow we’ll go t!ru t!e knots +ou, as Aeaders, need to know61S>uare .not – - minutes7 % Wolf electi9e 1:,aake one piece of rope and tie a S>uare .not6 W!at is t!e p!rase t!at goes t!ru +our mind w!en +ou tie itC 0#ig!t o9er left, left o9er rig!t6 !ose w!o can tie it alread+ !elp t!ose w!o can’t6 bEsed for t+ing $ ropes toget!er6 =lso called t!e Foining knot and is re>uired to be demonstrated w!en Foining BS6$Gouble ?9er!and .not – $ minutes7 % Wolf electi9e 1:,aake two pieces of rope side b+ side and tie an o9er!and knot6 bEsed for Foining two ropes toget!er6  5S!eet Bend – - minutes7 % Bear ac!ie9ement $$aEse t!e n+lon rope and t!e Manila rope6 bMake a big!t in t!e ManilacWit! t!e n+lon, go up t!ru t!e big!t and around be!ind t!e Manila, t!en under t!e n+lon6dEsed to Foin ropes of different siHes6(wo /alf /itc!es – - minutes7 % Bear ac!ie9ement $$a/itc!es alwa+s go or flow in t!e same direction – not back on itself6 b?ne loop around a pole wit! an o9er!and 0I one * !itc!, t!en in t!e same direction one loop around t!e rope also wit! an o9er!and 0I t!e ot!er * !itc!6cEsed to tie a rope around obFectsJ pole, ring, tree, K6-aut%line /itc! –  minutes7 % Webelos ?utdoorsmanaStart wit! a * !itc! but add an e'tra loop6 0do it again b!en add anot!er loop on t!e outside of t!e knot – $ loops inside, 1 loop outside, all in t!e same direction6c=n adFustable knot used for gu+ lines on tents63lo9e /itc! – - minutes7 % Webelos ?utdoorsmana3ircle t!e pole once, t!en again making an L”6 uck t!e running end under t!e L”6 bEsed to start man+ las!ings or secure t!e end of a rope to a pole or tree6:Bowline – ; minutes 01%!anded too if time7 % Bear ac!ie9ement $$aMake a !ole in t!e ground wit! a tree standing tall b#abbit comes out of t!e !ole, circles t!e tree, and t!en back down in t!e !ole6c2rab t!e rabbit and   t!e rabbit trail in one !and and t!e tree in t!e ot!er and pull6 t is t!e rabbit trail t!at makes t!e loop6dEseful w!en +ou need a loop on t!e end of a rope t!at will not slip or want to tie a rope around a tree, or a boat to a dock6 &oiling and thro'ing a rope  – 1& minutes7 % Bear ac!ie9ement $$ − N4oot long coils wit! a * twist6 − * of t!e rope wit! t!e weig!t in t!e t!rowing !and, t!e ot!er *, wit! t!e end secured, in t!e ot!er !and6 − Practice +our under!and t!rows6 Maing a rope  – 1& minutes7 % Bear ac!ie9ement $$ − See !andout6 Make if time or pla+ some gamesO %not ga!es  – #est of t!e period7 − Pla+ .not Step 3ontest, if time Su!!ar: .nots are fun6 !e+ are somet!ing t!e Scouts will use all t!eir life6 !e better t!e+ know t!e knotswe !a9e learned toda+ 0found in +our Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books, t!e easier t!e+ will !a9e it inBS w!ere t!e+ need to know t!ese t!ings6 Please fill out t!e course e9aluation6 Sources of !aterials: #ope – Manila, D+lon, Pol+pro – ?S/, /ome GepotWa'ed !read –  !ttp7www6s!ipstore6comss!tml3?D3?D5MB36!tml2ood knot web pages – Pack 11( 0 !ttp7www6creig!ton6eduNbstep!pack11(librar+links6!tmlBooks and 3Gs are at t!e Scout S!op6
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