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    Template provided by  MEMORANDUM   OF   ASSOCIATION   AND   RULES   AND   REGULATIONS   OF ASSOCIATION   NAME>   Template provided by  Table of Contents MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF <ASSOCIATION NAME> ____________________ 4   1.   OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION: __________________________________________ 4   2.   INCOME AND PROPERTY: _________________________________________________ 4   3.   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: __________________________________________________ 5   4.   ADDITIONS, ALTERATION OR AMENDMENTS: _________________________________ 5   RULES AND REGULATIONS OF <ASSOCIATION NAME> ___________________________ 6   5.   SHORT TITLE: ___________________________________________________________ 6   6.   PLACE AND ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________ 6   7.   MEMBERSHIP: __________________________________________________________ 6   8.   MEMBERSHIP FEES: ______________________________________________________ 6   9.   TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: ___________________________________________ 7   10.   GENERAL BODY: _______________________________________________________ 7   Annual Meetings: ___________________________________________________________________ 7   Special Meetings: ___________________________________________________________________ 7   Adjourned Meetings: ________________________________________________________________ 8   Notice of the Meetings: ______________________________________________________________ 8   Place of Meeting: ___________________________________________________________________ 8   Chairman of the Meeting: ____________________________________________________________ 8   Decisions at Meetings: _______________________________________________________________ 8   Disqualification: ____________________________________________________________________ 9   11.   ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS: ___________________________________________ 9   12.   FINANCIAL YEAR: ______________________________________________________ 9   13.   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, ITS CONSTITUTION, POWER AND FUNCTION: ___________ 9   14.   POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, JOINT SECRETARY AND TREASURES: _________________________________________________ 10   15.   WORKING HOURS: ____________________________________________________ 10   NOMINATIONS AND ITS REVOCATIONS: ________________________________________________ 11   16.   BANK ACCOUNTS: ____________________________________________________ 12     Template provided by    Template provided by  MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF <ASSOCIATION NAME>   1.   This document is called Memorandum of Association. 2.   The name of the association shall be “ <ASSOCIATION NAME> ”.   3.   The registered office of the Association shall be at ASSOCIATION NAME and ADDRESS OF THE COMPLEX   1.   OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION: a. To provide, without any motive of profit, social aid especially for the residents of COMPLEX NAME and to make services available from Govt. and other agencies concerning Roads, Footpaths, Parks, Streetlights, Water supply, Electricity supply,  Animal nuisance, Pollution etc. b. To approach courts of law, including High Court of <Sate name> for the redressal of grievances, if the competent authorities fail to render justice otherwise. c. To manage, maintain, administer and regulate the common areas and common facilities at COMPLEX NAME and ADDRESS as the custodian, to the best advantage and benefit of all the Members of the Association. To represent the Members in all matters pertaining to their common problems in the premises and settle or compromise with third parties any matter or dispute affecting the common problems in the premises. d. To promote close co-operation between Members, render all possible advice and guidance to Members relating to ownership and enjoyment of apartments and to provide such amenities and facilities to Members from time to time as the Board of Managers may deem fit. 2.   INCOME AND PROPERTY: The Income and the property of the Association, where-so-ever derived from, shall be applied solely for the promotion of the objects of the Association and no portion of the income and property of the Association shall be paid, applied or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise how-so-ever by way of profit to any member of the Association or any person claiming through any of the members provided that nothing hereto contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration or reward to any officer, employee or servant of the Association or any member of the  Association or other persons in return for any service actually rendered to the  Association.
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