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  Almuete vs Andres, 369 SCRA 619 (2001)Ronald Facts :  Petitioner Almuerte is the owner of ari!ultural land awarded to him #$ational Resettlement and Reha ilitation Administration% &or 22 #ears, Almuete andhis famil# farmed the su 'e!t land% owever, resondent, thru the assistan!e of Ararian Reform *e!hnoloist, was a le to !ause the land awarded to him%Resondent !laimed that etitioner waived all his rihts as $ARA settler due to oorhealth, that Almuete sold the su 'e!t roert# to one +asilat who in turntransferred the said roert# to resondent Andes% hen -AR transferred theownershi of roert# to Andes, the latter, a!!omanied # 10 ersons armed with olos and laded imlements, entered the roert#, !laimin e.!lusive riht of ownershi and ossession% Petitioner /led a !omlaint with the -AR onl# to /nd outthat the land was alread# transferred to Andes% Conseuentl#, Almuete /led ana!tion for !onve#an!e and re!over# of ossession with the R*C, sa ela% R*C ruled infavor of etitioner% *he de!ision e!ame /nal%+ar!elo Andres /led a etition for !ertiorari with the CA !ontendin that the su 'e!troert# is ari!ultural and thus R*C had no 'urisdi!tion over the !ase% iewise, e!ause the oriinal a!tion is one for e'e!tment, the +*C and not the R*C should ethe 'urisdi!tion of the !ase% n e4e!t, resondent !laims that the de!ision of R*C isvoid% CA ranted the etition of Andres% *hus, the aeal% Issue:  hether or not R*C has 'urisdi!tion over the !ase% hether or not the !auseof a!tion is e'e!tment% Held:  Petition is ranted%Ratio5 *he a!tion /led # etitioners efore the R*C was for re!over# of ossession andre!onve#an!e% t was a !ontrovers# relatin to ownershi of the farmland, whi!h is e#ond the am it of the hrase ararian disute%7 $o 'uridi!al tie of landowner andtenant was alleed etween etitioners and resondents, let alone that whi!h wouldso !hara!teri8ed the relationshi as an ararian disute% Ararian disute refers to an# !ontrovers# relatin to tenurial arranements,whether leasehold, stewardshi or otherwise, over lands devoted to ari!ulture,in!ludin disutes !on!ernin farmworers asso!iations or reresentation of ersons in neotiatin, /.in, maintainin, !hanin or seein to arrane terms or!onditions of su!h tenural arranement%&rom the foreoin, it is !lear that the 'urisdi!tion of the -ARA is limited to !asesinvolvin a tenan!# relationshi etween the arties% CA therefore ravel# erredwhen it ranted the etition for !ertiorari and held that the trial !ourt had no 'urisdi!tion over the !ase%  iewise, the !ase is not for e'e!tment, ut rather one of ossession% t is not the!ation of the leadin ut the alleations therein that determine the nature of thea!tion% A !lose erusal of the amended !omlaint shows that etitioners ra#ed forthe !an!ellation of the !erti/!ate of title in the name of +ar!elo Andres, and thatthe# e de!lared the a solute owners of the land in disute%
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