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  ANDY CARRINGTON Flat 1, 57 KirkgateShipleyWest YorkshireBD18 3LUT. 777! #85$.  W. er!onal ro ile#Career O$%ecti&e $%glish a%& 'reati(e Writi%g U%&ergra&)ate *ith pre(io)s e+perie%e relati%g to p)-lishi%g a%& e&iti%g, a%& (ario)s other eploye%t relati%g to )stoer ser(ie. Sel/0&ri(e%, a%& oitte& to high pro/essio%al sta%&ar&s p)-lishe& *riter, *ith a high &egree o/ a)ray i% graar, spelli%g a%& p)%t)atio%. 2 %o* seek a areer relati%g to y *riti%g. 'ey (kill! ã -ility to o)%iate orally, i% *riti%g, or (ia eletro%i ea%s ã 'o%/i&e%t )ser o/ all 4iroso/t //ie appliatio%s, -o&e a%& 2%ter%et ã $+elle%t typi%g skills a%& k%o*le&ge o/ the -asi 4aroe&ia ppliatio%s ã rga%isatio%al Skills ã 'reati(e Thi%ker  Rele&ant )ork *+perience ,reelance )riter#-ournali!t S)ite11.oFe- 6!  rese%t ã 'o%tri-)tor to the *orl&9s ost oprehe%si(e i%&epe%&e%t o%li%e aga:i%e; *ritte% a%& e&ite& -y pro/essio%als, a%& tr)ste& -y o(er t*el(e illio% o%thly rea&ers. (ep /0 1 (ep 2/3 Whilst seeki%g eploye%t a/ter y &iag%osis o/ 'roh%6s Disease, 2 also &e(ise& y o*% *e-site as a sall -)si%ess, *hih proote& y /reela%i%g to other opa%ies a%& sol& y  -ooks to the p)-li. ã 4a%age& a%& reate& perso%al *e-site, ***.a%&yarri%gto%.o.)k  ,oot$all -ournali!t -eryst*yth To*% Foot-all 'l)-<8  <8 ã Writi%g /or the l)-6s *e-site a%& Welsh reiership %e*spaper  ã Worki%g to (ery tight &ea&li%es age1.  Other )ork *+perience 4ar er!on#(uper&i!or =oyle 'o)rt, Bail&o% 4aso%i =all<!  rese%t ã =ea& Bara% i% a Sil(er Ser(ie $%(iro%e%t ã Stok r&eri%g>Taki%g ã 'ash =a%&li%g ã Sta// Trai%i%g Admini!tration#Cu!tomer (er&ice A!!i!tant $(a%s =alsha* e)geot>?e%a)lt@)l 68  Sep A8 ã ?espo%si-le /or e%eral ')stoer C)eries ã e%eral &i%istratio% D)ties 4ar er!on Ye l&e =igh*aya%<#  <7 ã ')stoer Ser(ie ã 'ash =a%&li%g ã Stok ?otatio% a%& 'o%trol Trainee A!!i!tant 5anager#Cellar 5anager#4ar (uper&i!or Bar 'e%ssa<  <5 ã ?espo%si-le /or the &ay to &ay r)%%i%g o/ the 'ellar>Bar  ã Stok ?otatio% a%& 'o%trol ã 'ash =a%&li%g ã ')stoer Ser(ies 4ar er!on Ye l&e =igh*aya%<<  < ã ')stoer Ser(ie ã 'ash =a%&li%g ã Stok ?otatio% a%& 'o%trol Admini!trati&e A!!i!tant The Departe%t o/ Work a%& e%sio%s1!!8, <, <3 ã e%eral &i%istratio% D)ties *ducation The 6ni&er!ity o )ale!7 A$ery!twyth Si%gle =o%o)rs $%glish a%& 'reati(e Writi%g  <.1 ã ro&)e& %)ero)s port/olios that e+perie%te& *ith &i//ere%t teh%i)es i% poetry a%& prose s)-Eet atter -ase& o% perso%al a%& p)-li i%terest, *ith a &e(elopi%g a*are%ess o/ )lt)ral :eitgeist. age<.  ã U%&ertaki%g /at)al researh /or proEets )si%g a (ariety o/ etho&s, a%& (eri/yi%g /at)al o%te%t. ã Fi%al year #, *or& *riti%g proEet, *ith 3, *or& ritial oe%tary; s)-Eet atter -ase& o% perso%al a%& p)-li i%terest, *ith a &e(elopi%g a*are%ess o/ )lt)ral :eitgeist. )ake ield College ess to =igher $&)atio% =)a%itiesG  assS)-Eets; $%glish, $%glish Literat)re, syhology a%& Soiology 8eed! College o 5u!ic D@ Teh%ology 'erti/iate Thorne! ark College7 )ake ield  Hatio%al Diploa i% raphi Desig%  4erit2'T i% Key Skills  Le(el <S hotography  ass Carleton 9igh (chool 8 'S$6s o-tai%e&, i%l)&i%g 4aths a%& $%glish Additional ã =a(e a &e(elopi%g i%terest i% *riti%g re(ie*s o/ /ils i% pop)lar )lt)re, as *ell as re(ie*s /or i%&epe%&e%t )si artists ã $%Eoy eeti%g %e* people ã Dri(er6s lie%e *ith %o e%&orsee%ts hel& si%e << Re erence! (aila-le )po% re)est.age3.
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