a presentation on analyzer transducer and their industrial application
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  Analyzers By, Barath Srinath A 1241110025  Oxygen Analyzers, what are they? ▪ An oxygen analyzer is a device that measures the level of oxygen in a system, therefore determining if the level needs to be increased or not. It uses a kind of oxygen sensor for its functioning. An analyzer uses a sensor cell constructed of ceramic material to measure oxygen level. ▪ Oxygen analyzers have advanced solid-state sensors, which help get a very high precision measurement of oxygen. They also measure the part of oxygen per billion to hundred percent, thus, there is no need to get another instrument to do that. With the help of one instrument only all the information can be received.  Title and Content Layout with Chart ▪ They have the ability to respond very quickly, in fact, in milliseconds, which not only saves time and increases efficiency, but also lets the facility track the process conditions competently and methodically. Often, they have a non-depleting sensor, which performs well for a long period of time, thus saving time and energy to research on a new analyzer or sensor, and money to invest in a new one. Outputs provided by the analyzer are user scalable and analogous, which have the ability to define the concentration range of interest in a better way. ▪ There are dual user adjustable alarms, which set critical process limits. A microprocessor controller is also present, which helps in ensuring dependable and accurate readings. There is also a built-in sample bypass gas, which helps promote rapid transport of the sample gas. Most analyzers are very compact and durable. They are easy to operate, splash proof, they have a built-in flow restrictor, and sensor and battery replacement are also easy to do. Read more at Buzzle:


Jul 23, 2017
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