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                                                                                             1.   Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of (A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (B) Indira Gandhi (C) Acharya Vinoba Shave (D) Rajiv Gandhi ekuo lsok iq jLdkj fdudh Le`fr es a laLFkkfir fd;k x;k gS\   (A)   Mk- jktsUnz iz lkn    (B)   bafnjk xka/kh (C)   vkpk;Z fouksck Hkkos   (D)    jktho xka/kh 2.   What is URL? (A) It is software used in the defragmentation of disk of computer. (B) It is software to make the computer screen bright. (C) It is specific character straight that constitutes a reference to an internet resource. (D) It is a specific uniform alignment of the computer software to make run it faster. URL D;k gS ? (A)   ;g daI;w Vj ds fMLd ds [kMks a dks ,d j[kus es a bLrseky gksus okyk lkW¶Vos;j gS  (B)   ;g daI;w Vj LØhu dks pednkj cukus ds fy, lkW¶Vos;j gS (C)   ;g fof'k V dSjsDVj LVªsV gS tks baVjusV la lk/ku ds fy, lanHkZ dk xBu djrk gS  (D)   ;g rsth ls pykus ds fy, daI;w Vj lkW¶Vos;j dk fof'k V ,dleku vykbuesaV gS  3.   The oldest coal-field in India is (A) Raniganj (B) Jharia (C) Bokaro (D) Karanpura Hkkjr es a lcls iqjkuk dks;yk {ks= gS   (A)  jkuhxat (B) >fj;k (C) cksdkjks  (D) djuiq jk 4.   Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (A) Kalinga Award : Popularization of Science (B) David Cohen Award : Literature (C) Borlaug Award : Agriculture (D) Pulitzer Prize : Progress in religion fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdl tksM+ s dks Bhd rjhds ls ugha feyk;k x;k gS\   (A)   dfyax iq jLdkj % foKku dks yksdfç; cukuk    (B)   MsfoV dksgsu iq jLdkj % lkfgR; (C)   cks jyksx iqjLdkj % d`f k    (D)   iqfyRtj iqjLdkj % /keZ esa izxfr 5.   ‘World Food Day’ is celebrated on (A)  Oct 15 th   (B)  Oct 19 th   (C)  Oct 12 th   (D)  Oct 16 th   ^fo'o vkgkj fnol^ fdl fnu euk;k tkrk gS\   (A)   15   vDrwcj (B)   19   vDrw cj (C) 12   vDrw cj (D)   16   vDrw cj    6.   What was the pen name of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaye? (A) Kamla Kant (B) Anila Devi (C) Jarasandha (D) Dhananjoy Bairagi cafde pUnz pêksi/;k; dk isu use D;k Fkk\   (A)   deyk dka r (B)   vfuyk ns oh (C)   tjkla/k (D)   /kuat; cS jkxh 7.   A Computer portable and easy to carry by travelers is- (A) Super computer (B) Laptop (C) Minicomputer (D) File servers ;kf=;ks a ds fy, iksVs Zcy vkS j ys tkus es a vklku daI;w Vj gS - (A)    lqij daI;w Vj (B)   ySiVkWi (C)   feuh daI;w Vj (D)   Qkby loZ lZ   8.   The Term ‘Butterfly stroke’ is associated with: (A) Kabaddi (B) Wrestling (C) Swimming (D) Rowing ^cVj¶ykbZ LVªksd^ fdl [ksy ls lacaf/kr gS\ (A) dcìh (B) dq'rh (C)  rS jkdh (D) ukSdk;u    PART –   A   (GENERAL   KNOWLEDGE)     DMMT/A/Page 3 of 16   (D) Rajiv Gandhi D  jktho xka/kh C It s specc caracter stragt tat consttutes a reerence to an nternet resource. C   g fof'k V dSjsDVj LVªsV gS tks baVjusV la lk/ku ds fy, lanHkZ dk xBu djrk gS  (A) Raniganj (A)  jkuhxat (D) Pulitzer Prize : Progress in religion (D) iqfyRtj iqjLdkj % /keZ esa izxfr D  ct th   (D) 16Drw cj   (A) Kamla Kant (A) deyk dka r B Laptop (B) ySiVkWi C Swmmng C  rS jkdh  9.   When did Humayun first attack Chunar fort? (A) AD 1531 (B) AD 1532 (C) AD 1533 (D) AD 1536 'kkgtgka us pqukj fdys ij igyk geyk dc fd;k Fkk\ (A) AD 1531 (B) AD 1532 (C) AD 1533 (D) AD 1536   10.   What is the term applied to evolution of vegetation so that it becomes increasingly adapted to its environment? (A) Organic evolution (B) Plant succession (C) Climatic climax (D) Adaptation  ouLifr ds fodkl ds fy, fdl 'kCn dk bLrseky fd;k tk, fd ;g rsth ls vius okrkoj.k ds vuqdw y gks tk, ? (A) tSfod fodkl (B) ikne vuqØe.k (C) tyok;q pjeksRd kZ  (D) vuqdw yu    11.   The north pole of the earth’s magnet is near the geographical (A) south (B) east (C) west (D) north Ik`Foh ds pqacd dk mÙkjh /kzq o ---------HkkSxksfyd ds fudV gks rk gS   (A)   nf{k.k (B)   iw  oZ (C)   if'pe    (D)    mÙkj    12.   The total number of judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is : (A) 10 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 18 va rjk Vªh; U;k;ky; ¼vkbZ lhts½ es a U;k;k/kh'kks a dh dqy la[;k fdruh gS\   (A) 10 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 18 13.   The Academy Award is also known as (A) Matthews Award (B) Oscar Award (C) BAFTA Award (D) Palm’s de Affaire ,dsMeh vokWMZ dks fuEufyf[kr uke ls Hkh tkuk tkrk gS%&   (A)   eSF;w t vokWMZ (B)   vkWLdj vokWMZ   (C)   ck¶Vk vokWMZ  (D)   ikEl Ms vQs;js  14.   Mouse technique used for access in properties of any object is- (A) Dragging (B) Dropping (C) Right clicking (D) Shift clicking fdlh oLrq ds xq.kks a es a ,Dls l ds fy, mi;ksx dh tkus okyh ekml     rduhd gS & (A)   MªSfxax (B)   MªkWfiax (C)    jkbV fDyfdax (D)   f'k¶V fDyfdax    15.   Which of the following gas do not considered as polluting agent of air? (A) CO 2  (B) CO (C) NO 2  (D) SO 2 bues a ls fdl xSl dks ok;q dk iznw  kd ,ts aV ugha ekuk tkrk\ (A) CO 2  (B) CO (C) NO 2  (D) SO 2   16.   Which of these keys is not on the number keypad? (A) Ctrl (B) Del (C) Enter (D) Num Lock bues a ls dkSu lh dq ath uacj dhiSM ij ugha gS \ (A)   daVªksy (B)   Msy (C)   ,aVj (D)   ue ykWd PART    –   A   (GENERAL   KNOWLEDGE)   DMMT/A/Page 4 of 16     (B) AD 1532 (B) AD 1532 B Pant successon (B) ikne vuqØe.k (A) south A n  k.k (C) 15 (C) 15 (B) Oscar Award B vkWLdj vokWMZ   (C) Right clicking (C)  jkbV fDyfdax A Ctr (A) daª  ky A CO 2  A CO 2  


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