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  RESUME  NameAmba PrasadE-mail NationalityIndianDate of Birth 1 th  ! l# 1$%7&ontact Nos. 'obile( )$1%*0+$,7$ )$1$771+0% /an aes(indi 2 Enlish'arital( 3inleEd cation. B. 4ech. 5'echanical Enineerin6-010  Objective:  4o p rs e a career in Pipin Desin and Enineerin for il 2 8as Pro9ects. Software Packages:  '3 ffice  A to&AD   Work Experience:   Organization:  A:as;a Infrastr ct re 5P6 /imited. 5April<1 to 4ill date6  Designation ( =ield Enineer 5'ech.6  Role an Responsibilit! ( Presently posted at >o r:ela 5rissa6 and am responsible for s pervision of constr ction of 11 :m lon ?ater pipe line of *00 NB capacity from yas >i;er to &/ Iron 2 3teelPlant. >esponsibility incl des # antit! S rve!  for Pipe line ?or: and associated 3teelstr ct re. Organization:  Delco Infrastr ct re Pro9ects /imited. 53ep<1, to 'arch<16  Designation ( 3ite Enineer 5'ech.6  Role an Responsibilit! ( as responsible for S pervision of constr ction ?or: and # antit! s rve! of steelstr ct re of a ne? 3hed bein constr cted for Indian >ail?ays at >ail Enine ?or:shop#!amalp r 5Bihar6. Organization:  Delco Infrastr ct re Pro9ects /imited. 5! l 1 to 'ar. 1,6  Designation ( Assistant Enineer 5'ech.6  Role an Responsibilit! ( as posted at 8a e &on;ersion Pro9ect of E.&. >ail?ay for con;ersion of a e frommeter to broad a e# bet?een 3aharasa 2 =orbisan9 section in Bihar and ?as responsiblefor   # antit! severe   of steel str ct re of Station S$es . as also responsible for repairan %aintenance of %ac$ineries  Organization:  !.'.& Pro9ects India /imited. 5'ay< 011 to 'ay 016  Designation ( 8rad ate Enineer 4rainee  Role an Responsibilit! ( ã or:ed ?ith fabrication an erection epart%ent  at corporate to?er site of !indal 3teel2 Po?er /td from ct<11 to <'ay 1.as responsible for  antity analysis of steelstr ct re. ã Earlier ?as posted at !indal Po?er Plant site in 4amnar# >aiarh from 'ay<011 to3eptember <011. as responsible for repair an %aintenance activities  of all'echanical and Electrical EC ipments at site. 4he 'echanical EC ipments incl ded !&B#ydra 4ransit 'it re# Batchin Plant and &oncrete P mps and Electrical EC ipmentsincl de 8enerator and 'otors. as instr mental in smooth r nnin of all the eC ipmentsand contrib ted larely to?ards considerable red ction in brea: do?n time. Organization: Pramodanand &onstr ction & ! ly<010 to 'ay<0116  Designation: 'echanical Enineer 4rainee.  Role an Responsibilit!: or:ed as 'echanical Enineer ?ith >epair 2 'aintenance Department. 'raining: ad etensi;e trainin in Pipin Desin 2 Enineerin from && 4echno 3oft P;t. /td.# 8 raon5April# 01, to A  st# 01,6 Expos re ( Experience:   D rin + months trainin from && 4echno 3oft P;t. /td ?as eposed  trained in the follo?inenineerin acti;ities. ã 3t dy of P=Ds 2 P2IDs ã Preparation of /ine list# al;e list 2 EC ipment list ã /ine 3iin ã 3t dy of ;ario s &odes and 3tandard 5 A3'E# A34' and API6 ã Pipe thic:ness calc lation as per A3'E B,1., ã 3t dy of ;ario s process eC ipments 5eat Echaner# Press re essel and ;ario s types of storae tan:s6 ã 3t dy of ;ario s special pipin items 53trainer# 3pectacle Blind# Bello?sEpansion 9oint#> pt re Dis:# 3pacers# =lame Arrestor# orte Brea:er# ose# 3pray and Noles.6 ã Preparation of 8A# Pipe rac: arranement# Isometric and Bill of 'aterial ã Preparation of 3 pport Dra?in ã 3t dy of P'3# '3# Nole rientation diaram and Plot plan ã &on;ersant ?ith or: Permit system and safety eC ipment in process ind stry    )* 'ec$ Project: A  st<00$-010 ã 8 ide ( 'r. >ais l asan 5Associate Professor# Department of 'echanical Enineerin6 ã 4itle( Electricity 8eneration sin speed brea:ers. +arware evelop%ent ( Desined and fabricated a scaled model of enery con;ertor. 4he systemconsists of a rac: and pinion arranement ?hich con;erts ;ertical motion of platform attached tothe speed brea:er d e to its repeated loadin and nloadin into rotary motion. 4he pinion in t rnsrotates the shaft of an electric enerator. 4he po?er enerated is stored in a capacitor ?hich can be sed as per reC irement. 4he proposed system can be sed for lihtnin of roads References: ã 'r. 3atish F mar 3ri;asta;a 5Enineerin 'anaer Process NP&&# Ab Dhabi6 ã 'r. Bipin 3ri;asta;a 53r. Desiner AD&# Ab Dhabi6
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