Art of Dealing With Women

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   Art of dealing with women Based on Väsudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha (as per instructed by HH Bhakti Vidya Purna Maharaja)  Väsudeva/ Pure identity Sankarsan/ ahankara Pradyumna/ Cupid for us Buddhi/senses = best option  Aniruddha/mind BG 4.7 = descent BG 4.8 = ksetra/facilities BG 3.24 energies- make activity work- ex: parental energy BG 3.21 Where‟s the enjoyment?  Abhideya/ they meet Sambandha/ male Sambandha/ male Prayojana/ female Everything is based on  Väsudeva because activities set the pples   For us, acquisition of gross bodies: elts of the field (pots, yourself, instruments…)  Elts of ahankara: maha bhutas   Attraction thru the field/Virat/Garbho  yayedaà dhäryate  jagat 7.5 Result/experience/bliss gained thru the interaction of that field. Vikalpa/sankalpa. Women have to interact with the field. They establish the field: money, facilities. Top-career women up to 40, 50 then change the field (get married). Evoke masculine from the men   Väsudeva/ Pure identity Sankarsan/ ahankara Pradyumna/ Cupid for us Buddhi/senses = best option  Aniruddha/mind I am controller + enjoyer Interaction of the elts of the field “2 of us”  Field, Environment we be in Energy enters everything. You act because you are attracted. Krsna‟s energy flows thru (Virat energy) We should be on the side watching Krsna‟s energy.   Try to enjoy more with the kid then it‟s gone. OK as lg as you let the energy flow, not ours in the 1 st  place. We are energy too. Polluted consciousness “I & mine”   “I am this”   “M result”   Desire to get something from that field, solid, real relship . Value system. Whatever you do, do it fully  In the Virat, male & female energies flow toward one another. That‟s the way set up by Krsna. ã MALE:  – Success if: ã Sense control ã Sensitivity ã Male goes for result, work always within the field: sambandha ã Male acts ã If male stops, no binding, no experience, no conclusion ã Male sets the field ã Have to be pro active ã FEMALE:  – Success if: ã Tusti ã Chastity ã Female goes for anubhava, experience/bliss: prayojana ãFemale = potter‟s wheel   ã Preliminary, conclusion is female then the binding is there. ã How the field is run is female.
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