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An appeal for sponsorhip
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  An Appeal I am happy to inform that the Sahyadri Judo Academy is organizing 4 th  Sahyadri Judo Championship at the Premise of S.J.G. Shikshana Maha Vidyaaya Compe! Shree Muruga #a$endra Mutt Samastana Anandpura under the ageius of %arnataka Judo Association on &4 th  and &' th  of (o)em*er +,,-. he S.J.A. is a *rain chid of %arnataka Judo Association. Since +,,& the %arnataka Judo Association has conducted / Sahyadri Championships at Shimoga 0aranahai and Anandapura. (o1 the Sahyadri Judo Academy ha)e *een esta*ished independenty. he Aims and 2*$ecti)es of S.J.A. Anandapura are conducting coaching camps sports cinic Judo 3et e!am oga casses and organizing seminars for State and (ationa Judokas to reach (ationa e)e. +5 Identifying Judo sports persons among fishermen Siddhis agricutura famiies in Manad region. S.J.A. is aso ha)ing a pan of action for further ' years i.e. is construction of a training6 coaching $udo ha. 7or this good cause Shree Muruga #a$endra Mutt has pro)ided a faciities at Anandapura.he S.J.A. ha)e *een formed under the chief patronship of Sri. Jagadguru Shree Maikar$una Maha S1amy$i aong 1ith other $udo fraternity of Manad region.he Sahyadri Judo Academy ha)e *een recognized and affiiated to %arnataka Judo Association 3angaore.In the said Championship neary +,, Judokas and officias are e!pected to participate. 3eing an organizer of championship and 1e ha)e to pro)ide good hospitaity for $udokas in the championship coming from different parts of state. o keep memory of /+ years  $ourney of %.J.A. and inauguration of Sahyadri Judo Academy at Anandpura a coourfu Sou)enir co)ering achie)ement of Judokas and iterature of Judo fraternity and usua ad)ertisement 1i *e reeased. he success of Sahyadri Judo Academy needs financia hep from a corners. herefore 1e are approaching your good sef to encourage us to carry out the a*o)e good cause in the form of contri*uting to1ards sou)enir has foo1s.  SAHYADRI JUDO CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 AT ANANDAPURA &.Sponsorship of fu championship e)ent of #s. & ', ,,,68 . 3anners 1ith the sponsor9s name ogo and description 1i *e e!hi*ited in the main areas of the )enue and a eading ne1s papers 1i co)er the 1hoe ne1s of the championship. An a*um sho1ing the entire championship 1i *e presented.+.Co8sponsorship of fu championship e)ent for #s. +' ,,,68. 3anner 1ith sponsor9s name6 ogo and co8sponsor9s name 1i *e printed in one of the score  *oard of championship. An a*um 1ith photos 1i *e presented./.Contri*ution to1ards meda or trophies :#s. ' ,,,68 each5 one &+!+; *anner 1iththe sponsor9s name 1i *e e!hi*ited at e)ent pace.4.3anner 1ith &,!+ size 1ith ogo 1i *e e!hi*ited in fighting area for #s. / ,,,68.'.<onation :Min. #s. & ,,,685.=.So)enir 1i *e > size :++!+-cm5. Ad)ertisement charges and other detais are as foo1s?a5 7ront *ack co)er Page :4 coour gossy5#s. &, ,,,68 *5 Co)er Inside page :4 coour gossy5#s. &, ,,,68c5 3ack @ Co)er page :4 Coour gossy5#s. &' ,,,68d5 Specia coour page :coour print5#s. ' ,,,68e5 3ack @ hite Print page#s. + ,,,68f5 0af Page :3@5#s. & ,,,68 All Donor/ Sponsor name will e p!lis e# in So!$enir an# spe%iall& in$i'e ' em (or )!es' o( a par'i%!lar %a'e)or& o( J!#o e$en's #!rin) pri*e #is'ri!'ion+ he sponsorship6 ad)ertisement detai may pease *e send aong 1ith the CheBue in fa)our of Sa &a#ri J!#o A%a#em&  to the a*o)e said address?o M6s.  02(. SDC#DA#  o he 0on. Secretary 6 reasurer Sa &a#ri J!#o A%a#em&, S.J.G. Shikshana Maha Vidyaaya Compe! Shree Jagadguru Muruga#a$endra Mutt Samstana Anandapura Post Sagara B Shimoga <ist. Pin E 'FF4&+.I am encosing here1ith <<6 CheBue (o.  dated   of  3ank to1ards the championship for 1hich officia receipt may pease *e issued :ogo sponsorship detais encosed5Dnc?<<6 CheBue6 2ther materiasours faithfuy    Sahyadri Judo Academy Anandpura C ie( Pa'ron Sri Jagadguru Sri Maikar$una Muruga #a$endra Maha S1amyMuruga Mutt Samsthan Anandapura Hon+ Presi#en' Sri. S.3. Mahade). Sagar -44H/4=F,- Sr+ -i%e Presi#en' Sri. mesh Chandra <. Shah 3angaore-H4',&--44 -i%e Presi#en' Sri. Prakash %onandur Sri. Gnanendra Sagar  Hon+ Se%re'ar& . Dire%'or o( A%a#em& Sri. S.#. Shi)ananda 3A 3.P.DdJ.7.I 3ack 3et (i8<an-44H,H-/,- Treas!rer Sri. C.S. inga #a$. Sagar Chitrette mutt. ,H&H/8+='F4/ D&+ Dire%'or o( A%a#em& Sri. San$ee) S. Pati M.P.Dd. (.I.S.:Judo5-44-=&,F', Ass'+ Dire%'or o( A%a#em& Sri. Gadigaiah G.Phy.Ddn. Instructor Anandapura + Co!n%il Memers+ Sri. (agappa Go1da G.S. Choride Sagar B.Sri. <harma #a$ President <.%. <t. Judo Association MangaoreSri. S.S. 3atkhande President 3egaum <ist. Judo Association 3egaum.Prof. (atara$ President Shimoga <ist. Judo Association Shimoga.
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