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  CSC248Jun-Oct 2013 Prepared by: PnYusnitaSokman1 CHAPTER TWO LIST ADT (Pn Yusnita Sokman) List 2  Is a finite, ordered sequence of data items call e emen s  Each list element has the same data type (homogenous)  The basic operation for list is based on the application of the problem  Example:  A list of students, a list of available room, a list of cities and a list of books 2  CSC248Jun-Oct 2013 Prepared by: PnYusnitaSokman2 Cont…  Normally consists of:   3  etrieve an eement rom a ist  Insert a new element to a list  Delete an element from a list  Find how many elements are in a list  Find whether an element is in a list  Find whether a list is empty List Implementation  There two ways to implement a list:   4  se an array to store te eements  Array List  Use a linked structure  Linked List  CSC248Jun-Oct 2013 Prepared by: PnYusnitaSokman3 List Implementation 5  When we define for sequential list, the using of array s suae o mpemen e s  Element in the list is homogenous  The size of element always change –depend on insertion and deletion element in the list  First element in the list called head/front  Last element in the list called tail/rear 5 List Implementation 6  Figure:  To create new list, determine empty list and traverse the list it is uite eas: a 0 a 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 a n a[0]a[1]a[2]a[3]a[4]a[n]headtail  Create new list  Need to define an array variable type  Need variables to count the element in the list 6  CSC248Jun-Oct 2013 Prepared by: PnYusnitaSokman4 List Implementation 7  Empty list  in the list. If the value is zero –empty list  Traverse list  Can be done using for statement  For insertion and deletion operation it is quite difficult deend on tes of list  7 List Implementation 8  Consider a list with a sorting element    nsertion an eetion operation must maintain te characteristics after completed the process  To insert new element  Need to shift on the right for every element in the list in order to give a place to anew element  To delete element     Need to shift on the left for every element from the list in order to replace the element that we want to delete 8
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