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  A/AN ã‘A’ is used before a singular countable noun beginning with consonant sounds ã‘An’ is used before countable nouns beginning with the vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u)    exception for ‘u’ and ‘h’    Cont. ã If there are descriptive words before the noun, then the article must follow the first letter of the first descriptive word    a  big umbrella    an  ugly picture    an  extraordinarily clever child  When to use a/an EXAMPLE MEANING Everyone wants to get a  job after he or she graduates. A job means any   job  and does not refer to something specific. I have a pet  . The pet is a cat. We use a pet   and a cat   when we introduce something for the first time. There is a pen  on the table. She talked to a man  last night. We do not know which pen. We do not know which man. I am a student  . She is a doctor . A market is a  busy place. We use a/an with the name of a job. We use a/an to name a common noun.  Exercise 1 1. Mr Lee has _____ car, and his wife has two. 2. My sister has just bought ______ new umbrella. 3. Please lend me _____ pencil so that I can do this exercise. 4. I went to see _____ film last night. 5. If u want _____ interesting job, join the police. 6. Have you spoken to _____ Australian? 7. Haji Karim is _______ kind man. 8. She lives in _____ house by the river.


Jul 23, 2017

Lingualatina Tips

Jul 23, 2017
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