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THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN PARTICULARS OF THE APPLICANT FOR MEMBERSHIP (Registered Address: The Department of Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad) Email Address: 1) Application for Membership ……………………………………………………………..................................... I desire to be Life member/Annual member/Student member of the chemical Society of Pakistan and agree to abide by the rules, regulations and traditions of the Society. A bank draft/pay order no:………………of Rs:
of 2
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  THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN (Registered Address: The Department of Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University Isama!ad #mai Address: Application o! M m# !s$ip  I desire to !e Li mem!er$ Annual  mem!er$ Stu% nt  mem!er of the %hemi%a &o%iety of 'aistan and agree to a!ide !y the rues, reguations and traditions of the &o%iety)A !an draft$pay order no:******of Rs:***))* is !eing en%osed here+ith in%onne%tion +ith my ife mem!ership$annua mem!ership$student mem!ership for the year ********I aso +ish to %ontri!ute Rs) **))) as donation for various a%ademi% a%tivities of theChemi%a &o%iety of 'aistan) &n% !ta'ing( I undertae to a!ide !y a the rues, reguations and traditions of theso%iety as avaia!e in the %onstitution and generay pra%ti%ed respe%tivey and in %ase of a disagreement the ruing of the 'resident C&' sha !e the fina and I sha not %haengeit in any %ourt of a+)&ignature: ************))) ame:*************))*  )In #loc' l tt !s* aiing address:**********))****************)* ****************)*Dated: ******** M m# !s$ip Su#sc!iption F s+ A%%epted, in genera, through !an draft$pay order ony . You ma, also pa, onlin in account No.-/0111/2-/1-3 Ha#i# 4an' Limit %3 Comm !cial A! a 4!anc$ F523 Islama#a%. Titl o account # ing T$ C$ mical Soci t, o Pa'istan. .ife mem!ership: 6s( 7111.11 Annua mem!ership: 6s( 711.11 /ive yeary mem!ership: 6s( 0111 &tudent mem!ership: 6s( 011.11 0verseas (.ife : &S %olla!s 011.11 0verseas (Annua :  &S %olla!s 01.11Cont!i#ution o! 8ou!nal6s( 021.11  per annum for .ife mem!ers 6s( 097.11  per annum for 1 yeary mem!ership 6s( 11.11  per annum for Annua mem!ers 6s( :11.11  per annum for on mem!ers + M m# !s$ip  %o s not inclu% su#sc!iption o! t$ 8ou!nal++No P$otog!ap$ is ! qui! % at t$is stag 3 Pl as attac$ p$otog!ap$ on ,ou! ca!% ;$ n ,ou! c i< it an% t$ n s n% a p$otocop, o t$ sam to ccccs oic . PA6TIC&LA6S OF THE APPLICANT FO6 MEM4E6SHIP-*  ame in fu (in !o% etters : Dr)$ r)$ iss$ rs*******))***))* ***********************))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 0* /ather2s name: *************************))))) * 3o! tite: ***************************)))* /* Teephone (0ff) : ******)**))))Teephone (Res) : *****))**))))o!ie o):******)****)* /a4 o: *******)))))))))))))))))*#mai: **)))*))))**********************))**) 7* aiing address:***********************)))** **********)*********************)* :* 'ermanent address: **********************))))*) *****************************))))))))))* 2* 'rofession +ith #4perien%e: ********************))) ******************************))** 9* A%ademi% Quaifi%ation: *********************))))) =* /ied of interest: ***********************)))*)) ominated !y:******))***))**))) em!ership o:***))*)**))**A%tion taen !y the Coun%i: *******************)))))))))**em!ership o) Assigned:) ****))*)** A%%epted on: **))**)**)))))))))*----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------  T6EAS&6E6 SEC6ETA6Y >ENE6AL P6ESI?ENT Pl as ! tu!n to an, on o t$ ollo;ing( 5)The In %harge Country Coordination Centre in Chemi%a &%ien%e (CCCC& , Department of Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University, Isama!ad)6)'rof) Dr )7haid ) 7han &e%retary 8enera C&' 9#3 resear%h Institute of ChemistryUniversity of 7ara%hi, 7ara%hi 16;)<)=i%e 'resident of the .o%a Chapter for on+ards transmission the %entra offi%e or to the&e%retary 8enera C&') )Impo!tant Not ( em!ership to !e effe%tive from the date of issue of the em!ership Card )    o 'hotograph>> re?uired stagestage stage


Jul 23, 2017
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