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INS584 Apps for iphone & ipad iphone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ipad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Contents Texecom
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INS584 Apps for iphone & ipad iphone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ipad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Contents Texecom Apps for iphone & ipad Contents Contents... 2 Overview... 3 Features & Functions... 3 Hardware requirements... 4 Panel Support... 4 SmartKey app... 5 Configuring the app... 5 Using the SmartKey app... 8 Virtual Keypad app... 9 Additional Menu Items... 9 Virtual Keypad Engineer App Unlocking the app Additional Engineer App functions SmartKey Areas INS584 Overview Texecom apps for iphone & ipad are available in three different versions. The following guide details the features of each app; and the hardware required to make them function. Features & Functions SmartKey Features Supported panels are detailed in the table below. The App requires a ComIP, ComGSM or Chiron IRIS module connected to a Premier or Premier Elite control panel. Features include: SmartKey Allows you to arm, part arm, disarm and reset your alarm system. It also allows you to trigger up to 3 outputs (control panel dependent) which can be used to control lighting etc. Sites profiles Allows connection to one pre-defined site profile. Supported Languages Czech Danish English Finnish Norwegian Spanish Swedish Portuguese Default user details are: User Name: Master Passcode: Keypad Includes all the features of the SmartKey app, and also: Virtual Keypad. Access your system from the keypad as if you were using a real keypad. Sites profiles. Allows connection to up to three pre-defined site profiles. Start Screen. Select which screen the app starts on. Engineer Includes all the features of the SmartKey & Keypad app, this app must be unlocked to gain full access to all of the functions. And in addition to the above includes: Panel Status. View panel type, firmware version, panel voltage and current consumption (control panel dependent). Event Log. View the last 20 log events. Zone Status. View the status of zones and omit zones on the fly. Remote Control. Arm, part arm, disarm and reset any selected area. Omit any selected zone. Tools. Anti-code reset, SmartKey areas, Generate protected UDL passcode (required for basic and standard app). Sites profiles. Allows connection to up to nine pre-defined site profiles. Please note that this app has been designed to be used by installation engineers. Access to engineering features like Anti-code, Protected UDL generation, Zone status and Remote control will only be available once the app is unlocked. To unlock the app, go to setting, help and select 'Unlock App' then follow the instructions on the screen. Unlocking of the app will only be allowed once company validation has been performed. The App will still function as an advanced user App if it is not unlocked. INS584 3 Hardware Requirements Panel Support Texecom apps for iphone & ipad will work with Premier or Premier Elite as detailed in the table below. To view your panel type and firmware version press on the keypad. Panel Firmware Version SmartKey App Keypad App Engineers App Premier Elite all models (640 is limited to the first 16 Areas) V1.00 Premier 24 N/A Premier 48/88/168 V8.14 Premier 48/88/168 V8.13 1 Premier 640 TBC Premier 412/816 V10.13 1 Premier 412/816 V10.12 2 Premier 832 V4.13 1 Premier 832 V4.12 2 Veritas all models N/A N/A N/A N/A 1. The app version will determine the operation of the SmartKey, app version V1.01 will require the installation engineer to assign SmartKey areas. Later versions of the app do not require Engineer intervention. 2. These control panels will require the installation engineer to assign the SmartKey areas. Communication Devices To use the apps the panel must be enabled for IP communications. The app will work with the following communications devices:- Texecom Premier Elite ComGSM running in GPRS mode with a fixed IP address SIM card Texecom Premier Elite ComIP unit Chiron Iris communications module The apps ARE NOT compatible with Emizon, Dualcom, WebWayOne development discussions are ongoing. 4 INS584 SmartKey App To access the control panel, you will need some basic details to allow connection, these should be obtained from your installer. IP Address Port Number UDL/Protected UDL User Code User ID Once you have all of the required information proceed as follows: Configuring the App To start the app press the Icon Login The following screen will appear, enter the default User Name and Password, press the Successful will appear at the bottom of the screen. button, Login Main Menu Once you are logged in the following screen will appear Press the button INS584 5 Settings User Details Here you can change the default User Name & Password, switching Remember Me ON will have the details filled in the next time you use the app. Connection Details Connection Details Site Name/Site Summary Description SmartKey Areas Description Enter the Site Name, for example House Enter more details about the site Enter the IP Address or DNS given to you by the installer Enter the Host Port given to you by the installer Enter the UDL Password* Enter the Protected UDL Password* Fill in your user code and ID on this page. The user ID is the user number on the control panel. * Only enter ONE of these options. Protected UDL is preferred but can only be obtained from your installation company. 