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: Anual FOURTH GRADE ENGLISH Back to school Natural Disastrs Childrn around th world Spac A halthy lif Aftr School Clubs B a consrvationist Music in my world Prsnt and Past Simpl Wh Qustions Prpositions
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: Anual FOURTH GRADE ENGLISH Back to school Natural Disastrs Childrn around th world Spac A halthy lif Aftr School Clubs B a consrvationist Music in my world Prsnt and Past Simpl Wh Qustions Prpositions / Advrbs Conjunctions and/ but Vocabulario Thr was /thr wr Prpositions of tim Simpl Past with ago Past Continuous Comparativ adjctivs Suprlativ adjctivs Countabl and uncountabl nouns Thr is/thr Futur with will Nd to +Vrb How far/ How long Comparativ ans Suprlativs Rflxiv pronouns Zro conditional First conditional Simpl Prsnt vs Prsnt Continuous Rlativ Pronouns Indfinit Pronouns First Conditional Modal Vrb: Must/ musn't Modal vrb:might Advrbs Rportd Spch with Simpl ar with With far / Past quantifirs nar Bfor/ Aftr FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 1: BACK TO SCHOOL - Classroom chor - Disastr at camp paradis 1 - Grn Vally Summr camp - Phrasal vrbs - Adjctivs to dscrib popl - Prpositions/ - Advrbs - Fr tim - Routins - Th Bst frind song - Disastr at camp paradis1 BACK TO SCHOOL - Giving Prsonal Information - Talk about - Routins - Dscribing - popl - Prsnt Simpl - Past Simpl - Wh Qustions - Subjct Qustions - Conjunctions (and/but) - Lik + ing form - Writ intrviw qustions - Mak a postcard FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 2: NATURAL DISASTERS - Forst fir thratns nighborhood - Disastr at camp paradis 2 - Bach Activitis Tourism - Natural Disastrs - Action vrbs - Listn for spcific information - Disastr at camp paradis2 NATURAL DISASTERS - Dscrib a scn - Ask about somon s actions at a givn tim. - Thr was/ Thr wr. - Prpositions of tim (at, in, on) - Past Simpl with ago - Past Continuous with whn - Bfor / Aftr - Writ safty instructions FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 3: CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD - Comparativs/ Suprlativ - Priya s family - Disastr at camp paradis III - Adjctivs - Countris and citis - Placs - Food - Comparativs/ Suprlativ - Th Alphabt atr - At th rstaurant - Disastr at camp paradis III - Comparisons in my family - A chant - At th rstaurant CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD - Comparativ Adjctivs - Suprlativ Adjctivs - Countabl and uncountabl nouns - Thr is/ thr ar with Quantifirs - Comparativs/ Suprlativ - A chant - An intrnacional mnu FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 4: SPACE - Th spac - Th plant chart - Th tim : Th Spac - Transformr I - Larg Numbrs - Th univrs - Spac Exploration - Larg - Numbrs - Adjctivs - Vrbs - Th Plant song - Th Spac - Th tim : Th Spac. - Transformr I - Larg Numbrs SPACE - Dialogu - Larg - Numbrs - My futur Spacship - Futur with Will - Nd to with vrb - How far/ how long - Comparativs and suprlativs (far, nar) - Th plants - Sntncs with Will - Larg - Numbrs - Sntncs with nar and far FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 5: A HEALTHY LIFE - Rod.H trains athlts - Th muscls and its kind - Th tim Spac Transformr - Som halth problms - Parts of th body - Injurs and Halth - Exrciss - Food - Dit - A halthy lif - Song: Cuts and burns - Th food pyramid - Th tim Spac Transformr II A HEALTHY LIFE - Th human body - Doing xrciss - Rflxiv Pronouns - Zro Conditional - Sntncs to xprss injurs - Sntncs with th Rflxiv pronoiuns - Food, drink, junk food - Sntncs with Zro Conditional FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 6: AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - A Birthday clbration - A lttr with rlativ pronouns - Th tim Spac Transformr III - City farm projcts - Sports and Exrcis - Fr tim Activitis - Drama Club - City farm - Vrbs AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - Days of th wk - Chip s Saturday morning - Grandpa and Danny - Drama Club - Th tim Spac: Transformr III - My fr tim - City farm projcts - Dialogu - Survy about sports - Prsnt Simpl - Prsnt Continuous - Rlativ Pronouns : Who, which,whr - Indfinit Pronouns - Would - Survy about sports - Sntncs with prsnt simpl and prsnt continuous - Sntncs with would - My fr tim - City farm projcts FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 7: BE A CONSERVATIONIST - Land, Air, Watr - Th animal Kingdom - An cosystm - Th Rivr Vally 4th Grad - Animals - Animals classification - Vrbs - Watr at hom - Th animal Kingdom - Th Rivr Vally 4th Grad - Trash into a trasur BE A CONSERVATIONIST - Dscrib an animal in xtinction - Modal vrb Must - Modal vrb Might - Sntncs with must and mustn t - Sntncs with might - Animals classification - Th animal Kingdom FOURTH GRADE PRIMARY - UNIT 8: MUSIC IN MY WORLD - Th most popular band of th yar - Wolfgang Amadus Mozard - Young Componr Prsnt nw Work - Th Rivr Vally 4th Grad - Musical Instrumnts - Advrbs - Vrbs - Christmas - Music in my world. - Vally Park School Orchstra - Wolfgang Amadus Mozard Th Rivr Vally 4th Grad MUSIC IN MY WORLD - My favorit music - Christmas - Rportd Spch - Advrbs - Rportd Spch - (prsnt to past) - Sntncs with Advrb. - My favorit music
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