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  1.01 Introduction2.  Letter of Application 3.  Personal Details 4.  Languages 5.  Application Details 6.  Education History 7. 07 Maintenance licenses 8.  Technical Qualifications 9. 09 Technical Authorizations 10.  Additional Training 11.  areer History 12.  !unctional E perience 13.  Additional #nfor$ation 14.  %eferences 15.  &o' (pecific #nfor$ation 16. )* (u'$it Application NetJets, Inc. Job DescriptionAircraft Maintenance TechnicianSUMMARY  Performs all work generally recognized as Aircraft Maintenance  Technician's work by oron behalf of the Company in or about its domestic maintenance bases, shops andmaintenance stations.Performs work in accordance with applicable sections of the    !et ets A#iation $nc. %& C( %)* +eneral Maintenance Manual.    !et ets ales $nc. %& C( %&* (epair tation and -uality Control Manual.    !et ets ales $nc. (epair tation Training Program Manual.    !et ets er#ices $nc. Policy Manual. KEY ROLES AND RESONSI!ILTIES    Performs work including but not limited to Aircraft wing walking, Aircraftchecks, the dismantling, o#erhauling, repairing, replacing, assembling and  erecting all parts of aircraft, engines, instruments, electrical systems, heatingsystems, hydraulic systems and machine tool work in connection therewith.    Appropriately documents maintenance ndings, progress and work accomplishedthrough manual and automated recordkeeping.    /hen appro#ed and listed on Authorized $nspectors (oster, $nspects workperformed by Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.    Corrects aircraft and engine discrepancies noted during base inspections and after0ight. $nstalls and remo#es engines. 1uilds up or tears down engines duringengine change. Accomplishes Powerplant hot section inspections.    2tilizes safety practices and procedures following established Company safetyrules and 34A regulations to maintain a safe and clean work area.    (efuels, defuels, ser#ices o5ygen, and replenishes aircraft systems. ESSENTIAL UALI#I$ATIONS 4igh chool +raduate Type of Credentials67icensesAirframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certicate, 8alidAutomobile 9ri#er:s 7icense/ork ;5perience <=> years    $s able to read, write, 0uently speak and understand the ;nglish language.    $s familiar with aircraft regulatory agencies policies and procedures.    4as knowledge of maintenance record practices, tools and safety practices.    Can ?ualify for appropriate airport authority and6or 2 Customs passport6securitybadges.    4as the hand tools to carry out the duties of an A Technician.    $s able to read and interpret schematics and engineering drawings.    4as basic computer skills including a working knowledge of M 3@ceapplications.    Must be able to work outdoors in #ariable weather and en#ironmental conditions.    Ability to work in a comfortable en#ironment with regular e5posure to factorssuch as temperature e5tremes, mo#ing machinery, loud noise and fumes.     Must be able to work up to B< feet abo#e ground from #arious ground supporte?uipment deicing empennage and fuselage sections of aircraft.    Ability, for intermittent periods, to perform continuous physical e5ertion such asstanding, walking, stooping, climbing, and lifting material, some of which may behea#y or awkward.    $s able to work nights, #arious shifts, weekends, and holidays. DESIRA!LE UALI#I$ATIONS Associate:s 9egreeCourse of tudy6MaDor A#iation Maintenance or related eld/ork ;5perience >=& years    4as familiarity with turbine powered Cessna, 9assault, (aytheon, and6or+ulfstream, business Det aircraft. The Wikimedia Foundation is holdin a re!erendum to ather more in ut into the de#elo ment and usae o! an o t$in ersonal imae hidin !eature.%earn more and share &our #ie'.