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    THE EFFECTS OF AMA DEUS HEALING ON ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION IN WOMEN WITH STAGE III AND IV OVARIAN CANCER Elizabeth Helen Cosmos Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Holos University Graduate Seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY   Copyright by Elizabeth Helen Cosmos, 2008 All Rights Reserved © 2006 International Association of Ama-Deus, LLC.  All Rights Reserved *Registered U.S. Trademark      The work reported in this thesis is srcinal and carried out by me solely, except for the acknowledged direction and assistance gratefully received from colleagues and mentors. _____________________________________________ Elizabeth Helen Cosmos   iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Praise and gratitude to The Source of All That Is  for guiding my path.  I am very grateful to Dr. Kevin Brader and Michelle Weller whose support and encouragement every step of the way directly contributed to the success of this study. To those at Saint Mary’s Health Care - Mary Hanson and Brett Powers with their library assistance, Sister Myra Bergman, Sheryl Veurink-Balicki, Mark Eastburg, Dr. Thomas Gribbin, Cindy Johnston, Susan Hoppough, Michelle Rabideau, John Ritch, Sister Rosita Schiller, Dr. Francis Verde, Dave Vidro and those at MERC Cidhinna Torres-Campos, Tracy Frieswyk, Alan Davis, Allen Shoemaker, Tom Sommerfelt - my heartfelt appreciation for your talents and assistance through this journey. I am thankful for the participation of the practitioners, Colleen Chase and Debra Dominiak whose compassion and love for healing helped to validate the findings. Many thanks to my editing team who always came through on pressured deadlines: Jeanne DeBruyn, Christopher Lechner, Simon Osborn, Stella Slootmaker, and ‘Tex’ Bryant with his statistical analysis. Special thanks to Jeanne Debruyn who picked me up in the end and helped me cross the finish line. I wish to thank Denise Grover for introducing me to Bob Nunley, who graciously gave his heart and head as I asked exploratory questions about Holos. It was after this brief encounter that I joined the graduate seminary. Thank you to Carolyn Faivre for being there in the beginning, and advising me through the courses. Dottie Atkins, thank you for being a wonderful classmate through laughter and tears. Martina Steiger, thank you for taking me under your wing as chair and to all my committee members, Carolyn Faivre, Samantha Tavares, and Bernard Williams, your brilliant guidance helped me achieve the goal. And also to the entire faculty, who are dedicating themselves to the mission of Holos for all, thank you for graciously and respectfully guiding my path through this process. To the family of Anibal Costas Aguas, carinho and com muito amor  . My sincere appreciation to the anonymous donor for the aid, which sustained hope for the investigators as well as provided the means for the participants to partake in the study. I am also very grateful to Peter Wege, not only for his support but for believing in me. To Gaiana Cherpes, Penny Hawkin, Dr. Susan Radecky and Ellen Satterlee, thank you for your unwavering friendship. To all the participants: I wish you love and I am honored to have worked with you in your courageous journey. Most importantly, I would like to thank my family, especially my sons Michael and Christopher- many blessings to you for accepting and allowing your mother the time and space to complete this adventure. Christopher, thank you for your great patience in the rearranging of our lifestyle during your senior year of High School. I would also like
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