6 INS584 General Make any required changes to the General settings. Texecom Website Takes you to our website within the app. Help The Help screen details which app you have, the version number, and directs you to some specific instructions. INS584 7 Using the SmartKey App Once you have configured the app and put in all of the required details, you may test the functionality with your system. To start the app press the Icon Press the button, the following screen will appear, the functions are detailed in the table. Buttons Symbol Function LED Normal Mode Aux Mode No Colour Status LED 1 LED 2 LED 3 LED 4 Full Arm Activates PC Control 1* 1 Pink = Connected Blue = Successful Login Turquoise = Aux Mode Part Arm Activates PC Control 2* 2 * Red = System Armed Flashing Red = System in Exit Disarm Activates PC Control 3* 3 * Orange = System Part Armed Orange Flashing = System Part Arming For resetting & Selecting Aux Mode Selects Normal Mode 4 * Green = System Disarmed *only works if programmed by the installer and the panel is capable of operation. *in Aux mode these LED's will be on or off, depending on the status of the output. Pressing the corresponding key will either switch the output on or off. The LED will follow the output state. 8 INS584 Virtual Keypad App To start the app press the icon Follow the instructions given for the SmartKey app, in addition to the functions available, the keypad app has the following:- Additional Menu Items Additional Main Menu The main menu has an additional button for the keypad. Additional Site Details The keypad app allows connection for up to three sites, fill in the details as described previously for each site you wish to use. Additional General Settings The Keypad app has additional functions as detailed. Keypress Sound and Keypress Vibrate work with both the SmartKey and the keypad. Auto Login saves your details for each subsequent use. INS584 9 Virtual Keypad Press the appear on the screen button on the main menu screen the following representation of your system keypad will Connecting Screen Portrait View Connected Screen Connecting Screen Landscape View Connected Screen The keypad can be used in exactly the same way as the real keypad on your system. 10 INS584 Engineer App The Engineer App contains both the SmartKey and Keypad apps. In addition the Engineer app contains features specifically for professional installation engineers. To utilise the full functionality of the app it will need to be unlocked. An unlock code will only be issued once we have validated the identity of the applicant. To start the app press the icon Follow the details on the previous pages to login and set up sites to connect too. Engineer Login To log in as an Engineer in any of the apps the following credentials should be used:- User Name: Engineer Password: Additional General Settings When logged in as an Engineer in any of the Apps you can select to Hide the User Code and UDL details. The number of log events displayed is also selectable. If logged in as a User the Hide functions are not available. Engineer Logged In User Logged In Unlocking the App Unlocking the app To unlock the app for full functionality please follow these instructions. Login to the app Go to the Settings Menu Go to the Help Menu Unlock App the unlock code to when you receive your reply code enter it into the box and press Unlock App INS584 11 Additional Engineer App Functions Main Menu In the locked state a limited Diagnostics Menu is available, when unlocked a Tools menu will appear, and additional items are available under the Diagnostics menu. The engineer app allows for connection to up to ten sites under the Settings Menu. Locked Unlocked Sites Diagnostics Unlocked Panel Status Event Log Zone Status Remote Control Shows details of the panel The last 20 log events can be Shows the current status of Allows arming, disarming and system state viewed zones and allows for omitting resetting and zone omitting 12 INS584 Tools The Tools menu is only available once the app has been unlocked. Tools Menu Anti-Code Reset Anti-Code Reset with Keypad App must be unlocked Allows you to generate an Anti- Allows you to generate Code an Anti-Code Encrypt UDL Password Allows you to generate an encrypted UDL password. See Below Encrypted UDL password This function should be used to generate and Encrypted UDL password for the End User to use when setting up a connection to their alarm system with the SmartKey or Keypad app. Using the Encrypted UDL code will hide the UDL password which is used by Wintex to programme the control panel. Failure to use Encryption could result in the user gaining access to the programming of the system. SmartKey Areas SmartKey Areas will need to be assigned to the user by an engineer for the panels and firmware versions listed in the table at the start of this document. To allocate SmartKey areas a special additional menu has been added to all apps with a unique login. Start the users app / Login as follows:- User Name: Engineer Password: Once logged in follow these steps to access the SmartKey Areas menu. Main Menu Settings Sites Click Settings Click Connection Details Areas Select the Site Connection Details Select SmartKey Areas SmartKey Areas Assign the correct Areas INS584 13 14 INS584 Texecom Limited, Bradwood Court, St. Crispin Way, Haslingden, Lancashire BB4 4PW, England. Technical Support: UK Customers Tel: (Calls charged at local rate from a BT landline. Calls from other networks may vary.) International Customers Tel: Texecom Limited 2013 INS584
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