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7/11/2014 Are You Good Enough For Google? | LinkedIn Polymers Industry Insight - Plastics & polymers market trends & analysis. Downloa Michael Peggs Chief Branding Officer, Follow Are You Good Enough For Google? Nov 4 2014  85,597  1,510  417     Exactly one month ago I gave up the golden handcuffs keeping me at Google. I left to build full-time, and I haven't looked back. Except when people have asked, and it happens almost every day. To be exact, 118 people hav
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  7/11/2014Are You Good Enough For Google? | LinkedIn Polymers Industry Insight - Plastics & polymers market trends & analysis. Do Michael Peggs Chief Branding Officer,  Are You Good Enough For Google? Nov 4 201485,5971,510417      Exactly one month ago I gave up the golden handcuffs keeping me at Google. I leftto build full-time, and I haven't looked back. Except when people have asked, and ithappens almost every day. To be exact, 118 people have questioned why I quit and just as many have sought my guidance on getting in. If you want a job at Google or  Follow     7/11/2014Are You Good Enough For Google? | LinkedIn other top companies, here's my take.It's a wonderful life if you can make the cut.Volleyball, olympic size pools and personal trainers. Rock walls between floors,slides instead of steps and bowling alleys to pass the time. Breakfast, lunch anddinner on demand and masseuses in multitude. Really, it’s Disneyland for adults.For four and a half years, I worked at Google. First, partnering with websites on AdSense and then building the North American sales strategy for Google’s AdExchange. After moving to New York City, I led my team’s east coast recruitingefforts for almost a year.I’ve reviewed at least 500 resumes, screened more than 100 candidates and hired12 superstars. In most instances, the candidates didn’t have a fighting chance.Truth be told, neither did I. You and I have a better shot at being struck by lightning(576K:1) or winning an Olympic medal (660K:1) then getting into Google. What noone will tell you is this: The odds will never be in your favor  Let’s do some simple math. Google receives more than two million applications per year for roughly 5,000 jobs. Off the bat, your chances are .0025%. And that’sassuming all things are equal, but they rarely are. Politics, people and yes,processes get in the way. Even for a company filled with the smartest people in theworld, Google relies on technology to search applicants, surface the bestcandidates and slot them in the right role.Learn how to beat the system.Most of us fill out a form and click submit, completely unaware of how deep theblack hole runs. Applying for a job online is akin to playing the lottery. It might   work,but chances are you’re just wasting time.  7/11/2014Are You Good Enough For Google? | LinkedIn Here’s how you stack the deck… Forget going to Google. Make Google come to you. It’s a little known fact, but arecruiter’s role isn’t to find talent. Real recruiters only screen qualified candidates.Let me explain.If you have 2 million applications then choosing the right one is like finding a needlein a haystack. The task is nearly impossible. Walmart reportedly receives more than5 million applications a year and Microsoft processes 50,000 resumes a week.Competition at the top is crazy, but don’t think small, lesser known companies areany easier. Although it varies with the company and the job, the ElectronicRecruiting Exchange (ERE) reports that on average 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening.Even if you had 200 or say 150 resumes, would you review each one? Would yougive the 149th candidate the same time and attention as the first? I’m sure mostrecruiters mean well but, by themselves, they’re not set-up for success. So theyleave the heavy lifting to something   else. A Helping Hand The first person to review your resume isn’t a person at all. It’s likely a softwareprogram known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To recruiters, ATS is thegreatest thing since sliced bread: it saves them time and the company money.Yousubmit your application, ATS scans your credentials and gives you a score. You’rethen ranked against other candidates and a decision is made based on “data.”More about this later. All good right? WRONG.For you and me, ATS is a weapon of mass rejection. Job search services provider Preptel reports that 75 percent of candidates' are instantly unqualified as soon asthey submit their resumes. In a matter of milliseconds, a computer makes up it’smind and most likely passes on your potential. Like I said, we never had a fighting  7/11/2014Are You Good Enough For Google? | LinkedIn chance. Big Data You’ve probably heard of web analytics, but what about people analytics? Today,human capital is measured by resume robots and social media scores. This is notto say we’ve taken the ‘human’ out of human resources, but the nature of recruitment has changed.Everything is tracked, including social media activity and the degree to which you’realready ‘connected’ to the company. Did you respond to an email? Were you latefor an interview? Algorithms already predict World Series championships (GoGiants!) and fluctuations in the stock market. Why not forecast the success of onecandidate over another?Success is relative so it can be measured by almost anything, including: Internet Presence - Articles, blogs and social media mentions, particularly onLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Past Performance - Employment background, work history, native talent andearned credentials from the applications and resumes you submit Personality Tests  - Skill sets and behaviors can be modeled from your answers to scenario based surveys and testsOnce the data is collected, ATS goes to work. Like’s Google’s super secret searchalgorithm, no one knows how data sets are organized and analyzed, but you canbet it differs by employer and role. Beat the Bot The gatekeeper blocking your application goes by the name ATS. To beat the bot,you must optimize the keywords in your resume. Google popularized the analysis of keywords to understand the content of web pages. That concept is then placed intocontext, relative to the competition. The most relevant results appear on top. To this
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