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   Annual Review  ANNUAL REVIEW 2013/14 | 32   |   Chairman’s statement Chief Execuve’s reviewSo Landings: airborneBIM: how to get startedAbout BSRIAPublicaons, networks and trainingMembership, Board of Directors and CouncilMember listStay in touch with BSRIA Chairman’sStatement Leslie SmithChairman, BSRIA What’s inside the BSRIA  Annual Review? This is my nal introducon to the Associaon’s annual review in my posion as Chairman and it is pleasing that aer three years I am, at last, able to do so in an improving economic environment. There has been a clear return of condence to the construcon industry lead by a signicant improvement in the residenal property sector. Whilst this upturn in acvity was welcome, the past year remained challenging for the business. The improving workload generated in the UK construcon sector was slow to lter through to the acvies undertaken by BSRIA and was compounded by depressed acvies in dicult European and Global markets.It is to the credit of the sta and the management team that, in spite of these constraints, the business returned a respectable surplus for the year against a lower than budgeted turnover. I would like to thank all the sta for their commitment and hard work during the last year which delivered this creditable outcome.In my review last year I advised that BSRIA was facing a year of change, with the rerements of John Turner, aer 16 years of service as Financial Director, and Andrew Eastwell aer 38 years of service, 16 of which were as Chief Execuve. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank them both for their immense contribuons in developing and growing the business into the well-respected organisaon, which it is today.The Board has subsequently welcomed Eian Hardacre who joined the business in September 2013, as Finance Director, and Julia Evans who was appointed as the new Chief Execuve and joined the business in May 2014. Julia brings with her a wealth of experience at chief execuve level having previously held the posion at the Naonal Federaon of Builders, and has inmately been involved in the construcon industry for the 10 years. The changes at Board level were completed by the appointment of George Adams as non-Execuve Director. Throughout this transional period BSRIA has maintained its focus on its mission, “making buildings beer’, by improving and broadening the services it provides to its members and to the industry in general. Strategic investments have been made to expand the business. Compliance tesng capability in the UK has been substanally increased through our partnership. Our capacity in worldwide market intelligence has been extended by the opening of our oce in Chicago to develop a presence in the American market. I am condent that both of these developments will be seen to be astute moves as the acvies in construcon both in the UK and globally connue to gain momentum.In the coming year the business celebrates its 60th anniversary and a number of special events are being planned naonwide to commemorate this milestone throughout the year. We shall also be publishing our vision for the future, outlining how the organisaon proposes to adapt, develop and grow its services and acvies in response to the changing requirements of the built environment and the enormous challenges of the sustainability agenda within the UK. This promises to be an excing and pivotal year for BSRIA and I am condent that, with the calibre of its sta and the management team, it is well posioned to capitalise on the opportunies that will arise in the now expanding and diversifying sectors in which it operates.In conclusion I would like to thank the Board of Directors for all of the support and advice that they have given to me during my term as Chairman and I look forward to working with them as the business moves forward into its 60th year. 030408 101214 1516 20  ANNUAL REVIEW 2013/14 | 54   | In my rst annual report for BSRIA I am reecng back on the key issues and challenges with which BSRIA has been engaged in the year 2013/14. This is the year in which, at last, the icy grip of the recession started to lose its purchase and the signs of a modest recovery in the economy were evident. Later in the review we focus on a couple of topics for the future.BSRIA has weathered the recession in good condion and has undertaken a number of key high prole research and technical projects during that me. It has also considered some of the basic structures of the organisaon and streamlined operaons to gain greater eciency. The year to come will enable a broader review of performance and engagement, and focus on the development of a ve year strategy to take BSRIA through its 60th anniversary and beyond. BSRIA has a number of key funcons each of which report their key acvies in this arcle. However it is the reputaon of the business as a whole for reliable service, experse and creavity in the eld of building services both within the UK and internaonally for which BSRIA is known and respected. It is this that we will be celebrang in 2015 and this upon which we will be building our plans for the future. Membership BSRIA membership connued to grow with the recruitment of 78 new members during the year.During the year we have consolidated and updated our relaonship with the Associaon of University Engineers (AUE). We are also working with the Naonal Housing Federaon (the Federaon) to develop a package that will benet both BSRIA members and Federaon members alike.An increase in interest from overseas organisaons has led to the development of a new services package available electronically and at a lower subscripon for the rst year of membership. We will be looking to develop this in the next 12 months. (Above) Specically designed to help speciers “mind the gap” between performance and reality, BSRIA Cert has now introduced two new cercaon schemes - for weather louvres and PICVs. Also under consideraon is a scheme for fan coils. Member Networks are connuing to grow in popularity and are highly regarded as a member benet. In the last year 854 delegates aended our events - a 7.5% increase over the previous year. In September 2014 we will be launching our latest network ‘Residenal’ which will examine and communicate the key issues in this growth market.We have not neglected our tradional services for members and have produced eight new technical publicaons for our members plus the Blue Book 2014. We also redesigned the member’s journal, Delta T, to expand the range of topics and areas. And nally we have introduced a standard 7.5% discount on on-line purchases from BSRIA Instrument Soluons. Instrument Soluons The 2013/14 year was a vibrant one in business terms for Instrument Soluons who saw clear growth in not only the level of calibraons undertaken but also the amount of equipment on hire and in the sale of instrumentaon into dierent markets around the world. Parcularly interesng was the geographic and subject diversity of the markets served. For example during the year we have supplied health and safety instrumentaon into the oil