()el 'ith translations*+ ,-IFrom Wiki edia/ the !ree enc&clo ediaum to na#iation/ search  This article ma& need to e 'iki!ied to meet Wiki edias ualit& standards. lease hel  & addin rele#ant internal links/ or & im ro#in the articles la&out. , ril 2010 lick (sho'+ on riht !or more details.(sho'+lease re lace )T-% marku  'ith 'iki marku  'here a ro riate. ,dd 'ikilinks. Where a ro riate/ make links to other articles & uttin (( and ++ on either side o! rele#ant 'ords see W%I:;  !or more in!ormation. lease do not link terms that most readers are !amiliar 'ith/ such as common occu ations/'ell$kno'n eora hical terms/ and e#er&da& items.Format the lead. reate or im ro#e the lead arara h. ,rrane section headers as descried at Wiki edia<uide to la&out.,dd an in!oo= i! it is a ro riate !or the article.>emo#e this ta.The ,ssociate -emer o! the Institution o! nineers  o ularl& kno'n as ,-I is a   ro!essional certi!ication i#en & Institution o! nineers India. The uali!ication can  e earned & assin ?ection ,/ ro@ect Work and ?ection A e=amination o! the Institution.I! an a licant asses oth sections o! the e=amination/ he or she ecomes an ,ssociate o! the Institution o! nineers ,I. The Indian -inistr& o! )uman >esource Be#elo ment considers this uali!ication is eui#alent to a deree in enineerin. ,I 'as earlier <rad I Aachelors deree o! Institituion.  <o#ernment o! India in continuation to its earlier reconition/ has reconised assin o! sections , and A e=aminations as re#ised/ conducted & The Institution o! nineers India/ as eui#alent to achelors Beree in the a ro riate ranch o! nineerin o! thereconised uni#ersities in India and has noti!ied in the aCette o! India/ art I/ ?ection I/ dated Feruar& 11/ 2006.,-I is also reconised & D;$:,>I as Aritish Aachelors )onours deree. ,-I is also reconised & F?, Forein credential ser#ice o! ,merica as eui#alent to Aachelors deree in enineerin.-inimum duration !or assin oth sections is 4 &ears/ ho'e#er ro!essionals 'ith 3 &ears ol&technic enineerin can com lete it in 3 &ears since the& are e=em ted !rom certain e=amination a ers o! ?ection ,. ro@ect 'ork can e carried out onl& a!ter clearin at least 5 su@ects o! ?ection A.ontents(hide+1 ,out ,-I2 ?ection$, =amination3 ?ection A =amination 3.1 ?cheme o! the =amination3.2 ,cademic liiilit& !or Tech -emershi 3.3 =amination entres4 >e!erences5 =ternal links(edit+ ,out ,-IThe Institution o! nineers India 'as estalished in 1920 in ;olkata/ West Aenal and is acclaimed to ha#e ioneered non$!ormal education in nineerin. II I conducts an e=amination !or its ,ssociate -emershi . This e=amination is considered to e on ar 'ith A.. E A.Tech(1+. 'hen contem lated as an eliiilit& uali!ication to 'rite com etiti#e e=aminations like the Indian i#il ?er#ice/ Indian nineerin ?er#ices/ <,T/ etc./ and !or em lo&ment in <o#ernment/ ulic and ri#ate sectors in India. This uali!ication is reconised & -inistr& o! )>B/ <o#ernment o! India as eui#alent to A..E A.Tech.There are 2 sections/ namel& ?ection , and ?ection A/ in this e=amination. ?ection , is common !or all candidates. Dnder ?ection A/ a articular disci line o! enineerin has to  e chosen !rom amon the streams o!!ered.(edit+ ?ection$, =aminationTech -emers 'ho ha#e een on the roll o! the Institution o! nineers !or a &ear are eliile to a ear in the non$di loma stream e=amination ased on their date o! election to memershi . ?r Tech -emers can a ear in the di loma stream. The e=act dates and other details reardin the e=aminations like the last date o! sumission o! e=amination !orms/ etc./ are announced & the Institution o! nineers in the Technicians ournal.The e=aminations are held t'ice e#er& &ear/ called ?ummer and Winter e=aminations/ normall& in -a& E une and :o#emer E Becemer res ecti#el&.?u@ects in ?ection , e=amination areBi loma ?tream,B 301 Fundamentals o! Besin and -anu!acturin,B 302 -aterial ?cience and nineerin
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