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  A2 Media Studies Film Trailer Name:__anastasia falzon___________________ Group/ Production Company:________________ Film Title:___________________________ Level 1 0-7 Incomplete Level 2 8-11 Basic Level 3 12-15 Proficient Level 4 16-20 Excellent Research and Planning Level 13 but incomplete! /20 Evidence of Research and Planning There is excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience    Evidence of research into four or more trailers    The Art of First Impressions: How to Cut a Movie trailer Sept    Research into the codes of conventions of the trailer in ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’.    Research into the codes of conventions of the trailer in ‘Before I Got to Sleep’.    Horror Documentary covering sub-genres of horror and hybridity    Evidence of research into four accompanying magazine covers and semiotic analysis    Evidence of research into four promotional film posters exploring the codes and conventions    Evidence of research into Audience Theory         X                 Teacher comment on research: + Horror documentary gives a superb overview of Charles Derry’s sub -genre, well supported with audio commentary and clips. + Excellent analysis of trailer in ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ - Ensure you use capitals where necessary + Clever visual representation of Protagonist planning. Good links to existing media i.e. Hard Candy. Might develop here the link to the antagonist. +Good planning for Expanding Story Type and also Finding a Story- however, you want to show which plot out of 1 and 2 you eventually decided upon. EBI -   Story statement is not 100% clear. Needs to give a sharper focus on what the film is really about. -   The characteristics for your protagonist are very wide ranging. You need to have a clear idea A*-A 16-20 B 14-15 C 12-13 D 10-11  especially about their appearance and what this connotes. -   In your planning ensure you make explicit links back to the research you have undertaken- for example, e nsure that you don’t just post information about Robert McKee’s genre and subgenre story types. You need to make reference to it in some way. -   -You will need to individually embark on analysis of two more trailers in your chosen sub-genre. -   Structure your trailer analysis using sub-headings. Make explicit reference to the screen grabs by numbering them, instead of just using the screen grabs as pictures. Also you want to use the Structure of the Trailer to also deconstruct. This is not a generic analysis- it is a specific analysis of the codes and conventions of the horror genre and the conventions of the trailer. Try structuring this as a 3 Act Structure then deconstructing each part using the technical aspects. So instead of saying e.g. a POV shot is used reflecting the happy family- specifically relate the use of the POV here to setting up the equilibrium in order for the order to turn to disorder. -   ‘You’re Next’! Spelling! Not ‘Your Next.’!  -   You need to develop a range of different methods to present information on the blog. -   Set up a ‘scrolling’ page rather than having to click to ‘Older Posts’  Student comment on feedback- Actions to take: Planning    Evidence of Phil Parker in The Art of Science of Screenwriting  (1999) ten basic story types and Robert McKee’s (1998) Story Types.      Finding a Story    Finding a Protagonist    Story Statement    Developing an Ending    Structuring your Story in a 3 Act Structure    Pitch    Audience feedback from pitch                             There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props    Filming schedule    Location scouting photographs with explanation of mise-en-scene    Casting photographs with explanation of casting (use/defy/develop conventions)    Props and costume photographs with comparison with genre of choice              There is excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding    Storyboard    Shotlist    Screenplay         Time management is excellent    Production schedule    Independent management of research and planning      There is excellent use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation    Varied use of media forms e.g. embedded clips, ppts, word docs, podcasts, vodcasts, images (photos, screen grabs). There should not be lengthy passages of text posted.   
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