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   An instrument that measures electric current. The main types are the moving-coil   ammeter, the moving-iron  ammeter, and the thermoammeter  . The moving-coil instrument is a moving-coil galvanometer  fitted with a shunt to reduce its sensitivity. It can only be used for d.c., but can be adapted for a.c. by using a rectifier . In moving-iron instruments, a piece of soft iron moves in the magnetic field created when the current to be measured flows through a fixed coil. They can be used with a.c. or d.c. but are less accurate (though more robust) than the moving-coil instruments. In thermoammeters, which can also be used with a.c. or d.c., the current is passed through a resistor, which heats up as the current passes. This is in contact with a thermocouple, which is connected to a galvanometer. This indirect system is mainly used for measuring high frequency a.c. In the hot-wire  instrument the wire is clamped at its ends and its elongation as it is heated causes a pointer to move over a scale. Read more: ammeter - moving-coil, moving-iron, thermoammeter, hot-wire - Moving, Coil, Current, Instrument, Iron, and Wire  In even the most basic renewable energy system  it is essential to monitor the charge in the  battery bank , the voltage and current coming from the generator , and the current being drawn by the  power inverter  or other loads. In this article we will cover moving coil meters  - the cheapest and simplest devices for displaying current and voltage in a system. Moving Coil Voltmeters The simplest way of monitoring the voltage of the battery bank  is a moving coil voltmeter . These are available from around £5-10 each and can simply be wired to the positive and negative outputs of the battery bank. They do not need their own battery power since they take a tiny current from the batteries. Pictured above is a 8-16 Volt DC Analogue Voltmeter  which is perfect for measuring the voltage of a 12V  battery  or 12V battery bank . NEW  We have an excellent top-quality 0-30VDC moving coil voltmeter  for sale in the  REUK Shop .  Moving Coil Ammeters Ammeters , used to measure the current flowing into or out of the battery bank, are also available for a wide range of different applications from micro-Amps (e.g. in solar cell experimentation) to hundreds of Amps (e.g. in large wind turbines). Pictured below is a 0-20A moving coil ammeter . Since the current flows into and out of the battery bank as the batteries are charged or discharged, the most suitable renewable energy system  ammeters are centred on zero - a positive reading indicates that the batteries are being charged by the generator, and a negative reading indicates the batteries are being discharged. Above is a photograph of an automotive analogue ammeter  which shows currents from -200 to +200 Amps. This would have limited use in most domestic renewable energy  systems except with very large wind turbine generators  and multi-kW  hydroelectric  generators since the current range is so large - however there are many smaller range ammeters available - e.g. -20A to +20A which would be perfect for a small domestic wind turbine generator or solar installation.

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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