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Ambiguity and the Search for Meaning:

Ambiguity and the Search for Meaning: English and American Studies at the Beginning of the 21st Century Volume 1: Literature Edited by Monika Coghen Zygmunt Mazur Beata Piątek Jagiellonian University Press
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Ambiguity and the Search for Meaning: English and American Studies at the Beginning of the 21st Century Volume 1: Literature Edited by Monika Coghen Zygmunt Mazur Beata Piątek Jagiellonian University Press The publication of this volume was supported by the Faculty of Philology of the Jagiellonian University, and the Institute of English Philology, Jagiellonian University. BOARD OF REVIEWERS Teresa Bela Joelle Biele Julie Campbell Benjamin Colbert Marta Gibińska-Marzec Aleksandra Kędzierska David Malcolm Irena Przemecka Krystyna Stamirowska-Sokołowska Lisa Vargo Anna Walczuk COVER DESIGN Marcin Klag TYPESETTING Sebastian Leśniewski TECHNICAL EDITOR Mirosław Ruszkiewicz Copyright by Monika Coghen, Zygmunt Mazur, Beata Piątek & Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego First edition, Kraków 2010 No part of this book may be reproduced, translated, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the Publisher. ISBN Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Redakcja: ul. Michałowskiego 9/2, Kraków tel , , fax Dystrybucja: tel , tel./fax tel. kom , Konto: PEKAO SA, nr Contents Preface ELINOR SHAFFER Seven Times Seven Types of Ambiguity: William Empson and Twentieth-Century Criticism ROBERT REHDER Meaning and Change of Form: Eliot, Pound and Niedecker TERENCE MCCARTHY Ambiguity or The Eye of Mere Observation in Malory s Morte Darthur Part I Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century British Literature 65 BARBARA NAPIERALSKA The Freedom of Art, The Art of Freedom: Sir Philip Sidney s An Apologie for Poetrie and George Puttenham s The Arte of English Poesie MICHAŁ CHOIŃSKI Pathos, Logos and Ethos: Rhetorical Duel between Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare s Julius Caesar JOANNA MOCZYŃSKA The Anatomy of Ambiguity: Interpreting John Lyly s Euphues CLARINDA E. CALMA Symbolism of Light and Darkness in Selected Prose and Poetry of John Donne. 99 KLAUDIA ŁĄCZYŃSKA A Spectacle of Blood : The Art of Suffering in Andrew Marvell s The Unfortunate Lover 6 CONTENTS Part II Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Literature 119 JOANNA MACIULEWICZ Fanny Burney s Cecilia, or An Heiress Search for Meaning in the World of Fashion ELEANOR SPENCER The Ambiguity of Violence in the Poetry of Robert Browning AGNIESZKA SETECKA Knitting the Days Away : Needlework in Margaret Oliphant s Salem Chapel ANA CRISTINA BANICERU Lewis Carroll s Alice Books: A New Perspective MONIKA MAZUREK Going over to Rome : The Changing Attitudes towards Roman Catholicism in Disraeli s Sybil and Lothair Part III Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century British Literature 177 IZABELA CURYŁŁO-KLAG The Artist versus Commodity Culture: Wyndham Lewis and the Dilemmas of Bourgeois-Bohemianism IZOLDA GABRIELE GENIUSIENE Meaning Created by the Language of Geoffrey Hill s Poetry OLGA GLEBOVA Uncanny Authors, Ambiguous Tales: Metafictional Discourse in J. M. Coetzee s Novels Foe and The Master of Petersburg AGNIESZKA MIKSZA The Doer is Merely a Fiction Added to the Deed: The Deed is Everything (F. Nietzsche). Tales of Doing Gender in Tipping the Velvet SCOTT THURSTON Need Keeps the Book of Dying Open : Negative Capability in Gil Ott s The Whole Note CONTENTS 7 STEPHEN REGAN The Poetry of Seamus Heaney and the Ambiguous Politics of the Ceasefire ANNA WALCZUK Unfinished Narratives of Sparkian Finishing School EWA SZYMAŃSKA-SABALA The Cons and Pros of Being Dead: The Meaning of Life and Language in Hotel World by Ali Smith BEATA PIĄTEK The Waxworks of Memory or the Search for the Meaning of Life in John Banville s The Sea Part IV American Literature 269 ŠÁRKA BUBÍKOVÁ Ambiguous Heritage and the Search for Identity in Native American Fiction MICHAŁ PALMOWSKI Instilling the Sentiment: The Poetic Philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson DANUTA ROMANIUK The Jewish Other Half: Girlhood on the Lower East Side as Presented in Immigrant Narratives LYUBA PERVUSHINA, RICHARD R. E. KANIA Raymond Chandler and His Ambiguous Relationships to Women: A Search for Hidden Meanings within His Crime Novels KATARZYNA HAUZER Ambiguity and the Grotesque: History, Humor, and McCarthyism in Joseph Heller s Catch JULIE CAMPBELL The Legacy of Samuel Beckett in Paul Auster s Work DAMIAN PODLEŚNY Media Simulation and Manipulation in Two Novels of Philip K. Dick from the 1960s 8 CONTENTS Part V Comparative Literature 349 BARTŁOMIEJ BŁASZKIEWICZ The Motif of Darkness in John Dowland s In Darkness Let Me Dwell and George Harrison s Beware of Darkness MARGARETE RUBIK Hyperbole and Understatement in the Depiction of the Emotions MONIKA COGHEN Byronic Outcasts and Polish Exiles CLAUDIA IOANA DOROHOLSCHI Weak Authorities: Authorship and Meaning in the 1890s GRAŻYNA BRANNY The Pearl Effect : Familial Taboos of the South in E. A. Poe, E. Glasgow, P. Taylor and W. Faulkner IB JOHANSEN Spooky Houses in Western Fiction: From Poe s House of Usher to Danielewski s House of Leaves PAUL TITCHMARSH Myth and Reality: Points of Departure in American Literature and Culture in the Nineteenth Century WOLFGANG GÖRTSCHACHER Michael Hamburger s Crusade against Ignorance and Prejudice: German Poetry and the United States
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