and gas industry not only in the North Sea but also as far aeld as Azerbaijan and we have supplied parcle counters for manufacturing facilies in Germany and dust monitoring instruments for use in process plants in the Far East. Julia EvansChief Execuve review Chief Executive’s   Poole Innovaon Centre, courtesy of Aedas Architects, BSRIA members. For the carbon performance of the building see:   ANNUAL REVIEW 2013/14 | 76   | Future growth seems assured with the porolio of instruments from dierent suppliers and UKAS accredited calibraon facilies allowing BSRIA to be clearly recognised as a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients. Sustainable Construcon Group The Sustainable Construcon Group has enjoyed a successful year across all of its operaons. The Group has seen growing industry interest in a number of areas including Life Cycle Cosng (LCC), So Landings in part associated with the Government’s implementaon of Government So Landings, the learning from building performance evaluaon and the implementaon of Building Informaon Modelling (BIM). The drive by the UK Government to adopt BIM within the construcon industry has generated a huge upsurge in interest. BSRIA has been key to the implementaon of BIM within the building services sector, and central to the producon of PAS 1192-3 ‘Specicaon for Informaon Management for the Operaonal Phase of assets using building informaon modelling’. BSRIA was delighted to win the contract to write this publicaon for the BSI, the importance of this document was emphasised by it being downloaded 355 mes in the rst 10 minutes of it being available. PAS 1192-3 is a companion document to PAS 1192-2, which specied an informaon management process to support building informaon modelling (BIM) Level 2 in the capital/delivery phase of projects. In contrast, PAS 1192-3 focuses on the operaonal phase of assets irrespecve of whether these were commissioned through major works, acquired through transfer of ownership or already existed in an asset porolio.BSRIA has also connued its highly successful ‘Introducon to BIM’ course and will be promong and supporng BIM during the year to come. The division will connue its focus on key areas including the development of its services in the residenal sector with the Government maintaining its commitment to zero carbon homes from 2016. Test BSRIA Test has had a successful year following the introducon of the Construcon Products Regulaon in July 2013. This has driven demand in areas such as radiator and ue tesng, as well as smulang new opportunies with the tesng of solid fuel stoves. BSRIA has now been tesng stoves as an EU Noed Body for just over a year. Publicaon of BSRIA’s ‘Test Method for Pressure Independent Control Valves (BTS 1/2012)’, wrien in collaboraon with industry has overcome the lack of an exisng standard. This publicaon has led to an increase in valve tesng work and we see this part of the business expanding.The demand for heat pump tesng remains strong, parcularly from manufacturers wishing to access schemes such as the Energy Technology List (ETL) and Microgeneraon Cercaon Scheme (MCS), linked to the Renewable Heat Incenve. We have seen a signicant increase in the tesng of heat interface units over the past year, resulng in the creaon of a working group to develop a test methodology in collaboraon with industry.Our bespoke tesng team has also had a successful year. A signicant project to build and run a 345m bespoke test facility for a new build project in 2014 will allow further research and development in this area. Worldwide Management Intelligence BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence (WMI) division had a challenging year as the European market connued to suer from the eects of the economic downturn combined with an increased level of competor acvity. As a result BSRIA undertook a wholescale review of their market intelligence acvies which has resulted in a widening of the topics covered by BSRIA reports an increase in the type of report available and will see a fresh and contemporary new styling to BSRIA reports, allowing WMI to build on the growth they have experienced in the last few years.Two of the excing new topic areas that WMI will be developing are:- Energy and Energy Eciency in Buildings Although the European Commission is sll debang the nal energy targets for 2030 it is already clear that it will focus on factors that have helped to put it on the right track towards achievement of the 20/20 targets. These include the reducon of greenhouse gas emissions, energy eciency and the increased use of renewable energy systems; these moves can only strengthen in the years to come. District Energy The UK has a 60 year history of ulising district energy. However the last ve years have seen a big upsurge in interest on the part of energy companies, planners, central government and certain types of clients. Compliance BSRIA’s Compliance division for commercial and domesc airghtness integrity tesng went through a number of changes during the year. Commercial and residenal tesng businesses were merged to facilitate improved business eciencies which are now yielding considerable dividends. These changes were fundamental in ensuring BSRIA exceeded our clients’ service expectaons during the course of the year. This included receiving the Barra Developments “Service Supplier of The Year (Indirect)” award. The year also saw a new partnership with NHBC whereby BSRIA serviced their current bookings and were allowed new sales through NHBC Energy Services. This partnership, coupled with generic growth through Building Regulaons, led to a signicant increase in acvity over the previous year. Internaonal BSRIA Asia The Beijing operaon has experienced a posive growth in 2013/2014 year, not only for WMI business, but also for management consultancy including winning our rst job with a Chinese client. We connue our valued work for private clients and we have won repeat business from several key players in the industry. The reach of BSRIA Asia has also extended into the wider Asian market including Russia. In April 2014, BSRIA Asia also signed a cooperaon agreement with the China Associaon of Refrigeraon (CAR) at the China Refrigeraon Show and the pares will work together to conduct a China Refrigeraon Study in 2014. BSRIA USA Increasing levels of work commissioned by American clients has led to the establishment of the BSRIA USA oce in Chicago. This will enable us to further improve services for exisng USA clients and to grow our impact and services. Conclusion BSRIA will connue to support and serve the industry during the year to come and with the development of its new strategy, its celebraons of its 60th year in 2015 and the drive and determinaon of its members and sta, BSRIA will connue to play a leading role in the creaon and delivery of cung edge services and the development and advancement of the building services industry.   Chris Knights (General Manager, Compliance) receiving the Barra Developments “Service Supplier of The Year (Indirect)” award.


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