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   nnexure-1Guideline for online application of bar coded plastic Identity Card Instruction for online application form:   Please   log-in to the portal( https://automationiitgernetin/icard  ! using your II G #eb mail id and pass#ord After log-in$ you #ill be redirected to your homepage #here your name$ roll no$ email$program and department #ill be displayed automatically If your credentials are not correct$please do not proceed further and inform the authority immediately If your credentials are correct$ you need to fill up the follo#ing - ã %ate of birth ã &lood group ã 'ostel name ã 'ostel room number ã Alternate email address ã Guardians name ã Guardians contact number ã 'ome address ã Personal contact number ã )tate ã %istrict ã Pin code ã )ession ( for Ph% students only! Instruction for Photo and )ignature *pload :  Please pay attention to upload good +uality photograph and )ignature Poor +uality of photograph and )ignature submitted #ill lead to re,ection of your photograph and )ignaturefor Identity Card he &ar Coded Plastic Identity Card #ill be printed #ith the photographand signature you submit Photograph )pecifications : 1 he photograph must be in color preferably taen in a professional studio.Photographs taen using a obile phone and other self composed portraits are 0 acceptable  3. Photograph must be taen in a clear 2hite   bacground 3 he photograph must ha4e been taen recently56ace should occupy about 578 of the area in the photograph$ and #ith a full face 4ie#looing into the camera directly9 he main features of the face must not be co4ered by hair of the head$ any cloth or anyshado# 6orehead$ both eyes$ nose$ chees$ lip$ and chin should be clearly 4isibleIf you normally #ear spectacles$ glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo Glarecan be a4oided #ith a slight do#n#ard tilt of the glasses for the photo shoot;<ou must not #ear spectacles #ith dar or tinted glasses$ only clear glasses are permitted 9. Pro4ide the image either in =P>G$ =PG or  gif format   only and also on a standard 35cmx ?5cm )I@>  10. %imensions of image : .77 x .?7 pixels (preferred! 11. he file sie should be : 15B& - ;7B&  (ilo bytes! 12. Applicant can upload his/her photograph only once unless admin re,ects it1?If the uploaded photograph is not in proper format$ admin may re,ect it and a mail #illbe sent to the applicants II G #eb mail I% for uploading the image again )ignature )pecifications : 1. Please put your signature #ith a blac in  on a #hite paper .Get the signature digitally photographed/image scanned 3. =P>G$ =PG  or  gif  image formats #ill be accepted 4. %imensions of image : 13 7 x 97 pixels (preferred! 5. he file sie should be :  17B& - ?7B& (ilo bytes! 9obile phone photographs of signatures are not acceptable$ and can result in re,ection of the signature 7. Applicant can upload his/her signature only once unless admin re,ects it;If the uploaded signature is not in proper format$ admin may re,ect it and a mail #ill besent to the applicants II G #eb mail I% for upload the image again After successful completion of the application process$ applicant can 4ie# all his/hercredentials along #ith the uploaded photograph and signature Applicant can edit his/her formdetails #ithin the stipulated date sho#n on the final page he duration of editing option may bedifferent for all applicants After the stipulated editing period$ form #ill be processed to 4endors forprinting Identity card 0o re+uest #ill be entertained after the completion of the editing period  6or technical problem please contact : ã )umon Choudhury (Computer Centre!$ >mail  Phone: DE1-?91-.5;-??E? ã )an,oy %as (Computer Centre!$ >mail  6or any other Fuery please contact : ã )tudents Affairs )ection $ >mail   Phone: DE1-?91-.5;-.19? >0% 
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