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  Expression of metallothionein protein in feline mammary tumors by usingtissue microarray technique Panchan Sitthicharoenchai 1 , Phimonrat Marlow 1 , Perapux Prutthithaworn 1 ,   Sudson Sirivaidyapong 2 , Supradit Wangnaithum 1 ,   Sirikachorn Tangkawattana 3 , nudep !ungsipipat 1 1. #epartment o$ %eterinary Pathology, &aculty o$ %eterinary Science, 'hulalongkorn (niversity, )angkok 1*33* Thailand 2. #epartment o$ %eterinary Medicine, &aculty o$ %eterinary Science, 'hulalongkorn (niversity, )angkok 1*33* Thailand 3. #epartment o$ %eterinary Patho+iology, &aculty o$ %eterinary Medicine, hon aen (niversity, hon aen, Thailand Background/Aim Metallothionein -MT. is a protein $ound in many parts o$ +ody and has +een studied and $oundrelated to many types o$ tumor including $eline mammary gland tumor -&MT./ The purpose o$ this study was to $ind the relations o$ MT to the histopathological types and histological gradeso$ &MT +y using tissue microarray techni0ue/  ethods The expression o$ P', i4 and MT1 were detected using immunohistochemistry in 4*cases o$ &MT/ The &MT were classi$ied into 5 histopathological types6 tu+ular adenocarcinoma-T'., papillary adenocarcinoma -P'., cri+ri$orm carcinoma -''. and solid carcinoma -S'.,and 3 histological grades6 7, 77, and 777/ !esults  The P' index $ound in T', P', '', and S' were 38/83913/22, 2:/429:/:8, 3/::912/8*,and 3;/8914/;8, respectively/ 7n di$$erent histological grades, P' index were 51/4;9:/4: -7.,33/85912/84 -77., and 3;/28918/44 -777./ The i4 index $ound in T', P', '', and S', were34/8;91;/;;, 2;/5:912/*5, 3:/:*924/2*, and 58/55915/*3, respectively/ 7n di$$erent histologicalgrades, i4 index were 1/1:911/8 -7., 35/8491;/*8 -77., and 5;/1491/3 -777., withsigni$icant di$$erences -  p≤0.05 . $ound within the histological grades, +ut not in thehistopathological types/ The expression o$ MT1 were $ound in all the 4* cases and the percent positive area in T', P', '', and S' were 55/1393*/25, 3:/2:92/21, 22/914/;1, and3;/1293*/33, respectively/ 7n di$$erent histological grades, MT1 percent positive areas were32/;924/8: -7., 34/3592/34 -77., and 53/85932/:4 -777./ The results showed no signi$icantdi$$erences in MT1 expression within the histopathological types and the histological grades/ onclusion  The expression o$ MT1 cannot $ully indicate the invasiveness o$ the &MT in terms o$ histopathological typing, however, with higher histological grades, the more percent positiveareas o$ MT1 were $ound/ #ey$ords% $eline mammary tumor, immunohistochemistry, metallothionein, tissue microarraytechni0ue
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