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  Austin Carlson Carlson 1 Dr. Aronow   AP Composition   10 November 2014   Of Love   (love story NOT SATIRE)   Oh, the feelings that love brings. The new found energy, the continual jolt of euphoria, and the feeling of absolute perfection. While being in love is an absolute wonder, the feeling of love is nothing compared to when you are embracing your love. Time stops and everything falls away until it is just the two of you. Whatever is going on around you vanishes until it seems like you are the only two people in the entire world. Your heart is beating thousands of beats a second, but every part of you is completely numb. Their face is the only detail you can see in an ocean of blurred faces. Every other sound is like static except for their voice. Every single ounce of your attention is focused on them. There could be someone right next to tempting you with treasures of gold and rubies, but nothing can draw your attention away from your love. It seems like no power on earth could possibly separate the bond the two of you have formed through your love. The rise of unconventional marriages have made people contemplate a very important question. What is love? A religious worshiper will say love is when a man and a woman are united in heart and mind. A hopeless romantic will say love is when you find your prince or  princess charming. (metonymy) I view love a different way. Love is when you care for someone more than you care about yourself, like when Jack lets Rose float on the piece of drifting wood,  while Jack stays swimming in the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Jack does this because he cares for Rose so much that he would risk his own life by Carlson 2   staying in the freezing ocean so Rose will survive. So, while the worshiper and the romantic are not wrong, there is a much simpler explanation of love. Love is not the blending of minds or the discovery of an individual's prince or princess charming. Love is the coming together of two  peoples souls. Each one of us is born with a hole in our hearts. No, not an actual hole, but a figurative hole. Picture our hearts like the peg boards we all used to play with when we were toddlers. The glazed sheet of wood with the shaped holes cut out. Shapes like squares, and circles, and stars. There are also the wooden pegs, the shaped blocks of wood that fit perfectly inside each wood cutout. Now, imagine your heart as the sheet of wood with a circle hole in it, and everyone else in the world is a wooden peg. There are millions upon millions of square pegs, and triangle pegs, and pentagon pegs, and star pegs, and not a single one of them fits perfectly inside of your heart. There are a few circle pegs out there, but not all circle pegs fit in your wood cutout. Some circle  pegs are too big or too small and do not fit or do not entirely fill up the hole, so you keep searching for the perfect circle peg. And then you find it. The perfect circle peg. The peg that fits  perfectly inside of the circle hole of your heart. This, in a figurative sense, is what finding your love is like.   Too many people live with a hole in their hearts that needs to be filled. Too many people see love as an unworthy quest or an unachievable goal, and thus decide that love is a fairy tale or will just never happen. These are the people who have the hole in their hearts unfilled. It is a worthy quest and an achievable goal to find the one you love. (Polyptoton) In fact, it should be a  necessity of every person to find their round peg that fits perfectly in their circle cutout. Life is not complete without someone to be able to love. The quest to love and to be loved is the greatest Carlson 3   adventure a man or a woman can ever embark upon. The ride may have its ups and down, its twists and turns, but by the end of the ride you have finally found your true love. There is nothing more joyous and lovely than finding your true love, but losing the one you love is one of the most heartbreaking and devastating experiences a person can suffer through. One of my friends went through the rise of finding his love and then suffered the fall of losing his love. From the moment he met her he knew she was the one. For days upon days he would talk of nothing but her. Everyone could see he had fallen madly in love with her. It was like cupid had shot him with a thousand arrows all for her. He had finally gathering up enough courage to ask her to junior prom, but a few days before he could ask her he received a terrible and devastating blow. Her father had gotten a promotion and her family was moving to Arizona a few days after school ended. I was right next to him when she told him this news and I can still remember his face like I saw it seconds ago. His face was full of hidden anguish and immediate loneliness. His usual brightness and energy had been drained from his body in matter of seconds and replaced with pain and sadness. Her peg was removed from his heart, and he was devastated  by it. For weeks he was not the same. He did not talk as much, he was not his happy, joking self. In fact, I have never seen a person so depressed and distraught then on the car ride home with him after her going away party. We sat in silence for the entire car ride home. It was usually only a five minute drive home, but he kept taking wrong turns and the ride ended up taking a half an hour. At the time I thought that was weird. “We’ve gone this way a thousand times. Why is he getting lost?” I thought to m yself. Now, I realize that he just needed someone    Carlson 4   to be with him. His love was taken away from him, and he knew that no one would ever fill the hole in his heart like she did. He is starting to try and let girls back in his heart, but everytime he starts to like a new girl he always feels that something is missing. None of those girls are her.   My friend had to let his peg go, but he still had the chance to have a peg to fill his heart. To quote Lord Tennyson, “ Tis better to have loved and lost , than never to have loved at all.” (Tennyson In Memoriam A. H. H 27) Too many people find their peg, but are too scared to let the peg fill their hearts. So, if you find your peg, let it fill your heart because loving someone and   then losing them is one of the most terrible pains a person can go through, but the longing to love   a person is the most terrible anguish a person can endure. (periphrasis) It may be frightening to   go up to your crush and tell them your feelings, but in the end, your brave venture will be worth it. Two endings can come when you tell your crush your feelings. Both outcomes are positives. He or she can say they feel the same and you are ecstatic. The person you care about feels the same way towards you as you do towards them. The other response they may give is that they don’t feel the same way and you are crushed. It may feel awful, but remember every atom bomb has a silver lining. Now you know that the person does not feel the same way you know that they are not your round peg, but a square peg that was disguised as a round peg. When you gather up the courage to tell your crush you have feelings for them always do it directly. Never, upon any circumstances, do it indirectly. This includes making one of your mutual friends acts as a love messenger, sending vague love letters, and, worst of all, making
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