Andrzej (Andrew) Janiszewski

Andrzej (Andrew) Janiszewski
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  Andrzej (Andrew) Janiszewski 81 King’s Road, Rosyth, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 2TW01383  !1"#120#!$$  823$8! a%anis&e's(i)'*+*l PERSONAL STATEMENT  am an e-*erien.ed and /ualied le.troni. ngineer also 'ith e-*erien.e as a aintenan.e ngineer+ During my .areer  hae gained a 'ide range of s(ills, (no'ledge and e-*ertise installing, .ommissioning, o*erating and maintaining metal fa4ri.ation ma.hinery 5676  .onentional9, 76 and :;6 .ontrols 5<eidenhaim, Fanu., et.+9, =6  D6 motors 5u* to !0KW9 and transistor or thyristor dries 5>os.h, itsu4ishi, et.+9+  <ae good 'or(ing (no'ledge of i.rosoft ?@.e *rodu.ts, ?*en ?@.e, 6=D soft'are su.h as 5?, 5me.hani.al9, setting u* net'or(s using -+2$, ;=:>, T6:A: *roto.ols+  :assed e-amination on nergy :erforman.e of >uildings 5B Dire.tie 2002A"1A69 Caluation of energy e@.ien.y of 4uildings methods KEY SKILLS  1# th  dition of T Wiring Regulations  ound understanding of A ele.troni. systems and diagrams  (illed in diagnosis of faults and identify solutions  -*erien.ed in A ele.troni. A e/ui*ment installation A .ommissioning o*eration A maintenan.e  =4ility to set u* and utili&e arious ty*es of la4s e/ui*ment 5os.illos.o*es, generators, s*e.trum analy&ers, logi. analysers 9  :roen s(ills in *lanning A organisation A e-e.ution of 'or(load and *ro%e.ts  Eood s(ills in  ?@.e soft'are  Word, -.el, :o'er:oint, email, internet usage  =da*ta4le,, relia4le 'ith *roen team s(ills+ WORK EXPERIENCE Ma !""# $% &e' !"  le.troni. ngineer, F:< G=H>G ;td+, Iielona Eora, :olandRe*air A *re*are milling, lathe and grinding ma.hines, for resale to used mar(et+ A*r ++, $% O-$ !"".  aintenan.e ngineer, lme.h>au*ol ;td+, Eora, :olanda.hine ins*e.tions  re*air+ Ma ++# $% J/n ++0  le.troni. engineer, Danfoss ;td+,', :olanda.hine .ommissioning  re*air+ &e' ++ $% A/1 ++. elf m*loyment,', :olandatellite re.eier sets 'holesale sales and seri.e+ Se* +02 $% 3e- ++"  Resear.h =sst A Team gr, Bniersity,', :olandm*lement ++? A ?+++ for > A3#0 .om*uters 5Team manager A leel1 to leel !A *rogramming9 4I54ER E36CATION ?.t 1"J" to Hun 1"#!' Bniersity of Te.hnology, :oland le.troni.s Fa.ulty . aster of .ien.e, le.troni.s ngineer 4O77IES 8 INTERESTS  Traelling 'ith my family, meeting ne' *eo*le, (no'ing ne' * and reading 4oo(s are my faourites+  en%oy foot4all, 4as(et4all and 'at.hing Formula 1 RE&ERENCES =aila4le on re/uest+
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