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Appendices mmg thesis ojt

Appendices mmg thesis ojt
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  APPENDIX ASample Application Letter  Date AddresseeDear:In line with the course requirements of the Practicum Program of the Marketing Management Department of De La Salle Universit! we would like to have our compan as our host" The practicum program has the following objectives  #o have the opportunit to $e e%posed to the actual &marketing environment'! appl marketing knowledge gained in school thru !"" hours of #mar$eting wor$ '(  #o have the opportunit to contri$ute to the compan)industr through a written output *a marketing plan! a service plan! a retail plan! or a research paper+ that is srcinal! innovative and implementa$le(  #o present and defend the thesis in the presence of Marketing Management professors and the compan%&s representative on August '( !")'* Satur+a%, Should ou have an clarification! please do not hesitate to contact the ,oordinator or an of the signatories" -e hope for a favora$le response from ou"#hank ou".ours in St" La Salle!Students names *signed+/oted $: 00000000000000000000000  Prof, -armelita ., /alton Thesis Coordinator RVR-COB De La Salle 0niversit%( .anila 1233455 local 564  APPENDIX 1Acceptance Letter  DateMs" ,armelita M" -altonPracticum ,oordinator Marketing Management Department7879,ollege of usinessDe La Salle Universit! ManilaDear Practicum ,oordinator!#his is to confirm our compan;s acceptance of the practicum group composed of the following mem$ers: *indicate our names+ for the 6 rd  trimester of School .ear 2<5292<56"#his also signifies that the practicum group has clearl e%plained the o$=ectives! mechanisms and policies of the practicum program" Moreover! our commitment to attend and participate on the Thesis Defense on August '( !")' 2Satur+a%3  as co9educators">or our information"#hank ou"8er trul ours!*,ompan 7epresentative;s /ame  And ,ompan /ame+  Appen+i4 -  APP7?8AL S@# >?7 MA7B#I/C P7A,#I,UMI"ASI, I/>?7MA#I?/:2 nd  #rimester 2<56  2<53 S.Mem$ers: /ameAddress#elephone /o" or ,ellphone /o"5"Eames Bevin LaoManila ,it<F5G1H1<<2<2"Eohn Patrick " MalolesParaaque ,it<F5G4636<2G6"Easper Darl PeJueKon ,it<F6FF56G6HH3"Clenn rson .auManila ,it<F5GH222622>acult Adviser: Ms" ,armelita M" -alton,ompan /ame: Son Philippines Inc",ompan Address: 55 th  floor    652 24th Street -est corner >ourth Avenue onifacio Clo$al ,it! 5463! #aguig ,it Metro Manila! Philippines#elephone /um$er:   *462+ H4<96666,ontact Person )Designation: Ms" Nhorida Lipaon! Ms" ,atherine #an-ork Period: H am to 1 pmII"P7A,#I,UM P7?C7AM)-?7B ?U#LI/)CA/## ,@A7# APP7?8D .:/?#D .: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 Prof" Milette NamoraMs" Ma Luisa DelacoPracticum ,oordinatorDepartment ,hairman  APPENDIX DThan$ 5ou Letter for the -ompanies that %ou have not chosenLetter of Decline Date AddresseeDear Sir:#hank ou for considering our group to have our practicum with our compan" After careful evaluation of our o$=ectives and alternatives! we have decided not to pursue our application for practicum with our compan"#hank ou".ours in Saint La Salle!Students /ames *Signed+  APPENDIX ESample waiver formParents -ertification of Permission6/aiver  #his is to certif that I am allowing m son)daughter to start the practicum $efore 000000000 with *,ompan name and address+"It is understood that he)she will a$ide $ the rules and regulations that ma $e imposed $ the facilitators)staff9in9charge for the welfare and safet of the group"I full agree to waive an responsi$ilit on the part of De La Salle Universit! the sponsoring organiKation) group and)or the facilitators)staff9in9charge in case of an untoward incident that ma happen to m son)daughter during the duration of the activit"Sign over Printed /ame of StudentSign over Printed /ame of Parent)Cuardian
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